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1. Distorted Process

Follow to the end.
Rain, rain runs down your back, the scars are now exposed.
The cold sting of death approaches from the dark.
Your lesson's never learned, you make the same mistakes.
You're face to face with them, the captors of your soul.
What we feel is now this pain.
What we hear is now this truth.
If you cut us we will bleed.
A bleeding heart is what we will follow to the end.
Killing time is a stitch in your spine.
I see right through your daggered smiles.
Face to face and toe to toe, we'll fuck up your paradise.
We're back to the start, the start of what we've done.
Familiar pain in me is here ‘til the end.
We'll live with our shame, the shame of what we've done.
You're face to face with them, the captors of your soul.
Push your backs against the wall.
Follow to the end.

2. Dual Diagnosis

Attack with offence, your life is on trial.
Never turn your back, a knife in your name.
Never seize the day without innocence.
Always start a fight, trepidation in your blood.
Now you'll never change your ways.
Change your path, change your life.
Now it's time to realise.
Look inside, fear this time.
Lost, we've lost this one, we've lost all we had.
Sentenced now today, a court on command.
Fearing stares of shame, a cell with your name.
Away with the key, mercy fucked away.
Sent down to death row, intimidation is your foe.
Reform your ways.

3. Endless Life

Fuck it up, break away, take it down underground.
Live alone, trust no one.
Take the world in your hands, hold it tight ‘til it bleeds.
Stand alone, endless life.
I tried my best, not good enough.
Pride keeps me strong to try again.
Tone them down, tame their soul.
Never look back, keep it on track.
Live alone, trust no one.
Trust, trust in me.
Live, living destiny.
Living for you and me.
Stand up against your past, stand up for you, stand up for them.
Take everything back, take it for you, take it for them.
Reach the end at the gate, look inside, read the stone.
Live alone, trust no one.
Feel the shock, cuts inside.
In the ground, they're all dead.
Stand alone, endless life.

4. Fall Of The Sun

This flesh, it burns in the fire.
Broken bodies, blackened bones in the ashes.
Unmarked iron in the fire, invincible.
I will never fucking burn.
This corpse is down by the river, washed up hatred.
Fucking drowned in the water, unknown victim.
Another day, once more chance.
Make a change, seize this time.
On your grave from this life.
Fall of the sun.
On your knees from disgrace.
Pierced from within.
You will unmask this man.
You will follow this corpse to his grave.
This time we'll plan it all our way, we will survive.
Injured pride in our bodies, savaged power.
In the fire, invincible.
I will never fucking burn.
Revolution on its way, we will stand now.
Rising again in your honour, angered victim.
One more revolution.

5. Final Movement

Make a path, choose your life.
Drive down your fears and start anew.
Tear down the banners of the dictator.
Rise against your enemy, poverty, corruption.
Break down the doors and free the blind.
Use this fear against the government.
Rise against your ignorance.
Save your pride, it's your decision.
Leave your pain from your disgrace.
Burn away your disease.
Your disease in an inner demon.
The court of law won't save you now.
No justice for your inner demon.
Break it out, chuck it in.
Tame the streets with your innocence.
Flood the land with aggression.
Stand for one and stand for all.
Sabotage, nemesis, burn down the fortress of arrogance.
Take your wins with this loss.
Escape with your pride and never look back.
Now take this back.
No, we won't take this back.
This must change, you must change this.
Our disgrace which consumes us.
This must change, final movement.
This must change inside us now.

6. Heart Of Stone

Cold as ice, freezing in the dark.
I can't force my way through the night.
You will always fear, fear the twilight.
This one is for you, the one who suffered last.
Losing my mind through spite, hatred's how I live.
This will never last forever.
You will fall and we will never give up our past and fight.
Tear down the dark and fill with light.
You will fight. You will fight for your life.
Heart of stone, your audacity screws over your friends.
Stealing away their pride, left them for dead.
Take away what's theirs, take away their life.
Leave them with nothing except their will to fight.
Tear down the dark and fight.

7. Hostile Hallucination

This time you will lose this heart you took from me last time.
You bitch, fuck this, fuck all you've taken away from me.
From my past, my soul that bleeds for you.
Fuck away our past, fuck that.
Take away the years, our years.
You will always know what you've done, done to me.
Drive it down inside, thrust this knife inside my heart.
Redemption is mine, I've taken it from you.
I've taken it away, I've taken back what's mine.
Throw away our dreams, throw away.
Taking back our love from you.
Your past haunts me now, thought of us - you and me.
Drive it down inside, thrust this knife inside my heart.

8. The Iron Law

It's the law.
Drive it deep inside, your remorse for your crimes.
You're the one punished, punished by the world.
You are their darkest soul, mordant soul of their disgrace.
Everything that they hate is balled up inside you.
You will never fear a man, something that can bleed or die.
Everything that can fall, fall from their fucking grace.
Why can we not see this travesty?
How can we resist this irony?
Put on your dancing shoes. Put them on and dance bitch.
You can never reconcile, reconcile for your crimes.
What you've done is too vicious, ruined all their lives.
If you escape your cell, you won't forget what you've done.
Memories haunt your mind, condemn you to hell.
It's the law.

9. The Savage Mind

Cut out this eye, look inside yourself.
Find what you've become inside a maze of hate.
Search for yourself deep.
Your consciousness lost inside a broken mind.
One more chance to live.
Our condition makes us whole, makes us one, forever in honour.
Break out of here. Fight another day.
This adrenaline inside such tired veins.
Rage courses though my mind.
Legions of fear tear across my skin.
Break the enemy.
Cut the noose, fall on down to the trap door.

10. Vengeance Served Cold

Right from wrong, wrong from right.
We cannot tolerate this life.
You made your choice.
The choices you make govern your life.
You are one of them, not one of our brethren.
These chains of fear.
The chains of your past you must shed.
Looking, looking through time and space.
Searching, searching for paradise.
Tonight we dine in hell.
No more fucking around in my house.

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