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1. Stary Throne Of It

It's back on the stary throne of chaos
It's back for the hunting mankind
It's back to arrange a new bloodbath
Incarnated in hate and wrath

We walk the path of the primordial Serpent
Watch its formations through the years
Bringing terror upon the fates of the weak
Lamps to the slaughter
The cry of men before the end

We provoke the race of the fallen
We have kept the best for our end
You feel sorry for your life
The lives you never enjoyed
but always wept for

It feels no sorry for the corpses
It smells your filthy burning flesh
It's back to hunt you oh mankind
Back on the throne where it belongs
The stary throne of chaos
The Enshadowed throne of hate

2. Is Venit Ex Abyssus

I cut my flesh in pieces
I scattered my consciousness
I blew my mind, my essence
I will die later...
Somewhere, somehow

Until then I am the reason
to butcher, to judge, to cut the throne
I will never get to know you
I don't need that permission
I just devour, it is fantastic

Untouchable levels of pleasure
The stars!
I'm going to cry: I'm free!
Dressed in blood

3. Black Holes, Death Planets

Undisputed, endless, abominable powers
Glorious emperors of the deepest black kingdoms
Consisted of chaos, creative powers of anti-matter
Sealers of fates, times and spaces

Black Holes, Death Planets

Without beginning, no meaning, no reason for life
No feeling of death, it is loss and birth at once

Devour of stars give birth to color black
Spit out your life - your soul human
Conceited king of silly pride and micro cosmos
A grain of dust in my boundless kingdoms
Behold! Before your eyes my inrivaled strength of deconstruction

Finally! Your time has come, you'll turn to ashes
You've crossed my path, my undisturbed journey
Solar power is drowned in blackness
Life extinction is at your door

No remains left to testify
You've ever lived within my world
No memories, no feeling
Elements recycled within the black hole

4. The Scenario

5. Surrealistic Shade Of Color Black

Learn your place in this space
Learn your place in this time
Embrace the universal law of the jungle
That applies in every aspect of being
Let the mind and soul float there
Where φως and σκότος fornicate
Giving birth to zero, to nothingness
Love and hate between the stars, to all energy

But accept this! Accept it!
We are not humans
We're the bastard sons of constellations
Kings from the black holes
Stardust of the death planets
Wormed of the lowest pit
Glorified Gods of the fallen
Parody is in our blood

Always lurk in shadow and blast always the suns
Filled with divine energy and fire at heart

But accept this! Accept it!
We are not humans
We're the fallen
We're the glorified outcasts
Touched by the sweet frozen smile of death
And we preach the unheard truth of life
To start is to end
All is nothing and nothing will be
Always lurk in shadow and blast always the suns
Filled with divine energy and fire at heart

To start is to end
All is nothing and nothing will be

6. Dethroned

I am the sword in the heart of god
Τοις νεκρής ποίησης θαυμάσια
I am the scar of the fallen one
Τα εν σκότη θαυμάσια του

Manifested, bloodstained
Ingrained, I breathe in depths

Formless, incorporeal
I release the hell's waves

Everything will be accumulated
Everything will be minimized

We will plague god
Whipping him with snakes
And the leper souls
The snake's venom taste

Everything will be accumulated
Everything will be minimized
Everything surrounds me unhealthy
Stigmata of this dethronement

Spill bloody tears on the face of god

Be the meaning of the unproclaimed knowledge

As you enter the new world
where the creator is inexistent
And the blasphemies are evidence of the artless

7. Inner Psy-Trip

Taken there where the line ends
Where the empire of nothing is devouring
all spirit all space and time
Take me there where desperation reigns
and silence in your mind is thick and absolute
Like darkness in the bottom of the frozen oceans
Beyond there is only your black cold immaterial self

And there I float between the stars
Leaving my screams behind
I can see my essence breathe and whirl
With the winds of fate, staring at all beauty
Turn to ash and then in colors again
The conception and decomposing
Daughters to prince death and queen existence
Dance and laugh in front of my eyes
Giving me the worlds in my hand
To admire and to abhor

Speechless, terrified, alone
The expansion of an atomic and universal soul
That fears the astral paths of heart
That fears the sweet smile of death
The warm human touch
The dead hand of the beast

Give me the worlds in my hand
To admire and to abhor

8. The Dual Hypostasis Of Nihil

People just die, so you ate next.
This is the plan of the great magnet
The plan of the big black
Surrender your fate in the airy hands of infinity

I'm the nihilist, the order of empty space.
I'm the preacher of meaningless aims and oblivion
I'm the chessboard for the narcissist pawns made of flesh
That hung over the endless cold abyss

Where you're going there's no life human
No smell of death, no laughter of cry
Trust the void, totally fucking nothing
I am Charon, human! I'm your dream and your nightmare
Your happiness and fear
What you were, you are, you'll always be
And I'm your every tined thought, the shiver of your body
But also the algorithm, the great concept
that runs your universe and all the other
There are no boundaries between my self and all

Oh! Deranged!
The epitome of the perplexed theories of Nihil and the unified one
This is the abstract zero
The essence of paranoia

People just die so you are next.
We'll find our way through the coffin
We yearn to find ourselves in the heart of space
We'll find ourselves in the nothingness of the void

Μηδέν, άπειρο και αιώνιο σύμπαν, αιθέρας, σύρκα, φωτιά, άβυσσος.

9. Magic Chaos Psychedelia

It's a black star, dark star
A higher state of consciousness
A glimpse with the eyes of the insane
Vision through frames
the living paintings

It doesn't matter
I'm of no matter
Just vision
A sense pulled and drowned
in the horizon black and forth
I feel the living colors

I put together the fragments of reality
Puzzled left comforted in paranoia
Will it end soon or this is what it always has been?

This is magic
It's the awareness that chaos is my home
My only home and my astral endless
Beautiful prison
That's Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Golgotha — Bass, Keyboards
Serpent — Vocals
N.E.C.R.O. — Guitars

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