Dark Lyrics


1. Greater Haste

No more ghosts
No more living life in limbo
No more ghosts
No more home
you will never know just what it's like to watch your life get up and walk away
with nothing you can do this time can't be replaced maybe another day
maybe another life you'll find another way/ ashes are all that you'll leave behind
live each day like its your last and keep the pain inside
so you outlived your dreams? all your passions have died?
this my friend is not the end in time you'll come to find
that life goes on but life's not long just move along
keep moving on
Moving On
trampled by the world
time and time again
Moving On
Til I Die
All your dreams have passed away
and your faith in life is lost
take the pieces of your life
burn them all
move along

2. Anxiety Bath

Keep fading/I know I can't stay too long
so I take life as it comes/crashing down on me in waves
of despair/self-defeat/everything I try to be
if I could only wish this away/just one day of stability
so I can kill what's been killing me
the fact is that here its all about winning
not how well you play the fucking game
no matter how hard you strive or slave
you're just a pawn to a greater scheme
of chance and greed/of gods and thieves
of people lacking humility
sometimes it seems their only purpose here is to bury me
and keep me from living my dreams
first time they ripped it away/and then they laid you to waste
third time they spit in your face/fourth time hell to pay
three times but never more
STABILITY falls away
there will be/HELL TO PAY
once was an artist now a fucking SLAVE...

3. Depression Party

I can't begin to explain
all the things that I lost because of playing this game
the perpetual sorrow as reality comes into view
I turned this FLAME into a SPARK/my roar decays into a bark
the smoke/the drinks/the friends/the scum
I tried I swear that I tried but I'm done/I'm done
always a way to make you think it's ok
but then reality spits in your face
from the bottom I can see how they make it seem
but don't believe in all the bullshit in your magazines
GOODBYE to days of grace/welcome my GRAVE DISGRACE
another way just to capitalize on your dreams
this is not the way you wanted it to be
so much to say about the way it was/they took it all from us
so much to take, they took it all from us
yea it's all been said and done
and it's all been said and done before
they'll suck you dry until you've lost it all
you don't mean a thing to them
and they will never break your fall

"everybody jockin hard when you're top dog
but when your chips are down/where the fuck they all gone
INTEGRITY don't mean shit in this INDUSTRY
so lean on the few who true/and always in ourselves believe
hate all you want it only adds to our determination
all you doubting fucks will see exactly what were made of"

when all is said and done
you never stood a chance
against a world that didn't want your love
and you tried to tell yourself
that everything would work itself out
but you don't have that luck
now that everyone is gone
you've come to realize you function better alone
and with a lack of love
you've found a better understanding of the way this works
amen to the things we loved/and the DYING YOUTH within all of us
so much to say the way it was/so much to take they took from us

"I'll take it from the top so you can understand
I think it's the boy in me understanding becoming a man
and let me say something no one held my hand
now anxiety ridden inside/shit has hit the fan
my heart races from wake to sleep
head slow I barely got the stomach to eat
got nowhere to run and retreat
nerves got me on the edge of my seat
what the fuck happened to me?"

hatred for myself

BREEDS HATRED/for everyone else

4. Dark Waves

COLD SWEATS and VERTIGO/I'm back in hell again
I've been expecting this/the cycle never ends
waiting for signs again/waiting to lift this curse
eyes to the sky again/waiting for NO RESPONSE
this place is starting to resemble a tomb
I hear the dirt dance above
must be in over our heads
maybe its time to give up?
sometimes it doesn't add up
sometimes you know when to stop
sometimes the grief is too much
and when push comes to shove
sometimes the shove ain't enough
waiting for signs again/waiting to lift this curse
eyes to the sky again/waiting for NO RESPONSE
every step is in the shadow of death
as the change begins to take it's effect
the life you've led has brought you to this
sometimes your hard on your luck/the world just cant give a fuck
it overwhelms/and overstays its welcome here
it comes in waves/until they carry me away
all the way BACK HOME/if I had my way
so this is living life?/Im not waiting to die
cant go back/cant go back
I just keep telling myself
its not so bad/so bad to be like everyone else
Its not so hard to fake your life
Ive been living like a ghost
so kiss fucking ground
you can't escape the sound

of all you've built falling down
too far to turn back around
too far to turn this around
I keep my eyes to the ground
I'm gracefully bowing OUT
this all has to end and I'm sickened by the thought of it
there's no common sense & the crime doesn't fit the punishment
if I can't exact my revenge I'll face the consequence and come down again
waiting for signs again/waiting to lift this curse
eyes to the sky again/waiting for NO RESPONSE
waiting for NO RESPONSE...waiting for NO RESPONSE
waiting for NO RESPONSE...waiting for NOTHING

5. Forgotten Wolves

Abandon in hopeless droves
were the forlorn ones/the sorrowful
bereft of love/devoid of soul
no chosen ones/we rise and fall
we are the woes of thousands
the desolate/depressionists
low and behold/cold is your world
walk with four walls around me
cut off from all your scorn
deprived of all but loathing
this life's worth so much more
all this will cease to be/my rage begins to peak
no more pride choking APATHY
now more alone that you thought you could be
all my suffering/the lies that I live and breathe
self-reproach for the darkness in me
self inflicted catastrophy
when the darkness no longer exists
just the void caused by its excess
soon the ground beneath starts to break
feel your foundation growing weak
the reality will soon set in/your fears have become your end
when reflection is cloaked in despair
and the end has never been more clear
all the bridges that you've burned out of SPITE
have left you stranded and on the wrong side
now your joy fades into grief
with everything in it's WRONG PLACE

6. Manson Lamps

Change is coming/change is coming now
this world has forced you down/time is running
time is running out/signs are all around
life has shut you out/beat you to the ground
been looked down upon/hope has led you on
lifted your spirits just enough to break them down
ALL VULTURES...you'll burn in HELL
snakes and thieves with horns and scales
all vultures burning
passive dreams lead to discontent
you're blindly led by ignorance
all the malice burning in your eyes
from failed attempts at living life
YOU'VE FAILED AGAIN/you don't deserve this life
you're failing/ALL VULTURES...you'll burn in HELL
all the power you could have held
all the love that you could have felt
all the people you pushed to the side
all for nothing/you've wasted your life
WASTED/your life...
you're wasted

7. High Friends In Low Places

My faith has fallen prey and I just can't bear the weight
living loathing dying every day
my hands, they shake
my will, it breaks
apathy, where's your embrace?
so you dig a ditch and lay falling deeper into this world that you create
let the sorrow fade away, take your mind to a new place
you cannot grow while you decay
all the worry, all the pain

all the progress that has surely gone to waste
all the wonder, all the shame
this is a monument to what we'll never be

"your selfishness has tried to break me down
you cut my throat to quench your thirst for my blood
you are a liar/a fucking fake
a parasite with no remorse/a fucking disgrace"

when faith falls prey

your world drags me down
there is only you, I don't exist
inside your world/only you
I dont exist/inside your perfect world
it's not your perfect world
things that we love/will not carry on
you've shattered my view of the world

8. Living Reverie

Cut away/because nothing stays
but the ghosts that just won't seem to leave
stay awake for 3 days straight/or spend a week beneath my sheets
I've compromised my state of being
I'm building burdens/faith deserted
I don't know how I ended up this way
but the damage is here to stay
how much longer can I keep PUSHING LIFE away?
another month?/another day?
the longer I keep doing this the more I'll have to pay
another stab?/another swing?
the world is throwing punches and I can't keep up the pace
another tour?/another state?
another fucking year without a penny to my name
give it up?/push it away?
ive always been a fan of change
but never when that change involves me
I'm not a righteous one/no I'm not a spoiled son
I gave it all of my guts/but I guess that all just ain't enough
I mourn stability/I'm sick of singing over a dead beat
the high life is coming down/and I got nothing left to say
that you would understand anyway
even if I throw this away/the memory will always haunt me
of the days when the sun was shining
so fucking bright that it's light was blinding
now the sun wont rise again/now the sun wont rise my friend
I've accepted my fate/I'm DROPPING OUT OF THE RACE

9. Black Horns

A bitter man's agenda/a nihilistic view
so afraid to feel inferior/just keep obscuring the truth
crowned king in your wasteland/no right to sing the blues
so dreadful and oppressive/yet still a SLAVE TO GLOOM
NO HALOS/your life condemned
and you know that the past will come back to haunt you again
your path is damned
I hear you've been repenting/and the grief was to severe
that the stress is never ending/and the act was never quite sincere
now your eyes have been pried wide open
and you cant quell those fears
SO YOU SUFFER/you suffer like all the rest
the path you tread
has never been more direct
has left you with no respect
has never taken you home
but now its taking you down below
NO ANGELS HERE/No signs of the divine
no signs of the change you swore that you would make
no more blind hostility/no more nights of losing sleep
no more scorn or spite or hate/no more ruthless jealous rage
no more harboring disdain/no more bitterness or emnity
no more gods/no more pleading
there are NO ANGELS HERE

10. Negative Pressure

Always the same/bad luck for me
my plans are shot/my hopes erased
I know I've fucked this up/and I cant just turn the page
bitterness that wont let up/every thought is fueled by rage
for months and months/torment my thoughts
I've played the fool/I've played the king
a throne of guilt/kingdom of shame
now I think I know exactly how you felt/when you made your last cry for help
when everything was caving in/and you were so close to the end
for months and months/torment my thoughts
so where did the time go?/these days have got me so low
the lights off in the distance resemble armageddon
and the fires would be welcomed/every single burning ember
let it burn/end it all
I've played the fool for too long

11. Plague Wielders

Forever damned/we're built to decay
this will all soon be gone/we are truly a plague
when greed shuns the hand of god/man's greatest mistake of all
deceiving himself that he has control
You would allow the world to burn/just to feed off of the flames
to satiate the needs/of filthy glutton kings
the further we progress/the more we are enslaved
now faster we descend/as we sink into the flames
as we descend into the flames
it will all come back to you/this will all come back to you
we are all responsible/to be held accountable
when the skies begin to fall/and ashes cover all
your precious life expires into everlasting fire
FAITH TO THE FLAMES/mankind is a plague
visions of earth as grave/with entire cities ablaze
man will burn
visions of earth as a mass grave

12. Laments

Fuck your expectations/new breed manipulation
Propagating "paradise"/and selling devastation
CHOIRS OF DISCONTENT/sing refrains inside my head
clearly im not fortunate/but I live with my mistakes
and the judgements that they bring/I'm reminded every day
a man can only take so much/before his mind degenerates
before he can't take his own face/before he exercises rage
CHOIRS OF DISCONTENT/sing refrains inside my head
so foolish/foolish to dream
I was the only one
so foolish/foolish to think
the stars were lining up/GOD smiling down on us
gave up a thousand times/but then I fell right back in line
back to where the choices end/this cycle I can't defend
I condescend
wake up and snap the fuck out of this
Half-assed desperate attempt
To fill the void within your head
To fill the void you created
now all the lights begin to fade
and the cameras cut away
all the actors leave the stage
the curtains falling back in place
suddenly anticipating
that same haunting refrain
now with even GREATER HASTE
the SWAN begins to SING...
"Im not afraid, Im not afraid at all.
this reverie, a memory of when the sky was tall
and stars don't fall
but they rained down til there was nothing left
in the Heavens but the echoes of our questions."
find a purpose/find a reason/make this worth it

"So often in the course of life's fleeting years,
A single pleasure costs a thousand tears..."
[-Francis William Bourdillon ]

13. Fractal Gloom

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