Dark Lyrics


1. Masticate The Skinned

Festering half-rotten limbs
Slaughtered beyond recognition
Mixed with products of savage decapitation
I glance at my gore dripping apotheosis
Monstrous sculpture of abhorrence
Kneel before my creation
My lust becomes euphoric
My head pierced with my victims moans
Intensely ejaculating
Abominable divinity
I'm peeling off the skin carving on a dead flesh
Slowly chewing vomiting and gobbling it again
Filled with stomach juices and belch
To devour is to become a part of my artistry
Asymmetric altar of disfigured beauty
Masticating the skinned
Sanctuary of deadly sin
Cannibalistic euphory the cult of desecration

2. Deformed To Shapeless Cadaver

She's caught in the dark traced for an hours
My stomach collapsed attacked by last portion
Of putrescent human meat
Hunger won't go away
Frenzy face punching till she's without move
Faced down choked with my boot
She's now in my kingdom of everlasting pain
The tools of affliction are ready
Devastating her head with bludgeon
Can't stop beating the shit outta her
Intense body decimation
Rupturing her thorax breaking the ribs
Making the mass of broken bones and mingled intestines
I start devouring the sweet warm flesh
Sucking on gore and fractured bones
Gorging on guts stuffed with half-digested
Food and feces
Smearing this vomitous mush all over my body
As I walk away the shapeless cadaver is what I leave
Slaughtered and brutally deformed

3. Deranged Self-Mutilating Emasculation

Obsessed by visions of dreadful necrophilia
The scenes of horrifying mutilation
Sweet stench of mortuary atmoshere
Groteque mutilation
Desecrating the putrified cadaves
Longing lust for dead meat copulation
Zero tolerance and no respect
For ugly human remains
Dragging the corpse of the dead whore
Violently thrown on the ground
Entrails splashed out from the unsewn stomach
Head cracked in half
And green stenchy pus spilled out on my legs
Furiously masturbating
Fingering her rotten holes with the other hand
Deranged beast inside me unleashed
Start tearing off my foreskin
Screaming along with hideous crunch
My cock half-torn off dripping with gore
Mixed with belch and rotting liquids
Ejaculating from the disgusting chasm
Where my cock used to be
Premortal satisfaction
Remain dead with my face
In the shredded corpses womb

4. Embalmed In Mephitic Placental Substance

Entortured pregnant whore
Just one piece of my collection
Tight to the table twitching in convulsions
Dissecreting the belly wide open cutting the womb
Repugnant piles of wasted infants
Warped pregnant bodies impaled in the row
Vulvar decortication placental disclosure
Cottecting the pipes to mutilated genital organs
Releasing mephitic liquids into the rusted cesspool
Drowning myself and reveling in putrescent sewage
I cut my wrist and throat
Spasmodic premortal defecation
Gore is flowing from terrifying wounds
Swilling on that mass
Chocking on rancid clots
Finally dead and embalmed in mephitic placental substance

5. Gluttonous Cannibalistic Ferocity

Can't fight the endless hunger like and abyss inside
Devours my twisted mind
Psychotic impulses pushing me for the hunt ferocious gluttony
Maniacal gore greed ripping the shacking convulsively resisting victim
With a barehand claws pulling off the flesh
Monstrous rapacity tearing off the limbs
Devastating the joints bones are crushing
I drown my teeth in soft juicy intestinals
Sucking out the sweet fecal mass of the guts
Choking on dismembered genitals
Repugnant feast
On degenerated victim of necrotic debauchery
New target is seeked soon no escape

6. Gorging On Fetal Innards

I'm a horny slut, I look for a random fuck
My targets are retarded victims
Rotten midgets disabled malformations
Getting my putrid insides pregnant after each copulation
Gory lust for my growing half-dead foetus consumption
Shuddering with one orgasm after another
I stabbing my decaying cunt with a long sharp tools
Extracting my unborn infant with grotesque mutations
Asphyxiated with my fetid entrails
Hanging down through my ruined womb
My crotch is destroyed fountaining with gore
I smear the blood and putrescent placental waste all over me
Bitting the pieces of flesh off my tits
Anticipating the upcoming meal
Tear the fetus apart intensely chewing on tiny viscera
Soft undeveloped bones are crunching on my teeth
The pleasure lasts for second gushing with squirts
It's time for rehab
Soon recovered gourmet of unborn delicatecies
After a while fecund again

7. Feculent Colostomy

Horrible pus dripping prolapse the scene of repugnance
Hundreds of needles are piercing the rectum area
Sharp tools are stuck in rancid prostate
Putrid crotch of slowly opening it's abyss
Decomposing mass is bubbling within the insides
Sticking the rusted pipe to the victims belly
Ripping through the flesh
Stabbing again and again until the tube
Sticks the colon
Erupting with gore mixed with feces
I drop down to my knees before the fountaining hole
Sucking on the streaming feculent masses
Catching every splash with my mouth squeezing every drop
Filling my stomach with putrescent pure
I suck my victim all inside out
Dried off bodybag is what I leave
Necrocoprophilliac creativity has been satisfied
Undetained hunger will return prolapsing
Through my desires

8. Horrendous Festering Transmutations

Filling my basement with worthless corporal body cases
Recollection the human components lifeless material
The tools and the operating table are ready
Don't hear my victims screams let the experiment begin
Bi-polar hemisphectomy compressing
The cerebrum eyes are popping keeping my patient alive
Spasmodic entorturement sub-atomic extraterrestrial injection
Objecting the reaction
Rapid contamination of intravenous system black bubbles are boiling out
Of exploding veins fluorescent aura around
The half-decimated ones
Bursting arteries
Stomach is erupting with acid green mass
Unidentified hungry for mankind extinction creatures are rising
Horrendous transmutations
Too late to decontaminate

Milan Moškon – Drums
Serge Gordeev – Guitars, Bass
Tom Verner – Vocals

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