Dark Lyrics


1. Fornicating In Pulverized Feces

Horrible rectal vomit
Postmortal anus dysfunction
The reek of shit is flowing in the air
Pus with rancid blood flowing down
From dismembered headlines cadaver
Turns into disgusting rivers
Of yellow-green stenchy boiling mass
Fucking hacked up lifeless body
Into all juicy dripping wounds
Reveling in bile frenzy fornication
Wanking into putrescent rectal hole
Hitting in harder and harder
Sodomizing the gutted
Degenerated by coprophilliac lust
Surrounded by pulverized feces
Smearing the shit and bile all over my naked body
Fat unclean twat gets what she deserved

2. Vaginal Colony Full Of Vermin

Stab her cunt with the fire-axe
Make it more suitable for my swollen organ
Blood spilling down from the wide spreaded wounds
Unleashing hundreds larvae
Into the mutilated hole give them time
Vermin starts rapidly changing the body
Monstrous mutation of violently devirginated whore
Half-decomposed regurgitated corpse
Entrails scattered around lay in festering mass
Ghastly tortured by endoparasites
Dehumanized uglified carrion
Licking the putrescent vaginal organ
Colonized by vermin microsoldiers of divine
Inhale the odour of the collapsed slut
Disturbing the colony by ejaculating
Into the canyon of pleasure

3. Gobbling The Erupted Intestinal Mash

Gruesome perverted necropsy
Dripping dismembered cadaveric mass
Rusted hooks stuck in pulsating flesh
Pilling off the skin dragging by chains
Ripping off the flesh to the naked bones
Intestines are pulled outstomach turned inside out
Rotting verminous bowels
Drowning in vomitous mash
Monstrous laparascopic drilling machine
Penetrating the entrails
Mashed up to offal putrid human intestinal puree
Maniacal hunger driving me insane
Ecstatic cannibalistic feast
Gobbling and puking with the erupted guts
Mixed with fountains of belch and blood
The peak of perversion
Horrible act of posthumous
Gastrorectal desecration

4. Phallus Decapitation

Sodomizing the mutilated corpses
Awful cadaveric postmortal sexual act
Dead bodies around the crypt
Breaking through the chaotic puzzle
Of decayed bodyparts
Misanthropic killing spree
Smashing the pus-dripping rotted heads
Horrifying tools of posthumous slaughter
Pick-axe face deconstruction
Perverted sadistic surgery
Laparascopic prostatectomy by rusted spade
Mangling the hammered scrotum
Erected cock is chopped off
Stuck of the brutally torn apart
Putrid hole of the corpse-whore
Eruption of rancid semen and gore
Perverted regurgitation phallus decapitation

5. Catheteric Hacksaw Urethral Dissection

Bowel self-asphyxiation
Masochistic pleasure act of self-disfigurement
Devastated by insane lust
Decimated shapeless bodies
Brutalized and deformed
Razor carving onto my boner
Choosing the tools the instruments of torture and pleasure
Dragged entrails around my erected muscle
Sticking the hacksaw in the hard flesh
Of my syphilic cock again and again
Blood erupting i am cuming through the vortex
Of the undefined sweet pain and satisfaction

6. Ulcerous Cadaveric Decrepitation

Brutally disfigured ex-organic pile
Disgustly sculptured into grotesque abhorrence
Decimated human mass
Turned into incubator for endoparasites
Gobbling the ways in a soft decomposing flesh
Fucking through the arteries
The longing sweet stench of decay
Carbonized eyeballs pops
Make a space for my cock
Putrid brain remnants
Feast for maggots and necrophags
Ulcerous torso dismembered
From rotten testicles up to the throat
Dragged entrails around festered corpse
Drowning in pulsating
Ghasty vomitous swamp

7. Feasting On Putrid Hysterectomy Remnants

Staring at my new art
Several bodies fall apart
Horrible stench magnetize me
Empty mind reflecting the scenes
Of basement butchery
Slashing amok dementia
Disemboweling the cleansed torsos of dirty whores
Lay down gutted inside out
Trash body bags
Mockery on the bodies
Shitting into the wounds of decapitation
Ulcerous anus fistfuck
Feasting on a rancid regurgitated wombs
Masticating the putrid hysterectomy remnants

8. Defleshed And Wormed

Soulless torso
Laying on the ground
Fatal dismemberment
I'm watching the worms feasting
Making thousands canals
Through defleshed carrion
Just a few weeks ago a vital human body
Now without limbs
In inhuman position
Full of decomposed urethral organs
Brutally smashed head
Brain remains flow down the walls
I'm drowning my hands
Into the pulsating putrescent mass
Covered with pus and gore
Abhorrent stench of rotted body juices
After some time the worms are done nothing left

Milan ‒ Drums
Tom ‒ Vocals
Serge ‒ Guitars

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