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1. Smashed Brain Collection

Smashed Brain Collection
Brainless Corpses,
Walking Dead,

Smashed Brain On My Shelf

What Are You Doing?
Don’t Spit On…
Spleen My Smashed Brain Collection

Will Stop Your Breathing!
Rotting Corpses Of Victims
Pungent Stench Of Their Bodies.

Shredded Skulls- Real Nightmare,
Smashed Brains In Lavatory.
The Blood Is Dripping From The Knife,

Brainless Human Bleeding…
Decay Destroys The Flesh,

Eternal Skill…To Kill!
I Met One Perverse Girl,
Her Dead Body Is Lying In My Room!
Smashed Brain Collection,
Smashed Brain Collection.
Rotten Meat Is So Sweet…I want To Eat!

2. Carnal Affection

Devastate The World.
Totally Influenced By Death.

Execution Of The Masses.

Sadistic Perversions And Seas Of Blood.
Dead Whore Is Lying On The Ground.

Trephine In His Corpse.
I Like The Gore.

I Like The Harm.
Skinny Whore On The Ground.

I like The Swill.
Death Is Walking In The City…Listening To “Disgorge”.
You Raped The Dead.
Carnal Affection Throw Her In The fen.
Devastate The Upstairs Of The Earth!
Collecting Flesh,
Drrink Up The Pus!

3. Experiment With You

Broken Bones,
Maggoty Meat.
Scattered And Stinking Bowels.

Exhume And Desecrate,

Torture And Deform!

Cruel Mental Experiment

Scorching Heat And Gore.

Ground Skeletons…
Only Dust And Stones.
Onward To The “Exit”!
But It’s An Illusion.
One Thousant Mirrors Around And Sepulchral…
Back Off!
Stay AwayFrom Me And Back Off!

Warning…One Grunting Figure Is Coming!
Abscess And Fracture.
Corrosion And Erosion,
Rot Of your Emotions…
Devotion And Commotiom…Experiment With You.
Terminated Bodies,
Blood Skin Bones-Don’t Brail!
Executed Bodies In Your (Mind) Territory

4. Disgruntled

Concentrate Your Hate!
This Kind Of Power Kills…

Forget The Normal Grunts,

The Vomit,
Stench And Heat.


Disgruntled Human-Vile…

Ill-natured And Occult…
This Room Is Full Of Offal,

The Vermin Eat away.

Singsong And Grunting Noises,

Sepulchral Sounds Around.
Take Your Mace,
Close Their Eyes!

Kill’em all…Dote On…
Disgruntled Human…You Are Gruff.
And You Know That It’s My Turn.
He Is Surrounded By Psychopaths…

Mind Destroyer…

5. Total Zombie Domination

Rotten Zombie Is Agonizing.

Hungry Maggots Eat Away!

One Hundred Years In The Dark

Human eating…Now It’s Art!

Internal Collapse Despair…
Incantation Or Damnation?
They Hide Behind The Gravestones

And Hunt Us Everyday.

Bleeding Teases Their Hunger

We Can’t Stop The Evil Dead
Their Deadly Hands Will Break Your Neck.
The Longest Nails Will Stab Your Skin.

And Now You’re Food Of These,

That You Can’t Shoot!
Cutting Bowels-Real Hell,

Licking Skulls Is Pretty Well.

Looking For Something More.

Drinking Blood And Eating Gore…

6. Mutant

Open Wounds,
The Blood Gushes Out Wounds And Tortures.
Scalpel Scares Half Dead Flesh,
Finally cut Throat.
Danger Zone.
Who Will Be Alive…The Worst Inhuman Wrath.

Walking Corpse With Smiling Lips-Vile,
Exhumed Beast.
Open The Wounds To Bleed…

Cut The Eyelids To See…

Eating The Rotting Meat!

Cutting The Veins,
The Face And Brain.
Killing A Man…Last,

Jump In The Grave!
Nitwit-Double Shit…

Burned From Within…
The Mystery Of Ancient Riots Is Revealed…The
Scientists Want To See His First
Sodomy-Successful Beginning.
Following His Feet Go To The Grave!
Disturbing The Sleep Of Others.

Ignoring The Gods And Death.

7. Supporting The Chaos And Hate

Stinking Basement,
Deadly…Sadistic Eyes.
Inhuman And Disgusting Slaughter…
Death Supports The Chaos.
Executed Terrorist.

Thrown In Hell Full Of Shits…

To Be Food For Germs.

I’m The Man,
Who Supports

The Chaos And Hate.

Immoral Soul…

I’m A Shadow Of Disorder.
I Will Give You A Sign To (Start) Running

Following The Blood Line-You Will Find

The Way To Die.

8. Graveyard

Bloody Body,
Bloody Poison.

Here’s One Of Them.

Bloody Powder,
Last Breath,

It’s So Nice-Bleed To Death!
Sound Of His Squeals…Pus And Bleed

Perverse Dead,
Deadly Haze,

Stabbed Prostitute,
Tempting Flesh!

Smash Them On Their Graves,

Smash And Take Their Brains!

The Water Is Red!

And The Sun Is Red…Mortal Symphony…
Only Look The Beast…And The Rotting Meat…
Freshet Of Damned Nile

Can’t Stop Last Breathing
Torture And Wild,
Can’t Stop My…
Smash Them On Their Graves,

Smash And Take Their Brains!
Odious And Horrid.

Mortal Symphony…Only Look The Beast…

And The Rotting Meat…Over Scares Of Dead.

9. Awaiting The Death

Moan Of The Mob,
Smoke On The Moat…
Devoid Of Everything Forever.

Sables And Plaque-Deadly Pleasure.
Real Hell On The Earth!
Sables And Leprosy…Haunting Ghost…
There Is No Way,
They Need The Mace…
That’s What They Wait.
Why It’s Lord’s?
Lord Of The Depths-Master Of Dead.
The Lord Is Coming From The Meat.
His Mace Will Blow The Mob.

Lord Enjoys The Victory Of Evil.

He Leads His Freaks

Between The Bones And Meat.

They Fall Upon The Corpses…
No Escape,
Total Devouring!

When All Is Done-Who Is The One!?

Ivo Ivanov ‒ Drums
Plam Bakardjiev ‒ Vocals
Chris Hristov ‒ Guitars
Lachez Todorov ‒ Bass

Thanks to enthrallment for sending these lyrics.

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