Dark Lyrics


1. D'Compose


Who can it be now?
Knockin' at my door...
Let me tell you a story,
about a violent war!
The most sadistic, most vile-istic
My tongue shall desecrate your ears with no

Words as told by inhumanoids last seen in the
12th century
Creatures of old buried deep in the earth and
even deeper in history

Complancency sparked your worlds decline the
very nature of your psychology
Obliteration shall be fate this time pay the price
for awakening me!
I'm a tyrant from the core and I'm trapped by Magnacore
As escape is something I propose
Unleash the dogs of war to release the ancient
..and cry - you are decomposed!

D`compose! - YOU ARE DECOMPOSED! [x2]

Disease is goin' round,
doesn't make a sound,
Fuck an open wound, sores and boners,
cancer moles
Take a shit give birth
burrow through the Earth
That is what I know - ROCK THE FUCKING

Final page unfolds, legacy of old, planetary
everyday os dark and cold,
Legions of the dead, mountains glowing red.
Metlar was entombed
Fleshslugs wanted live or dead!

Abominations come to terrorize, your nordic
gods are a pack of flies
You call this planet your prison and home,
nowhere to turn
'Cuz you're stripped down to the bone and alone!

You call this planet prison, this prison is your
home [x4]

This marks the end of your world
and the begining of mine....
Until the end of time - You are fucking

2. Stinger


From darkest space,
across the void, he has arrived
Invasion front, a bounty huny,
you won't survive
he stalks his prey, mercilessly
In his path? He'll take you down,

My name is Stinger! I get respect, your planet
and your lives are what I expect
My thrashing metal is bullet proof. your
primitive weapons are of no use

Energy field, imprisons you,
there's no escape
Conquering, taking the dead,
They come for you,
the rotting horrors you once knew
Shifting shappe, twisting flesh, I've picked their

My name is Stinger!
Feared throughout galaxies
Ill take my prisoner
and destroy all I see
Surrender now, you can't resist
Earth now belongs to the House of Fists!
[mosh part]
My invasion force awaits
but a parsec away
With one word from me,
they'll be here in a day
To turn your cities to rubble,
stip your recources dry
Slag this planet and leave you all to die

Retrofit - The living dead - Send them to hunt

I await my vistory
from my dark tower high
Super science awaits you
once you have died
Light years advanced
I am a killer supreme
Command planet crushing armies of bionic,

Collossal worm eighty feet long
Earth will shake and open up
Swallow you whole metallic hulk
It's stinger poised and venom dripping

Burrowing beneath to attack
Pull you down and make you a snack
He's here and he's not friendly...

3. Architeuthis


Deep in the bowels of the ocean
tge monsters play
Crimson tide from soldiers
in their watery graves
Food of the gods, you're surrounded by a gul-
lined tomb

There's more room - You see the eye and
you've sealed your doom
The Architeuthis - A giant ruthless! - The dark
side of the crimson tide

You can't hide - Prepare to die!

Carnivore of ancient horror and sailors lore
from bay to bay
Thrashing gore - Blood red sea floor - Can't
take no more -
Let's fucking party!
Food of the gods, digest in the invertebrates

There's more room - You see the eye and
you've sealed your doom
The Architeuthis - A giant ruthless! - The dark
side of the crimson tide

You can't hide - Prepare to die!

Sea demon - In season -
I'm screamin'! - No reason

Sea is black with ink - Staring in it's eye
Ripping monster beak -
Chomping on my thigh
Thrash arms around -
Soon I will be dead
20,000 leagues crushing overhead!

Sea demon - In season - I'm screamin'! - No
Infection - Not to mention -
Chaotic evolution!

Massive tentacles
wrapped around the beast
Hulking metal beasts in battle ships we'll... feast


4. The Thing


From beyond the stars it came
Trapped beneath the ice
Dirmant waiting to be found
To awaken and attack!

A dogs chased through the snow
As bullets fall from the sky
Members if the camp not knowing
Why that dog had to die

Trouble in the kennel
Tentacles rip and tear
What once looked like a dog
is now a massive bloody beast

With riffles and flamethrowers
Put that fucker in its place
Throw it on a table
Dissect its ugly face

Lacerate! Obliterate!
You can't escape the tentacles exploding from
The Thing!
Dominate, to duplicate your race

Mutilate! Eviscerate!
Burn it, stab it, shoot it if you can...
Annihilate this fucking thing from space

There's no escape from The Thing!


Tie the others down
Test the blood with a hanger burning hot
Watch it sizzle and steam - or watch it jump up
and run
'Cuz it's one of those things!

Who can you trust now?
When everyone is insane with fear

The Thing has escaped - the generators down
No power, no heat, only it can survive
Tome to destroy it with kerosene and flame
Before it can be discovered again

There's no escape from The Thing!

5. Chaingang


Coming for you in the dead of night - Quarter ton killing machine
Taken a life for every pound he weights
Record book for murder spree
He plans hard and fights had and if he fights
you at all,
this mountain of kill fury,
Gut up and buckle for you dust, a drooling
smile is
the last thing you'll see

Back in the 'Nam, M-80 in hand - Frags, "pies",
and grenades
Out of control - Mounting death toll - Only one
spike team remains
Return to the States - Ident erased - Where he
strikes next? No tellin'...
Tractor chain lashes out to give you a clout -
Caves in heads like over ripe melons

Gut you! Fuck you! Eat you! Tear you limb from
fuckin' limb!

You face CHAINGANG! Can't stop

Abdoments ripped, kidneys torn, steaming shit,
bleeding hearts

Rotten remains rusted wrecks
in this underwater tomb
Multitudes of murderous methods on his
mindscreen spell your doom
Prescient sociopath
with enormous appetites
Devouring his victims,
will you be his mean tonight?

SKS - Spitting lead - Death breath
Unstoppable - Insatiable - Cannibal


You see him coming?
Get out of his way
Crpss his path and its your turn to pay
'Cuz Chaingang is coming and you're on his list

Belly bile, gut juice, viscera, shit tubes
Offal fat, chittlin' goop, butchered monkeys,
rendered fools...

6. Abominus


Building climb! Ship sink! Bridge smash! City

Blot - Cutthroat - Hun Grrr - Rippersnapper
Destructive powerm concussion blast, killing

As a unit - infamous 0 brutality! ferocity!
Malevolent rage of the most savage beasts in
the Galaxy!


"Eat only what you need -
destroy the test!"
"You are an error I intent to corrent."
"The sound of ripping metal -
music to my eats!"
"Compassion is the currency of losers."


You carbon based scum
are an insult to me
In my gross attack, you'll find no mercy
"I'm not as bad as I look,
I'm even worse!"
"Chaos my ally - Destruction my friend!"

7. Skull And Crossbones


Shit turns to fire
in the hands of privateers
Abandon all fucking hope all ye
who enter here
Cannons set to fire
and the steely balls grow near
Thirst for virgun booty
fueled by rum and beer

Darkest tale ever told -
Sweet pussy, loving gold
We shall sail the ocean blue -
Blood thirsty cutthroat crew (x 2)

Don't haul on rope
don't climb up the mast
You see a sailin' ship.
it might be your last
Get your skivvies
ready for a run ashore
A sailor 'aint a sailor
'aint a sailor no more...

"You hear 'de riddim -
you a victim of voodoo
'De silvah bullet cannor
break you of juju
'De zombies do me bidding
soon be you do
Bury you still breathin'
than you're part of the crew"

...And those buccaneers
drowned their sins in rum
The devil himself would
have to call them scum
Every man aboard
would have killed his mate
For a bag of guineas
or a peice of eight!
Eight! Hate! Violate! You ingrate!

Abandon all hope all ye who enter here...


"Hulla wacka hulla wacka
something not right
Many wicked
icky tings
gonna happen tonight
Hulla wacka ulla wacka
sailor men beware
When de money in the ground der's murder in
de air" [x3]

Fufteen men of em stiff and stark
Ten of the crew had the murder mark
'Twas a cutlass swipe or
an ounce of lead
Or a yawning hole in a battered head...

8. Werewolf Militia


Werewolf! Militia! [x4]
Hunger is the worst,
Got to quench my thirst,
Feel my body change,
My mind has gone deranged

A soldier's duty, A citizen's right
To choose a weapon and join the fight
To die by the gun or die by the knife
Protect your land, take a life!

Werewolf! Militia! [x4]

Time to take control,
Anger starts to boil
If I can't have blood, Guess I'll go for oil

When the moon is full I take command
Of a pack of troops that prowl the land
Take no prisoners is our strategy
Our survival means your casualties!

A movement underground
The goverment bloodhound
Hunting your next of kin
Campaign of doom begins

[mosh part]

Military forces march
by night to dig your graves
Works not done until we've won and made you
all our slaves
A hundred nation army
could never hold us back
Steely claws and howling jaws kill while night is
black, attack!

I feel the fury - Now I can see
Your frightened eyes
see the master in me
Capilastic! Cannibalistic! An army driven by

Hounds of hell lead the armies attack
Blood on the horizons flows
from red to black
Thirst for power's made
a monster of me
But there's no way I'd rather be

Hunt everyone one of you
and bring you down
Scour every mountain
'til your leader is found
Daisy cutters blow,
caves are stuffed with bones
Dead or suicide is left in the catacombs...

9. Return Of The Living Dead

[lyrics-Noah and Dave]

Army chemical remains -
They're opened again
Toxic gas escapes - 245 Trioxin!
The two are in pain -
The change begins
No one survives but the unlucky few

Smell the gas, breathe your last
Send the cops, gory props
Munch the brain, down the pain
Covert Ops, bodies drop


Acid rain, atomic blast
Deadly earth, masses gassed
The dead have risen from their graves!
On the hunt for human brains!


Deadly - Hunger

Satan spawns a deadly force, a mindless
zombie army
In your town, underground,
undead await the party
A military blunder causes
catastrophic change
The teeming masses can't be killed with bullet
or a blade

And the dead re-animate!
Army of corpses
They rise from the graves with a hunger for
human brains!

Board up the windows,
barricade the doors
The zombies are comming,
they can't be killed!

And the live will breathe their last -
And the dead will most!
Blood flows and toxic gas - You will hunger for

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