Dark Lyrics


1. The Rise Of The Greatest Fornicator

Inspired from what was and is but shall not be forever
That's what's been said
Thick muck's been spread through archaic words
And compels even deeper as the eons turn

Black demons sent to altars assume their final hold
As judgement spreads

2. In The Galleries Of The Utmost Evil

Helios - Guide me by the sun
And with east and west geometries a trance will now be spun
Devils from past hells perceived to be one
But not by man, aman, his clan
Now our fates will sauce their tongues

From the east past the herald gates - for months and months their heels would batter and break
As they passed over great lengths seize my spell in the galleries of the utmost evil
And then at last its talons grew straight out from the earth itself

The truth of all forgotten things too horrible for thought or mention
And now the churning death from depths abhorred is found
His fervent duty unleashed with hate forever will resound
In the mind's eye until the end of days - concurrent with what they've found
His spires of power and citadels of wrath
Of hidden poison wrapped in mounds

Like Apollyon's dark path - these harlots of lost dominion
Apart from his kind - now in and amidst the sights of wonder - The bowels within
Of a prison long forgotten that scoured the earth in the hearts and minds of men
As Moses received our will from the tree
This ignorant disciple will to scour the earth for a time and time again

[Solo - Matt Brown]

Now go forth - bring hell to all lost souls like Thebes
Decimate and raze the land as you choke off life - foul leech
The human race will do anything to murder itself and to poison life for me
At the cost of my cult

3. Our Cursed Rapture

Lost in a foreign land with the scent of pray's blood licked quick to the lips
Hasten the blackened - all dark sentiments with the dawn of Trezzek on neigh
Winter winds bring nostalgia of your nefarious deeds
A satanic tumult passed down through the ages
All saints jump in rapture for the end is near

A gore-fucked rotten whore beckons thine gaze to peer
Within the fault - abysmal blackened frost
An altar of Braktal O'Minn with Hecate's fruits of lust
Of luciferian cusps we were united
With her lips wrapped around my pole
Like the birds and the bees we fucked in the breeze with the threes amidst our lull
And then a primordial shrugs of dark covenant would suffice but sacrifice

And then I turned whispering psalms up in arms of prophetic dark verses
To serve as curses abound - to seal the deal
"Amnu Naak Beru- Naak Baran"
I chanted to seal the deal as my countenance reeled

[Solo - Mike Low]

At last - since time has passed clean
Straight through our fingers - a reminder of the cause
Preservation's tactics from a free of life will
Star studded and blackened our path
In the end they would say of the purpose we'd lain forth

Cast from the start
They've tainted our thoughts with a false discipline
Now forgone and left with bitter loss
A product of their virtue in the realm of sin
Azazel's children rise up
In the true end we shall laughed with our kin
And drink from life's blood from the chalice within
Rampant in part but we stole from the start

The secrets of eternal life and heaven's pleasures sought
Our cursed rapture

4. The Benefits Of Your Demise

I can feel it come again
As it passes over longitudes upon the western wind
Memories of atrocities past and some to pass ensure
That our foretold yet kept cult sect endures to the end and brim of time

Go forth and cast your nets into the seas of acid
Diverged are thee from the path that was once set righteously
Nature turns their blackest hour
From the seed that did breathe the feign of life into the Vatican
A veiled wonder soon followed in search
Of the deed of the tree of life and other things to quench it's thirst

Our virtue lies in the sacred ties to the black rebirth
The benefits of your deconstruction of bone and flesh
The first step of vile and horror endured
Handed down from the crown of good it's life's counterweight
To thine end we shall pack one full
And as we twist and pervert the set rules of the hallowed set
He climbs to eclipse the world from the sun
Worship me, fall on knees, proceed with the deed
As I cite them one by one

The monstrosities (They were heaven sent) served to removed the scourge
A cancerous parasitic life not to be preserved
The putrid stench of the fallen man
It lingers (Oh so suddenly) now a dirge will be served
To greet and ring the end of life and hallmark it as the fit ensues

As the curtains fall signaling our time to climb
My ear fell on utterances of a fallen kind
Seven thunders roared beckoning I cast lies
To write that the seven said, untold now for all to hear in time

Cast aside your fears for the end is on the neigh
Do not cast blame for the fault of your demise
The religions of this world seek to taint the guise
And corrupt all souls who bear the need to find
Inner solace reels and solemn potency lies
All resolves into the benefits derived
Life's purpose reels and the need for death guides
All dissolves into the benefits of your demise

5. Dead In The Brine

Aeons have passed through the clasp of pain
And bowed to fate's empowering will
It all started with the Sumerian priests
The rites of Babylon
Hatred grew when only the few we're allowed my salvation
Mystery - the taste of euphoria blew and fellated with rusty nails
The whole time they were fooled as their mouths quickly drooled at the sight of my plague they've wrought

Next it passed to Romans fools and then the Israeli
The holy roman empire ruled at the hands of my catholic church - My leash
Dead in the brine - Their tombstones sent
Ticking time it quickly was spent as the dark ages accrued
Inquisitions and holy wars grew
Worship me or die

If they only knew
I sit and laughed uncontrollably - revelation was the book that so warned of me
Writhe in pain, let them hang - As they suck on me
If they only knew
I could see them approach with theirs ships from afar
Their destiny to manifest bought
With sickness surmounting at a all new high decimation of the natives now on neigh

And why? To be them? To free them from fate?
Or to further their income gain?
Dead in the brine - Their tombstone's sent
Dead in the brine - No time to repent

[Solo Matt Brown, Mike Low]

Bring upon the storm of the final battle and dread's dark altars
Even after all the pain received they still believe in me
When Gog and Magog - My partners in destruction gather in destruction gather in place to further the assumption
Temporary achievement through material and weakness
Their Achilles heel
Dead in the brine - It was their fate

6. Exaltations (Part I: The Entrance Of Hecate)

Bring death from the bastions beyond and envelop their life force
Their sins - so timeless, indeed - are of no concern to me
Suffer through the mist to forge your will and the world will surely come
Our hour of triumph arrive

Before my eyes the sky caved in as the world fell cold
Many died but some worldwide managed to survive
We murdered the rest
We toiled for no less
We sought to watch them burn

[Solo - Mike Low]

Stage two - the radiation ensues - while the whole of earth's surface is ashed
The presence of an evil force unmatched
We came to end all life and then some
We came to steal theirs souls at last
O' come forth Hecate - give unto me
All dark powers and glories brought forth from the deep
We do your bidding with demon speed

Exaltations from the heaven's to thee
We are the prophets of dire
The foretold wretches - the blackest disease
Feel our tortures burn as you fall into darkness
We came to watch them burn

[Solo - Mike Low]

Like slaves we made them toil all across the bitter soil
All the while we watched as they descended into our home

[Solo - Matt Brown]

The author of life - he did abandon
His lot, his herd, all of his sheep
Left to the wolves brought forth from darkness
Black angels all fallen
In death

7. Exaltations (Part II: The Epitome Of Grief)

Cleansed of flesh and absolved of all deeds
Now our peace will settle all
A myth so dreadful your soul will sag
From the weight it carries
I can hear their dreadful song
Unaware of death as they seek to face
The embrace that once was and all they needed
All will share a carrion fate

Be prepared for multiple deaths
Of all souls as hells rolls on
As hells rolls on the path of light we crumble
Every lamb in all worlds will be slaughtered
Remember back to the earliest curse
The point from which all men did turn
Even man in his infancy stage
He did everything he could to dig his own grave
As he said, "Suffer through the mist to forge your will and the world will surely come"

Deception our hallmark, our patient, our word
"Sapien" their word to describe themselves as wise man
Blanket lies to conceal the truth that they we're but only blind men
Lucifer - the bringer of all light bearers
Solemn truth for all
Take - come forth - these sacraments of Braktal O'Minn and all
That the angels came from bastion's gaze of the hot lukewarm calls

Lick the blade but once again
Shed no tears for your fallen kin
And make haste to make proper and join within
The Fold - the legions of the damned (at best)
As we invade the duress of all heaven and the Seraphim's halls
The day as come
The final reckoning of the will of the black and his fallen minions

[Solo - Matt Brown]

And with the heavens now altered and subdued to the powers of us
Well put to use macrologies to conquer earth
Keeping in mind our advantage
We'll toy with them thousands of years

8. Altars Of Perdition (Instrumental Interlude)


9. The Sanctuaries

From the dark - from the recesses burns anew
A gaze of greed with sights so beset on another
Like a jewel it did shimmer atop gold hills made of coal
Now Dread - the god of the unsaid - eclipses it's spires
Three came forth through the rites of belial and deceit
To bring swift end to their rights and their life
The death of god through the exalting of life over life
A mere whim of the lord of the sun

For eons we'll wield force and destroy a vast number
And to the highest throne our hypocrisy
It alone will serve to cleanse their world
And I as gazed from above I could see through them - worshipping me
I had sought great patterns at length that only fool would have doubted me
As silence engulfed from farther beyond their sights could follow

A seal would be placed upon their heads
Long ago in the galleries this demon once said
"Swear allegiance, then thous't is saved!"
Now the dawn of Acarius - It teems as it floods
To relinquish the call of head
"The Beast rise up from the sea!"
All those who once dwelt in me begged

[Solo - Mike Low]

The origins of their world
All but forgotten is the valiant word of all her sins and forceful gains
As you stare at the sky and wonder what could have been
Remember your sanctuary
As a child you were innocent
But it matters not for our tide is now full swept in
The pax americana sees it's bitter fleeting end

[Solo - Malcom Pugh]

Now the temple in the east - now settled in blood - will rise up and destroy all nations
To win this war they'll battle with alchemy
Unleashing our horrors
Come forth and witness the mind controlled masses
Our slaves - bleeding blue cold
Returning in kind
Defending their life and their home
In that place they will gather
Armaktos - Hell will be born

[Solo - Matt Brown]

As I scar through the sky above all which I mythed and lied
Countless times I wished for paradise to coincide
Far too late as the world did join in
Those fools - They pays the price of life but once again
Through the mists I had suffered
As I combed great

[Solo - Matt Brown, Mike Low]

Screaming forth through the night
I now beckon thee - king of demons
We delivered your bidding and thoughts divine
Like serpents we had crept
Aligning fates with haste conceiving hate and lies
Immortal beings

We are the ones who destroyed God's plan
Lost but once again this creature did toil
Now free to roam across the land
All the while it did snow at Satan did but follow

Matt Brown - Rhythm and lead guitar, vocals
Mike Low - Rhythm and lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Justin Corser - Lead vocals
Jack Blackburn - Drums
James Turk - Bass

Guest guitar solo in "The Sanctuaries" by Malcolm Pugh.

Thanks to hefbe666 for sending tracks ## 3, 4 lyrics.

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