Dark Lyrics


1. From The Distance

From the fields once cleansed by rain
From the forests and lakes
From the hills standing sullen in silence
Which do know no human pain
Canst thou see sombre fog
Tricleth in thy slumberic reign
Fog curls in this place where
Crust covers earth's face on
Dusty shores of Styx
Mud and treasures mixed
Human made maze
Irksome, endless, sick
With no warmness
Gap filled up with reek
Lightless be all surrounds here
Never they all to be sunlit
This place is forever possessed by the fear
of morn sun to appear
Void will feed its malicious greed
Here the spawns of underworld
Beneath the mist so cold
Single pale spark of the life
Is extinguished by their will
They're self imprisoned in their cells
Self isolated graves
Where every graveworm treats itself
As the Midgards snake
Spark has ripped ashen cloth
Fog has swallowed it
Stoneclouds filled this bottomsky
Closed the stonecoffins lid
Covered creatures condemned by no doom
And the place of only gloom
Where's no sane seed to breed
Where even earth is waiting to die
Ghost of the city fades
From thy divine place
Tentacles're left
Last spies of that mist
As remembrance
Of unbroken circle
Ugly in this eden
In the daylight's blaze.

2. Conqueror Night

Welcome inside this coil,
Mortal and proud, complicated gear,
This diligent sweat smelt black toil,
Barren and vain in it's petty fears
Night comes down and captures them all... fall!
Now in this noiseless dark air
Sparks are glares and rustles are dins
While the warm wind is swaying my hair
A fright inauspitious begins:
Here, under this omniscient still,
Something intensely grows-
No sound just thrill
Night- bird of prey who gazed below
In menacing shape, savagely
Up on an eminence, quickly saw
Prey that slept in it's fantasies
Then apace
Domineering one
Finished the chase,
Exulting in grim fun
And flew to let the sun...
Daylight gifted the rays of truth
Rushing suddenly like a flood
All the fowlers knew none of course
They saw no traces but the blood
A trifling, trifling epitaphic loss
For those protecting life
And for those,
Endless those who raise the Christian Cross
Against Conqueror Night

3. Dangerous Gift

The dark
Fell down before my eyes
Bright pictures of reality
Are disappearing slowly
My mortals burning glance
Is harmless now
The power's fading wearing off
I'm so exhausted by this strength
I can bring them pain to suffer
I can make them kneel
They will never be able to see
Core of danger, seed of evil
Soul destructive gift
It is mine until death comes
There's nothing more to argue on
I doubt no more now
My evil gift with all its power
Stabbed in my back
(Is back on me:)
Through time I'm travelling
Back to the moment of my past
When I got mightiness
And learned the secret wisdom
That passion fooled me that is clear
For through this evil might
Inhuman life of mine
Has been approaching its deadline
Wilful ardour takes me slowly
Devilish grin appears
Go to hell with all your sweet salvation
Now I crave to dive into a
Flow of human tears
Who can accuse me for being me
This dark infernal might I won't hide
I hate you all, this life, this light
The time is ripe for me
There comes the final stand
There comes the end
Get ready, fools, to meet my glance
I'm opening my eyes:

4. Ulterior Solitude

Tender silence fascinates
And lead the one who hates
Unto a realm of dreams-
Debris of a once grand,
Magnificent shrine
And when the dusk descends
The sight will turn divine
Semislumber less of pain
Heed and learn, Morpheus Domain
Up to highness, down to deeps
Now envy him who sleeps,
Insomnia slaves!
A lavish sopor- vast scape,
Ulterior solitude,
Imaginary drape
Desireful plenitude
Utmost fields,
Paths concealed,
The pageantry reachless to logic
Slight echoes of breathing dying in the air
Through mist enwreathing
Oddly coming scenes:
Joy and fright,
Godly and obscene-
Inner human flight
Nightly theatrical visions:
True revelation or hoax?
Knowledge to fade at dawn?
Lies of someone to coax?
Floating as the daylight creeps
From out of spooky trips,
From out of dream
Mournful is the way back,
Mournful but quick
To where the regnant rack
Is odious and sick

5. Oblivion Flow

6. S.O.D.

[Spirits Of The Dead]

Thy soul shall find itself crying alone

Mid dark thoughts of gray tomb-stone
Not one, of all the crowd
Into the hour of horror be silent in that
Solitude which is not loneliness
For spirits of the dead

Spirits stood in life before you are
In the death around you - their will
their will is overshadowing you
Therefore you must be forever still

The night thought clear shall frown
like wounded devil stars
shall look right down at the graves
From their high thrones replaced in the heaven
With light like hope to mortals given

As burning fever
Which would adhere
To you forever

Every thought will never banish now vision vanish
From thy spirits shall they will pass no more
Like dew from the grass the breethe the breath
Of God is still mist upon the hill

Look how it moves
Between the trees
Riddle's mistries.

7. The Edge Of String

8. Questions With No Answer

Questions they tear my head apart
Answers somewhere beyond the reach
Questions rise again
Arousing the doubts
The mortal way of life
Imposed upon us all
Is that our own device?
Can the faith in Super Beings
Excuse all human lies?
From the very first step that we take
We are a part of this strangest play
We're only watching our precious lives
Forever slip away
While lacking the strength
To face our weakness
Dare we take a chance
And take control?
I have had enough
So leave me be
I`m tryin' to understand
Why we can't be free
Of weak in ourselves
Roles we started playing once
Upon a time - will never fit the rhyme...

9. Remember The Fallen

10. Candlestick Of Parcass

11. Last Hope Of Suffered Soul

By the paths of the human race leaving bright trace,
We're walking not by our will, not by our will.
Someone always pulls our strings but we worship still
Those who stand upon us high - they won't die
Men who wants to smash the doubts and find the truth
Wants to sure himself that's he's right his clothes're white
Just invents an attitude & reason to bend
Never thinks of fruits, he will reap, never goes deep
Each one wants to be ruled wants to be fooled
Don't lament for dead
Devastated are your souls, mist's in your minds.
Ruler's unseen, his way is free
So better choose
Whom to serve and to trust
Though you will loose.

12. The Castle Of Woman Of Mine

13. Rock'n'Roll

The morning is so fresh
On highway dance the whirls of dust
Just our car keeps its way of empty road
The music takes our spirit higher
Life's endless life's rock'n'rolling now
Our joy as our life Will never end...
Bulldozer suddenly appeare
Crushed sculls Rnwpk warp
Rolled on the wheels
Weep for the dead
The morning is so fresh
In gothic church the rite begins
Defaced souless flesh
Just pityful sound

The flowers on the cold winter ground
No one to blame
Fortune is blind
Their children will follow this way.

Валерий Дедов - ударные
Роман Сенькин - бас-гитара
Олег Мишин - основная гитара, флейта
Игорь Лобанов - вокал, вторая гитара

Автор музыки - Игорь Лобанов (Кроме: 7 - Олега Мишина, 13 - Олега Мишина и Игоря Лобанова, 9 - Whitchhunter и Blackfire, 10 - Сенькина).
Все аранжировки Олега Мишина и Игоря Лобанова
Записано на студии "ARIA Rec." в феврале `95
Продюсер Игорь Лобанов при участии Владимира Холстинина и Виталия Дубинина.
Сведение Евгения Трушина.
Мастеринг Сергея Титова (Soyuz Mastering Studio).
Автор логотипа End Zone Сергей Давыдов.
Художник Стас Оплетин.
Исполнительный продюсер: Эджен Прайс.

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