Dark Lyrics


1. Satan's Realm


2. The Ultimate Horde Fights

Here you are fallen, angel of doom
Almighty star, son of the dawn
Vanquisher of nations, you said in your heart:

"I'll go in heaven, dress my throne above the skull of god,
sit on the mountains of darkness and rise the submit of evil!"

But you were precipitated in the dead land
by the holy one the lie himself...
Coherts of ABADDON raise from the depths,
fighting for the wrath of our master,
For the war we need... For the blood we thirst...

Oohh! Kochloffel, lead us against the light, for their Messiah
we'll unleashed the beasts, Kobal for his flesh.
Ukobach for his soul.

For now their messenger becomes the black christ,
swaggerer of our kingdom, blusterer of the cohorts...
The legions of Satan we are already to puke on the holy war.
Already to slaver on their grave!

Walking the path to deliver, the ultimate hordes fight!!!
Jag the parish, rape the nuns, hang the pope cutting this throat...
Mutilation of the vatican's bastard

It's The Ultimate... The Ultimate Fight Of The Hordes...
It's The Ultimate... The Ultimate Fight Of The Hordes!!!

3. Ha Shaitan

Purest evil rise from the deepest grave,
all making a sign of faith towards the goatlord of darkness,
Pentagram emplies of evil, turning christians to insane.
five heads star inverted dedication to SATAN'S name.

When The Master dart from the star is down to Hell.

Commanders from Below join unholy forces to pretend
a world's domination wearing the symbol as you see it
into the inverted sign.
The Face of Sathanas!!!

Almighty, MAGUS, leads the hordes to the master of sabbats.
LEONARDO, Goat of Mendez, lord of the black moon...
Under the shadow of thy tri-horned skull,
we celebrate the dark mass for SATAN our mind keeper,
"Bless us all, lord of lords, master of masters..."

On his skullthrone the goatlord vomit
his evil benediction of lust
Forever in his name and soul we trust!
The departure of war is done, all our legions of doom,
hate and pain are gone to bring on earth an age of sin
with the encouragement of our sovereigns howling.

To the earthly village we fly.
To the flesh we rush, to their lord they cry in emptiness
Themselves thy dash!

Look the ridiculous guneflexion is makin'
Look our master their souls are taken
floating in the halls of ACHERON.

They heard the vociferous cries,
for now they are ready to deny
their god of lies, to join our straight,
to fight the right and the lord Jesus Christ...

On his skullthrone the goatlord vomit
his evil benediction of lust
Forever in his name and soul we trust!
The departure of war is done, all our legions of doom,
hate and pain are gone to bring on earth an age of sin
with the encouragement of our sovereigns howling.

4. Evil Church

Enter the infernal corridors of the unlight,
walking through the path haunted by ghouls and wolves.
Rising from the dead and crushing their tombs,
your body starts to shake with fear,
you feel the demons clawing at your skin,
trying to pull you into their crypt.

Now, walk towards the table of hell,
and worship the call of NINNAGESH,
the mighty black priest,
as you're approaching closer to the altar,
raise your hands and do the sign of the horns.

Take your dirk to cut your throat,
blood spills in the chalice
you bring and you agonize with joy
in the middle of the great inflammed Pentagram.
Succumb for hell, succumb for the darkness,
succumb for the evil and give your life to our lord Satan.
The undeads starts to drink your damned blood
under the morbid breath of the great organ pipes,
your soul is now condamned to live in the domination of Seth
to deny your weak god and take the power of evil.

Fight, kill and torture without mercy forever in honour to sin.
Raise high the swords of hate, run to fight the light.
Conqueror of the earthly grounds

Oooohh tormentor of the beast,
you've broken your chain made of christain lies,
you gave your faith to Satan,
heard every sabbaths of the mighty priest,
sacrificed yourself upon the altar of the evil church
and finally became a faithful son of our master!

In your presence, the weak mortals stand in fear,
you're the black tormentor next to the throne of chaos.
Join us, we are the agitators and invite the mothers
to sacrifice their new born children.
In the basin of the reverend of hell,
the innocent blood flows...
Welcome to the evil church!

5. The Antichrist Summons The Black Flame

I awake the eternal flame who brings desolation
Into my eyes a storming hate waits to be unleashed.
Darkness embraces my soul, my master Satan lead me
with the legions of destruction through the fires of hate.
My vengeance thristy of blood, is ready to spread
a tremendous holocaust, the end of all races.
The third storm will soon arrive, the orgy of the sould will rise.
Total angelcunts desecration is my rebirth into pure blasphemy

I league my soul to Satan, Lucifer and Belzebuth,
and deny god and the son of Jesus Christ,
The holy spirit and the nine hearts of angels.
I'll worship with pride the nine hearts of demons!

Created by hell to destroy all christian life,
sodomizing the virgins with a bestial force,
I find my power in their blood and rip their body
with my claws of steel, vomiting on their corpse.
On my altar when the fullmoon rise.
The ceremony turn in an infernal orgy in holy blood.

I'm the antichrist, master of massacre!
I summon the black flame of apocalypse!
Through my gazing eyes, you'll see the chaos ruling the world.
The end is near, I invoke the immortals the evil without pity.
Time is coming for dying... 666...

6. The Forest Of Nathrath

In the nocturnal fog, shadows dancing
and whisper the Satanic Glory,
before the flags of hate and lies
embrace themselves, there on the hills.
The pentagram hordes, the riders of doom,
drink the christmen blood.
tomorrow we'll hunt them
beyond the dark forest, beyond the blood...
In the forest of NATHRATH!

War til death, war til the end.
Spilling the ecclesiatsics blood,
invoking the supreme shield of eternity.

Annhahal NATHRATH!
Huffah Bethud urieh dielveh!

From my altar, I invoke the dark age,
the battle against Christianity.
now the day of perveristy, our day!
Today we treat Christians
like damned souls were treated by their god!
After the master will be the infernal prince,
again by the last time
all Christian's kingdom will shive by fire.

The flag of hate, sons of perdition we arise us.
black souls against god's concept to slay you all.
In the forest of NATHRATH!

Annhahal NATHRATH!
Huffah Bethud urieh dielveh!

From my demon-horse I observe the battle against Christianity.
now the nearest victory our will, the carnage is done.
there in the woods... in the forest of NATHRATH!

This was the tales... of the Satanic wars.
the battle of hate and lies!
Of hate and lies!!!

7. Dusk Of Forgotten Darkness

Beyond the fields of impurity, across the infernal seas,
stand the land of silent obscurity, the land of Ardennes,
beyond the black gates of the fagnes infinite kingdom
whee the perfect starry sky of night rules.
Funeral winds embrace me, their whispers teach me.
the mystic rituals of damnation.

Follow our way, follow our path.
Spiritual brother in dead's land.
Where the black gate stand,
where hatred spirits were invoked.
Be aware of your demonic convention.

Beyond my land of hate, beyond the seas of frost.
I summon the demons of the pits to deny forever,
the Cross of Christ Desecrate
the holy spirit for beyond and beyond...
Oooohh God! See the dusk of HECATE,
the dusk of forgotten souls
SATAN! Father of the dark dawn,
black angel oppressed by the light, hear our calls!!!

The call of the true worsphippers,
summoners of the hatred dusk.
Dusk of the forgotten darkness,
warriors with invincible swords.
Hordes of a thousand blades,
fighters ofthe divine light.
As dusk of the forgotten darkness rise again...

8. Throne To Purgatory

Calling the souls of a thousand cemeteries.
Bring winds from beyond iced lands.
Guardians of darkness make raging storms in the skies,
to carry the screams of victims beiging sacrificed,
whose blood flows endlessly into many lakes and seas.

Behind the haunted walls of the purgatory,
the innocent gods became my slaves to serve...
...Me and the master on his throne
They call upon the immortal,
legions to burn the holy gates of heaven.

Messenger of hate, you're the barrier against daylight.
together with the demon's legions,
we are ready to launch an attack.
Against the golden walls of paradise, to conquer this earth

[The Beast:]
"My throne will rise from the bloody seas
surrounded by a thousand impaled angels...
By Lucifers flames, bastard Christ is already consumed
with a thousand holy souls, deep in Hydra's throat!"

Open the gates to purgatory,
to throw their souls into the abyss of grief,
while Christ fuckin' you with so many lies.
SATAN purified your soul in pain.
White souls are falling endlessly one by one.
The throne of doom stands in the centre of frightened cohorts.
Crying their bastards defeat.

"We are gathered around a throne of human skulls.
Waiting our wish, the beast forever and ever enthroened
in the vast halls of eternity.
Oooohh! Sit my lord... Sit upon the throne to purgatory
and reign in immortality, beyond every life,
beyond every god without fear without peace...
Just eternally!!!!"

9. When Horny Flames Begin To Rise

The Night surrounds the landscape,
from the distand hills rising high towards the sky,
the dungeons of my ancient ruins.

The midnight fullmoon gleams and lights this land forlorn
voices from the past whisper again, remember me,
the slaughtering lord conqueror of my eternal faith.
eight hundred years ago, I've defeated my worst enemy.
Innumerable muslims slaughtered under my darkened empire.
Slayed by our spears, these brothers of Christianity,
will forever regret their shabby invasion...

Impaled and legless. I'll let them remember their acts,
after three days of agony, their heads will be cut and boiled
in an immense cauldron full of tortured souls.
Cruelty towards them was just a game to me!!!

In death I fall, sometimes after the conquering
of these lands, sacrificed myself to SATHANA, my almighty lord.
Who reigns deep down in Acherons flames.
I heard him calling me, on the day of the hundredth eclipse...
And now my spirit in hatred infinty
will watch in the twilight kingdom,
infernral eclipse's second centenary has arrived.

Now, I return to the old mention on the distant hills,
in my forlorn landscape of Mosa Mumu,
the horny flames will rise again and again...
Followed by the invincible demons cohort.
I'll take again my worst enemy and the complete fall
of the muslim empire is the goal of my new invasion.
Empuse's army are entering Hajdj with pride, all over, all around,
the shadows of a thousand spears.
is the landscape reaching my eternal wait!!!
All over, all round, the blood of jagged veiled whores.
is thy sign I've seen been waiting to pacify my angering hate.
when horny flames begin to rise...

10. Hertogenwald

Across many miles to German's land, frison's born and
Belgian frontiers, snow storms are raging...
Tryggvasons battles are near, the white fields separate us.
Christian! You're gonna die by our frost!

At middle age time, Limburg create lots of myths,
ancient pagan cult, wrap of mysteries.
invaded by the filthy Christian tribe.
we drive them back to the fields of impurity.
let them die in their rotteness!

"Midnight paths are now engaged to our lust.
Sons of SATHANAS, we are gathered for the one.
Frosted snow falls on cadaveric faces,
colder than the cross of ice.
The unholy benediction of the silver moon.
spiked crown shinning on these marble steps!"

Limburg, across the Vesder to the black forest,
there stand the crypt where were invoked
demonic souls they came from the Gehenna to us.
to bless their legions in which they trust,
praying for us warriors of the dark Pentagram.
Christianity is just a matter oftime.
We'll drive them back to their Nazareth hills,
with the solicitude of SATAN!
Burning their churches, jagged their whores.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
As they please us to rip them off like porks!
Tryggvasons battles, the ancient Belgian war.
The war without sanity... Without mercy...
A war for an era without Christian lies...

Oooohh! Lord of lust and fear of impiety...
It's time for us to drift in the dark tranquility.
Limburg, town of my ancestors!!!
In the eternity of times I'll worship you forever...

11. Final Armageddon


1997 Blackend Records

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