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1. Agony

2. Do Not Confuse Bravery For Courage (It Begins With The Letter 'B')

Our rainbow comprises of ashes and dust but we patch our past to cover the scars!
Feed off burdens they carry - While others plead for their torments to be buried
Regain integrity..........Plead.......Integrity.........Beg for your dignity!!

3. Lacerating Stones With Origami Scissors

There is some comfort in the deep emptiness of the sea
And the sunset satisfies an eagerness to die....
The premature pressence of the stars shall not abide by my selfishness!
The moon slowly penetrates translucent clouds - Now I see
She is only here to deny me of hope in times of need -
There is no peace; No comfort here for me....
The vacant oceans shall never be seen - The void is merely an ire within me
The subtle pride to hate, i'll never cede.....
All happiness depleted swifter than a sigh! 
Now I bleed lust - Now I bleed lust - Now I bleed.....
Lead guilt to my name - Send a shame, send shame to my face!
As the sun seeps it's blame and sets a shade upon my sake.....With her neglect!
This day she anoint, with a piercing fear and gently drove a malice to the sky, as thunders begged for distance and sanctuary, far from her kind.....In vain we depart - There is no grace; No place for her here....
Past devotions sever new fear - There is no peace!
Paper slain by blades - Our rocks must defend!

4. The Most Embarrassing Part About Hardcore Dancing (Is Telling Your Parents You're Gay)

Destroy the memory you cling to - Eradicate the memories you hate!
Beating the black from the beige - Wipe that smirk straight from your face!
Bleed - Then leave......
Nostalgia in the shapes i sketch - Paper reinvents the pen!
Months fall from a calendar in what you call a life!
Begin again! Do we begin again? Fuck!
Do we truly begin again? Again....
Ink the distance; Shade the tears!
I swear you could scrape them straight from the page, and then you would see.....
The thick grows thin!
Who drew this destiny for you? Lust leaks from the creases!
Proves the water is not thicker than blood.....
Blush you fucking whore!

5. Salmon Is Not A Colour

Vanity has too long punished all those that crave respect -
Yet you adorn your useless name with disgrace!
You will not like, what i have to say....
You'll take offence to every word i say - Your greed for pussy..........
It makes us sick! It makes me sick....
Buy her a drink, go take a dance, tap that arse!
Buy me no drink - Sip your own shame!
Buy her a drink, tap another arse - Sip your own fucking shame!
His heart now drops and shatters; Could the shards cut her throat to settle him down?
And would the pieces puncture our lungs to drain all our lives of pride again?
It makes us sick - You make me wish that girls were clever!
Before i spit, I will flip - I will flip that collar down
Pastelle shades lie - Liar!
It makes me sick....
You make me wish girls were clever....
Before i flip your collar down, i will spit in your face - Pastelle shades lie!

6. When Curiosity Kills A Dog

Rotting inside - Decayed!
Shit hits the fan - A lack of mercy clears the room;
I designed it to humiliate you!
Such courage and compassion would humble me, had it been real....
Who truly believes your lie?
Do you find solace in ridicule?
Black is a fad - Attacks all beauty in the room; In the room....
Ape those who walk by, while eroding inside!
Curiosity is a fashion that could topple you with looks that could kill.....
I deny it, to stay different from you - Cripples me with looks that could kill
Slice your magenta lips - Spills no vanilla!
Now slit your frail wrists - Still no vanilla - Pale your faces!
Rotting inside!
I hate your pale face - Go slit your fucking wrists bitch!
Bleed - Slut!

7. On The Seventh Day, God Created Myspace

Who do you fucking pray to? Is it him or her....
And what if they don't want to speak anymore?
I ask no questions - I have no voice - You'll stay unfaithful - That is your choice!
It's your choice.....
The only break in silence; An instant message tone
And the shock of a conversation window being quickly closed
Don't you judge me! Open your fucking eyes and take a good look at me....
Sever yourself from cyber-world and seek reality!
I struggle to find reason in such a world
Where a fourteen year old virgin is hard to come by anymore
But I ask no questions - I have no voice - You're still unfaithful (Bitch)
That is your choice....
No one's listening - No one fucking cares - Nobody knows!
Don't you judge me! Don't you judge me!
Find - Something real - Real
Put your fucking faith inside of me; Put your fucking trust, in something real....
Find someone real - Find yourself something real...........

8. Ecstasy

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