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1. The End

My heart is racing, feelings confused.
Wishing I could help him see this through.
No matter what, nothing I do will ease his suffering.
All he has are the memories of who he was, and how it used to be.
He brings his hands together and begins to pray for this to be an end to his constant misery.
The cross he bears around his neck (the cross he bears.
The only thing that comforts him (what else is left?)
And so he prays for this to end (what else is left?)
A shadow of his former self.
Tired and weakened now, demons are his only company.
So, give up the ghost.
Ten years shy of a century.
All he has left are the memories of who he was and how it used to be.
Pray for this to be the end of his constant suffering.
Pointless at best, no means to an end, his hands to his head, he prays for the end to this nightmare.
All he has left are the memories.

2. A Taste Of Everest

Can you feel it coming? Nothing as it seems.
Everything so perfectly wrong, so intoxicating like the fury of the seas.
Let it crash just like the waters to my feet.
I've traded memories for wings, and I'm ready to get high.
No more chains around my feet, liberated, I take to the sky.
As this dose begins to peak I'm free.
You, you have a certain way of imposing ideals on me.
But, I've no more demons to slay, no more unwelcome company.
There are no more chains restraining me from where I want to be.
I've traded memories for wings and I'm free from all your games.
You underestimated me.
I'm stronger than you'll ever be.
I hate the way that you impose yourself on me.
The weight upon my shoulders could have turned coal to diamonds, but I set my demons free.
I let them reign.

3. Single And Loving It

You push my buttons and open these scars, just to watch me bleed what I've already bled a thousand times before.
Agonizing, you make me scream and shout.
I always look to you, you're the reason that I'm always coming down.
Always coming down.
I'm just a bruised and broken heart, but the memories you left are of a girl who's lost and broken.
Now it's a shame you've lost your touch, and you can't control your lust.
I was only a heartbeat away from forgiving you.
Let the past be.
I'm learning lessons, while you're still breaking hearts.
If you could see the world is not as cold as you had thought before.
Always trying to break and keep me down.
You're the reason that I turned my life around.
You were everything I'd ever need (but we are through).
And I'm everything you'll never be (I'll see this through).
And now I'm giving you all that you've earned.
How's it feel to see the tables turned? You will never see this face again.
I have no more tears to be shed.
You will not see this face again.

4. Four Letter Words

I twist and turn in bed as you spiral through my head.
I won't continue to let these games be played.
I never wanted, never wanted any of this.
In here I feel so out of place.
She kills me with a single gaze (she ends me).
Infatuations turn to needs (don't need this anymore).
I stumbled into her embrace.
All this time, you've tried to make a new excuse to justify why not to hate you.
Stumbling through fate, games are played again.
I should take control and put you to an end.
These years have come and went, so many things I now regret.
For me there is no saving grace.
My heart is not equipped for this torment.

5. Homeland Insecurity

Light speed ahead and I can't see us turning this ship around.
Born and bred to live this dream we've started, started breaking down.
This is something that we never thought we'd see.
We are finally where we want to be.
With all the rapid progress, we can't forget our promise.
I was ready to give up on all of this.
All my insecurities are turning this to tragedy.
Now all my doubts and fears are somehow getting the best of me.
All these complex feelings, once again my worst enemy.
With all this daily nonsense, I can't forget this promise.
We hold this close to our hearts.
A promise I made to keep.
I won't let this dream fade.
Always searching for what's next.
Never looking where we stand.

6. Goodbyes Are Always Coldest In December

Tangled in my veins, we burned our eyes out staring at the early November sun.
Oh, how I hate goodbyes...

7. Boy Meets World War III

I never knew the day we met would be the day I died from this overwhelming need that burns inside.
Tragically, I had the world within my sights.
Little did I know, this was all in my mind.
Where did you go?
Where have you been?
What kind of world am I living in?
Please pull me from this hell I live.
I'm burning up, and you're over this.
In every pill I take, each night I lie awake, your face is all I fucking see.
Face buried in a pillow, all I see is the silhouette of you dancing in my dreams.
Just pull the plug and end what you've begun.
This love is hell, my heart is dead.

8. I'm Frozen And You're Dead

She stands so picturesque, heart beating through my chest and my mind cannot take what she is setting off in me.
A feeling so unique I'm crippled by its ecstasy.
Feel free to take it away.
Feel free to take this all from me.
Strap on your wings and fly away.
Fly away (from me), fly away (from me), when life leads you astray, and there are no more games to play.
Just fly away.
As this tale unfolds, the story's growing old.
Once again I'm sleeping all alone.
And through this pain I've grown.
My head is still your home.
Nothing is the way it used to be.
Strap on your wings and fly away.
Now I'm breaking down your heart of stone, waiting for the winds to change to bring you back, back to me.
Everyone can see, you're not the girl you used to be, so, steal another's soul.
I'm breaking down your heart of stone, taking you off your throne.
I'm frozen and you're dead.

9. Drowning (One Last Breath)

The water's overflowing and carrying away the picture on the edge of the tub.
I held it close to me, to try and keep up hopes that you would see I have no more air to breathe, and I'm hoping for you to come and save me.
One more time, that I find myself drowning in thoughts of you.
Holding my fleeting one last breath, praying that this hole in my chest will heal.
I'll find another way for me to fight my pain.
The water seeps into my lungs, I tell myself I'll try to emerge from my prison I have built from loneliness.
But, I'm failing at my attempts to leave.
You're reaching your hand out.
I can't believe it's true.
My prayers have been answered and I know that only you can breathe life into me.
Completely resuscitate, and help me to escape, and take it all away.

10. Whine And Dine

As we sit down to this lovely gourmet meal, the candle light is shining off your face.
I gaze into your beautiful eyes, you give me this hideous look, a look that's meant to kill.
Coming from a face so dull, open up your eyes and see what you have missed.
I thought this night would be so perfect, if only you'd give a damn.
Did you really think that I did not know how to save you from choking on your own tongue?
This is what I call revenge, held in for so long.
Now you're swallowing my pain instead of your desert.
Each slice you cut, to filet cuts into me.
Bite hard, chew fast, I hope you choke, on more then just your ignorance.
Cough up my love, given a dish that's best served cold.
I never regret the days that I see you, I just regret that day that I met you.

11. Feverwhite

I'm takin' a look, one was all it took to center my attention.
Need to know your name, need to feel the stain of your lips break this tension.
I reach out to touch the soul of tonight.
My eyes (I've lost my head) have finally seen the light (where have I been?).
I'll rest where love can't find me (these tired eyes), to complicate my life (are wearing thin).
My eyes (it's in my skin) have finally seen the light (where have I been?).
Reflecting all the suffering (I lost my head), I now can leave behind (and I'm giving in).
This mirror reflects all that I project.
No amount of truth can take this back.
Too many lines, and these tired eyes have seen enough tragedy tonight.
I reach out to touch the soul of tonight.
And we crush our dreams away, gripping tightly as they fade, falling into this design.

12. Zombies Never Think Twice

You're running rampant through me, infecting everything.
My eyes are red, and I'm scared to death.
You don't know what you're doing.

This is my call to arms, and I have waited far too long.

Maybe I'll never quit, maybe you never meant a single thing you said.
Well, I've grown so sick of this.

Confusion fills my head, and I'm dripping with regret.
Would you feel better if you never knew just how I felt, I felt?
Never knew just how I felt, I felt?

Does he shake you like I shook you?
And how much do his words weigh?
Is he underneath your fingertips where I used to lay?

Do his lips taste like forever, as you said mine did?
We were young, that's how it goes.

My eyes are filled with tears, my hands are to my head.
I know you're happy now in someone else's bed.

My patience wearing thin, and I can't make sense of this
All I want is to be over you.

I just need to know so tell me.

Does he shake you like I shook you?
And how much do his words weigh?
Is he underneath your fingertips where I used to lay?

Do his lips taste like forever, as you said mine did?
We were young, that's how it goes.

That's how it goes.
That's how it goes.
That's how it goes.

And when I dream you every night
(That's how it goes),
You break my heart but it's alright
(That's how it goes).
Inebriated by your sight
(That's how it goes).
Now this is fight of my life
(This is the fight of my life).

All we had is dead and gone.
All we had is dead and gone.
All we had is dead and gone.
All you are is a scar.
All we had is dead and gone.

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