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1. Intro


2. Scatter The Ashes

Loosened tongues we cut them out.
We curse your flesh for dark thoughts.
We spite your names forgotten loss.
We'll cut you from within.
Damaged pride will resurface inside your broken spirit.
We hunt you down and take what's yours.
We'll escape your hate.

Carve out our destiny, we'll take back what is ours.
Respawn from within, we bow before no man.

You will not survive this fight.
We'll burn down your homes
And scatter the ashes on our lost ones graves.
This struggle follows me through life.
Your victims we will avenge tonight.
Their faces will haunt me.

Damaged eyes they see no more.
You can't see the threat around you.
Falling around in the darkness you pray for safety.
Fists shower down and boots kick in.
They stamp on your fucking pride.
Broken ribs and bruised egos.
You cannot run, you cannot hide.

You will fall. You will fall down.

3. Bones As Armour

Where will we draw the fucking line?
When we cannot take this now.
Sick of the bloody taste of war.
Arsenic in my lungs, burns inside of me.
Take my fucking life, shred it all away.

An end of death and disparity.
Cut our losses, sell away our lives.
Drive out our sons to their final rest.
Sharpened razor through my chest
Burns inside of me.

Burn away these fears.
Cover these wounds with your warmth.

Wear their bones as armour.

4. Shattered Ego

Now redeem your disgrace.
Take your pills tonight.
Stab yourself with needles.
Broken glass by your side.
Blood runs down your arms.
Tears run down your face.
Ask your broken self
was this shit worth your life?

Can you stand by yourself?
There's nowhere in the dark to hide.
Reject it all except your fate
From those who taught you otherwise.
Can you stand back on your feet?
Respect yourself, get off your knees.
Stand again on broken limbs.
Compose yourself and then you'll see.

Raise from your grave
And I will stand by you.
Forgive and remorse
And I redeem and triumph.

Now renounce your sins.
Pay for your crimes.
Pay with your blood.
Shattered ego in your mind.
Poison through your veins.
Smoke through your lungs.
Ask your broken self
Was this shit worth your life?

Control your own life.
Stand again, take back what is yours.

5. Where You End And I Begin

Cower in the shadows
Broken glass rains down.
Your hearts are in your throats
They'll soon be on the floor.
A dark spectre homes in from above.
It will punish what man has failed to purge
As he picks you all off with vicious bane.

Reach on in, take a hold.
Feel the rotten heart beat against your fist.
Look at them, examine them.
Try to find some mercy in their callous eyes.
Draw your knife, threaten them.
Watch them fucking hide from the gleam of the blade.
Plunge it in, skewer them.
Feel the pleasure of vengeance screaming through your veins.

I can't save your life. It's now or never.
We'll burn in hell forever. I can't save myself.

Taste the blood, sever the taste.
A rich coppery accent felt upon your tongue.
Close your eyes, remember the kill.
Review what you've avenged and accept your fate.
Turn the blade, turn it on yourself.
Understand it's either this or you are what you hate.
No remorse, don't preserve.
There's nothing left of you, you've become the monster.

Cut it all out or you'll never be free

6. Eternal Guilt

What the fuck did I do?
Can never undo the past.
Just look through my eyes
They never follow the light.
What the fuck did I do?
Can't stop the pain that will eat through you.
I throw it back in your face
The hate inside that will lead me to you.

Down your guard and role there's nothing to feel
And now I'm going to take you there.
Renounce your faith and futile ways.
If you escape this you'll never succeed.
Raise the hate and tear through the weak.
You will evolve and transcend this mess.
If you don't concur I will be forced
To make your choice, an open grave.

Your most venomous ways, they resist what you pray.
I can't feel you, I can't feel your pulse.

Blaze through the masses and spare no one.
You're no longer like any of them.
Don't act like you care I know you now.
I know you're as lost as me, my soul is yours.
Cut away the pain and feel the grief.
They know you're the leader of a final stand.
Don't make me have to hurt you friend.
Even though we're now one, I'll rip you out.

Unlock the truth. Realise the lies.
End it all.

7. The Victim Must Be Silenced

Raining down a wave of terror
Lightning blood red lightning blood.
Innocent or guilty fear
Your dark lives are mine, death is near.
Crashing through the streets of God
Lessened fears are further raised.
Cut your ties with divine sources.
Bring out the devil and take out your sword.

You give up on me, you can't find yourself.
You're only flesh, you can be killed.
Tear away from them, they care only for you.
They're only flesh, they can be killed.

Cut away your inner fears.
Cross your blades, shorten the years.
Raise the doubt and show your rapier.
Bow down, praise your saviour.
Break the losses but show no one.
Draw the blood, show everyone.
Row down the stream, the stream of blood.
Abandon all hope, drown in the flood.
Frightening lust, a lust far gone.

Long road you walk.
Long road you walk through hell.

Follow the bones to the fucking grave.

8. Ring Of Fire

[Johnny Cash cover]

Love is a burning thing
and it makes a fiery ring
bound by wild desire
I fell in to a ring of fire...

I fell in to a burning ring of fire
I went down,down,down
and the flames went higher.
And it burns,burns,burns
the ring of fire
the ring of fire.

The taste of love is sweet
when hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child
oh, but the fire went wild..

I fell into a burning ring of fire...

Thanks to dcorb87, Damned for sending these lyrics.

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