Dark Lyrics


1. Void

Numb body blank emotion
Senses dulled feelings frayed
Life chord severed torn betrayed
Now born avoid I've never known
Blank stiff stare
Focus on nothing
The blur between my severed mind

Can you feel my voids in yours
Can you feel my rage below
Deeper down I push the pain
Could not foresee the final blow

Tightening knot clenched innards
The numbness ebbs and fades
An anger burns
Ripped from within me bled dry
Drain exit complete
Escape the emptiness

Mindless motions of each day
Here in the after
Nothing feels the same
What was to burn
What flared then broke
Beneath the strain

And to the past I steer my mind
And sink into my thoughts
For here I see you clearest
As the present blurs
And slips from vision
But as each day fades to the next
Your place in my mind deepens
I resist, tighten my loossened grip
And feel the void consume

Feel the cruel fade of time
Image sinking, open wound
Smothered flame once burned
To ash descend, lifeline to end
So cold

2. Vulture

Stressing the fracture
Breathing brings pain
Though infinity remains
Strength is gone
Provoke the confrontation
Building strain burning combustion
Everlasting stain

Hunt begins, over time
Inching closer the pray am I
Then divide, circle low
Into the system vultures go

Lashing out at those who are pure
You stare right through me
The dull rusty edge
That has become my mood
You are sold you bought the mold
And now your eyes see only
The place you think I hold
In the machine
That owns your sold

I defy your sunken mind
To judge me by your own design
Hypocrite laughter, averted gaze
You drift through life in robotic

Breeding, slowly shaping
Manipulating, twisted shape
Now locked in motion of the blind

When did they start
To mold your thoughts
Trained to be one of many
When did you shut off
Questions in your mind
Betray yourself and fall in line
Where status now dictates the rule
Loss of all hope, failed source
The hardened mold constricts
What once was free
Society's victim, you

You choke on yours
I'll choke on mine
To your hypocru­sy you're blind
Below the surface
Who do you despide
Your feeble self stripped of their lie

3. Deaden

The making of a mind without
The process of error
To lose access, to control
The greater of all thought without
Fear or emotion
To program to think to learn
Technology abyss
Mass productions of the errorless
Soon a helpless maker
Robotic genetics
Limitations in reality
Artificial intelligence

Assemble, construct the thought
Deadly repercussions of science
No thoughts of self
Breaking down the mind
Under one control, forging
Obedience like a dog
Complete domination
Electricity the life's blood
Walking thin lines
To deaden is to live
Efficiency without feeling
Now your soul is lost

Wielding immense power
Without fear or emotion
In man's struggle
The rights of life
Uniform command
Erosion in all unity
Imprisoned by intelligence
Imprisoned by progress
Industrial empire
The greater of all thought
Production of a mind
The power of creation
Now a silent God

Trapped in this hollow shell
Trapped in the abyss
Technological cell
Electronic living hell
In this anarchy lives
Among the strong
I shall stand
I will never surrender
I live

4. Lament

Caught off guard
Or I was even on
Forcing me down hard
Striking even blows

Monochrome mind
Is my only control
Nothing can make me whole

Never dreamed so real
Never felt the way I feel
Soft innards skin of steel
Pounding hard I will reveal

Static from the prison
Saturates my porous head
Distracted by the vision
Of the chrome that's cracking under

Stability I've never known
Catwalk frail and sagging low
Clutching at thin air

Walking my frail wooden ledge
My eyes burning, my head pounding
Don't let me slip
Walk out from dark into the gray
Pain is relative in every way
I bit the nail that broke my back
Now it's chasing, help I'm falling
Now it's broken my neck
I can't believe I fell for that
A blissful ignorance, a comforting
Now it's shoved me down,
burrowed in my head
Is the real me trapped or is he dead

I scream
Sharpening, deafening, shock
Critical, no more

Feeble now was my attempt
For my image gone now to lament
Kicked the chair from under me
I've always wondered but now I see
That all this can come to pass
Kicking, choking, soul flies as I gasp
Dross of life is gone from me
Soon I won't know sin
Nor blood
Nor screams

I walk
No more
Shut out
Sharpening, deafening, shock
Free me, take this, break me

5. Exit Paradise

Day of exit, forever stained
The final choice to pass the pain
Racing heartbeat, panicked breath
To trade useless life for death
Passage out, strength caves in
Dismal flame flickers from the din
Thread disconnecting, you shiver
Away from the sick of it all
Which way is up
Which way is out
Sinking, screaming
The abyss opens down

If you could deny
If you could forgive
If you could just let go

Behind those sleepless eyes
Blinding fatal light
From yourself you fall

The day would you deny
The world could you forgive
It's crime that led to yours

Step further away

6. Institution Of Ignorance

Investing into lies
Preaching opinions to the masses
The views of one
Controlling the thoughts of others
The power of lies
Influence on weakened minds
Retaining thoughts
Lowering value of human minds

Manipulated trust
To oppress imressionable lives
A movable mass
To achieve what they want
Fuelled by ignorance
A symbol of the teacher
The blind lamb
A symbol of the masses

Confinied, imprisoned, caged
My thoughts restrained
Distorted and contorted
Selfish thoughts aborted

Tom, wom, conformed
The young newborn
Raped of their minds
Institution of ignorance

Paralyzed intellect
Building on the fear of others
Susceptive mental state
Naive personality
Freezing of minds
Judgement impaired, deadly
Subjects lacking faith
Those in power lacking knowledge

7. Section 13

Hammering pulse pumps blood of fear
Gut centered dread
Now builds inside of me
Conceal the crime, is it worn on my
To cross the border free
Cornered and trapped, secret
Cold press of chains
Wrapped around my wrist
Mind sinking, flooded with fear
Captive alone to an unknown future

My action I wish I could deny
Tension to flood awaiting trial
Feel the panicked regret
Drowning my mind

Deny my fate, oppression
Manipulate and overcome,
Await no longer
Status down, section 13
Commanding sacrifice
Frreak parade, well past insanity
Life of the old machine
Bury pain, shoving, nonexistent
Will to surpass is reigning power

Constant watch, guarded and caged
Living day to day
Broken feet, broken will
The beatings numb my frozen mind
Example set, freedom denied
Plotting escape of these four walls
Prison life, kept below
Reaching the end I snap and

Fifty three days turned into forever
Endless solitude
Status revoked, from a man to a slave
The dawn of my decay
Deterrent, in human form
I rot for all to see in misery
Controlled by a force still unknown
For a gram of the black
I'm imprisoned a lifetime

Attempting escape, all hope set to
Snatched from my mind
In one swift motion
Scapegoat conceived, precedent set
Feelings of safety fade
Submit and die, against my will
Discipline, lock down,
Endure this punishment
Backstabbing pigs, pushing me further
Rip the tongue from my mouth
Beat and tear the animal is born

Will to live
Strength will give
Now I'm free
They can't hold me

8. Everlasting Lie

Illusion imprinted at birth
Mind lock, feed the lie to the worm
Pre-sever growth
Polarize terror
Victim controlled out of fear

Weaken the dormant mind
How is your lie disguised
Behind what God does it hide
The lie do you hear

Illusion infesting with growth
Questioning mind frozen cold
Obedience grows
Victim controlled
Licensed bigot masses sold

Ranting of the hypnotized
Smother you free thinking mind
Question repressed one more time
Choke on the lie

Black and white fade to gray
How was I blinded and caged
Illusion to shatter and fade
Escape from the fools
Still one with the lie
Exit your thought-draining paradise

Awaken from coma of vision divine
Cold in free thought
But alive for first time
The lie is no more
Dull sunken eyes of cattle
Left behind still stare
Spew of words you call your Gods
Polute the public air
And from the other side
The lie seems pale and thin
The victims seek more prey
Next to convert
Next to believe
To pass the faith
Spread the disease
In ignorance
They battle to deceive

9. Written In Blood

On stolen land you stand
And rant of good and bad
Force feed your puritan lie
Convert those still alive
Who fled you genocide
And watch their bloodline drain and

Pure and simple greed
Controls my destiny
Darkness is my light
Reeling now I fall
Reigning down on all
Consuming all in sight

The lies to the young we feed
Disguised as protective need
But over time it seeps
Into their conscience it bleeds
Vicious cycle unfolds
Faith set in stone
God's creation fades
Lost the innocent age

Broken the human image
Formed illusion is destroyed
Expanding time has spread
Exploding scale of conquered theft
Bloodstained our history
Ship stolen humans to slavery
Hallowed point ever growing
Expand and swell
With the progress of our minds

Illusion of the cage
Repress instinctive rage
To mask, to shield, disguise
Face of false compassion
Veil of gut instinct
To fear the violence held inside

10. To Escape The Void

...And in my dreams you cross the line
Lopsided grin, the glint in eye
And speak to me in words defied
By journey to your void

And see you with my dreaming mind
A thinker, maddened, scheming eyes,
And from four strings the notes will
That I hear no more

And I cannot loosen my grip
The final word to see you slip
To fall again my mind resists
To escape your truth

And will I see the day I die
You beckon me over the line
And learn the reason you denied
To be

And as I wake your image flies
Retreats to corner of my eye
To breathe my name then twitch and
Do you hear my tortured scream

I walk alone.

Bob Cochran - Drums
Erik Moggridge - Guitar
Mark Bodine - Bass
Carl Fulli - Vocals

Thanks to nahar for sending these lyrics.

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