Dark Lyrics


1. Oni

Cleanse me, my thoughts are lost in the reverie
We have all fought the inner battles, we have all felt inadequate
There is a demon within us all

Keep the pain within yourself and just never take the time
To question what can be done to resolve what is not absolute
I might not find peace, but I have found stability
Stay, confront the hate inside you, erase it

I have seen much better days
But hope still flows within my veins
I still have faith my mind can change
And drop these thoughts that plague my gaze
The battle is not done, the fight has not been won

The state of desolation was what brought me to my knees
I’ve learned to test my mind before I give into this grief
Have you learned to test your mind?
False perception can make us blind

Don’t let the evil control your sight
We are all in this together
Though our symptoms are not the same

Take the time to question what can resolve this phase
It is not permanent see less

2. Esuna

[feat. Nick Arthur]

What is the purpose of hatred
In those whose walk at offbeat paces
This stone cold heart of snow
You pride yourself on alone
If brings out misery
Only if time would pass you up
To make the meaning antique
We'd live so mirthfully

You would forsake those who show no harm
And abnegate their thoughts
The pain you seek in us
It is the pain you secrete

Live with passion
And evict your convictions
Not every life that you despise deserves the humiliation
It is still clear
That you can cure yourself through re-evaluation

Our world is moving forward
Close your eyes and it will leave you behind
End the obsession
And cleanse the selfish oppression
We aren't of the faint of heart

Hardened that cannot endure a sin

Live with passion
And evict your convictions
Not every life that you despise deserves the humiliation
It is still clear
That you can cure yourself through re-evaluation

3. Synthetic Divinity

Call me god
If you believe in the faulty
It is the patrons who follow in the shadows of forgery
That have since clawed at the heels through their own cecity
This is the worship of mavericks
The way you pay your wage for the taste of the fame
It is the bane of our desires
And its been going for too long

For there are greater ideals
But yet you’re still romancing over taking what you can’t reach
It’s so pathetic how you’ve been living
Through the visions of someone else

They are nothing more than what’s made of you and I
The pedestal, it’s placed above the sky
Do you wish that you were granted this,
A life composed of inscience

You seek the elation?
The fix of novelty at your demand
I want to break
right through this worthless investment
You seem to deem as something real
I see you’re infatuated
But l can still not see the value in this idolization

The self-made are the members who will rule this land
Synthetic deities will not fool me

Stay away and don’t return until you find yourself
So realize the path you’ve chosen to take

4. Azure

The sea of contingency was right before my sight
I thought I was ruined but the wake pulled me in, it compelled me
To open my options, to see things from another perspective
I need to realize that I’m adept

It’s through acknowledging our capability
We find the strength to live and pass the spirit on
I don’t want to live with guilt, don’t want to just move through space
We just need to focus more on what we have learned to love

Life is just a test of endurance, can you brave the immensity?
This world is brutal and savage, without hope you will surely surrender
And face the wrath of its ruthlessness, its time I remember to be strong
And brace the waves of society

Its time to face the waves of society, its time to break my state of complacency

5. Genetic Drift

You will meet thousands of wandering souls
But who will you let define you?
I have scoured my world for common ground to build a base
To perpetuate the growth of camaraderie

There is no middle ground, I want sincerity in my life
To be the influence that will expel the grief (that rests the mind)

I’ve seen your eyes, they gleam with antipathy
I’ll risk my chance on someone else

Wait for gains, the pact will come unless you choose to burn this place
Don’t make haste to satisfy your current state

Choose your fate, don’t waste your time on those who will deviate
From the virtues you hold on to
I’ve found faith in those who’ve influenced me in a meaningful way

The time to make a choice, it rests on your shoulders now
Will you give into pain and let their dreams outshine your own?
Decide who you want to be and just let fate take its course

I’ll call the shots on this and choose the lives that I wont remiss
I need to know that I am worth more then just a means to an end

Genetic drift,
the chance of influence
it’s in my blood
I know I'm prone to react this way
I knew our thoughts and they could not relate

6. Paramnesia

I swear I thought this dissolved but you have brought back the vision
The words I’ve said but cannot recall, absolved through the rampant illusions
Where do I stand today? I’m at the mercy of your frame of mind,
Provide the clarity I need to hold stability

I think I’m torn between the space
Of truth and lies, the gap is blurring to the point of obscurity
Has the storm passed us by or just the start of a silent dissension
How time’s flied, but yet I feel so nostalgic inside, I that won’t forget this,

In due time despite the fights, I want to see this all come through
We have come too far to break this down
In due time despite the fights, I want see this all come through
Stayed up to many nights only to realize this fantasy’s not real

Crushed within, my life is a sin, nothing can ever redeem me now
I have swallowed my words and stepped away from this, won’t interfere with the risk of a conflict
I know I need to recognize the truth from lies, don’t want to sympathize the sacrifice of my own pride

I’ve tried so hard to make this right, you never help me through consolation
The burden of unspoken words is wrought to bring us all astray
Is this the way that we’ll end this?
A lifetimes to long to defy the better moments that we’ll reflect on and make us sane

7. Mother Gaia


8. Crestfallen

So many times I’ve wondered why this life is so unappeasable
It’s that its ravaged those who don’t deserve the cruelty that it has served
That makes us pray for you

It’s over twenty years you’ve lived in fear
There’s no stopping this, the pain, it climbs to newer heights
You’ve worn the battle scars and here you are, it shows that you’re strong
A symbol of hope to everyone

It is a steady decline, an abomination that’s disrupting us all
I want this all to subside, I know the cure will arrive

So hang in there please, the worst will not come
if we choose to believe this isn’t end of all things
and so I will not hold my breath

The wind is still blowing
But I just can't seem to break through this phase
The thought of losing you becomes the worst of my fears

9. Spirits

[feat. Tomas Raclavsky]

I’m beginning to glow and the nights just emerging
Amongst the hills of this foreign place
Sharing our hearts, illuminating our states
And though this flight won’t last forever
I know it’s one I won’t soon forget

Stay and bring your life to this circle
The stories endearing, we’re high off the harmony

This feels like home, but is it where I belong?
My mind can’t decide
So pour the liquid of reason so we can surmise
A blue-sky design and leave the past behind us
I don’t want to go back and live like I did in the past

Look at this gathering
We are the products of leniency
I now feel like one, is this the feeling of being real?
Tonight we are one

Entranced by the greater surroundings
Our spirits rekindled by a central flame

There is no feeling that’s quite like this
This is the last time we’ll share this space
Tonight we are one

10. Chrysalis

[feat. Matt Youkhana]

It starts with conversation
And yet we make the occasion, a feeling made so discrete
I’m sick of stepping through fields of broken glass
The lesions of frailty, they only drive us farther apart

Disconnected and it’s just the beginning
To know that pressure builds when
We’re the victims of self-doubt
I can’t seem to break down the barricade

I’ll stay to maintain what’s left of this
Don’t want to burn down these bridges tonight
There might be something here, something for both of us
I’ll run the risk of failing again
The darkness has risen and taken my vision
To places I can’t describe
Its presence is grating and has left me so empty inside

Ascension seems stagnant but the will has grown inside
The shell will break down and rewrite your diatribe
You’ve used to define me

I can just tell from the reaction you don’t like my
point of view
but its mine and I stand by, what is on my mind
couldn’t care if you smite my

I smile in prize fight

so far I’ve been living to please,
decrease tension
now I’m just thinking of me
I wanna venture

step to the deep end forever
sail ships of relations into great weather

I’m at a point in my life where the words are artillery
given the right knowledge ill demolish almost anything

simmer down
you bitter clown
I see that frown
and body language that matches
unlatch your heart and just relax it

The walls that keep me in is a maze of obscurity, this place is
At your command and it’s lacking an exit
With every step, there is a sense of security
I know that patience aids, one day I’ll break your gaze
It is my only desire to bring you down to ground, away from being a stranger

11. Adversity

I was wrong and I can’t believe
That it’s taken me this long
To recognize adversity within me
I have tried to extinguish these demons

What does it take to see the silver lining?
When we live in a world of spite and denomination
I have chosen to see the darkest forms of circumstance
Yet I’m the critic without direction
It’s time to let this go

I’ve stricken down your words
With nothing more then a baseless perspective
And I’m cheating my own mind into believing
Your thoughts are worthless
You don’t deserve this

I thought I’d be your voice of reason
To guide you to a better place
But I cannot dictate your direction

This has killed my way of interconnection
And it’s leaving me in a strain of remorse
That I just can't shake and decide to relegate

I know I need to ease the blame
The time is now, I’ll learn my faults, I need my mind to remember

Rise then fall, it’s been the way that I’ve atrophied
I want to grow and learn my place, devoid of imperfection

Take a look inside
There wasn’t anything that seemed amiss in me
I would just dismiss the force that I portrayed
It was the frailty, I couldn’t see in me

And I was wrong
It was the frailty, I couldn’t see in me

12. Return To Reform

It’s only silence that you’ll be getting from me
These lines are broken and lack utility
Who knew we’d grow so far apart
From sheathed hostility
So many visions of places that were once shared and
Seem so far away
They now remind of how much faith I’ve lost in you

There is no value in playing games with me
Respect is gone, the bond undone

Straining thoughts, stress holding onto adverse matters
Have you felt the wind breeze right down your shoulders?
That cold that strikes the spine, it’s giving me the shivers
Distance read as giving up on our amity

In due time, despite the fights, I want us to see each other truly happy
A change that’s made through reformation
Let’s give it time, to find our sights, maybe we’ll learn something
So if we meet again and if the air is cleared
We’ll drop these passive aggressions

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