Dark Lyrics


1. Consequences

Whatever happened to second chances?
Ow I'm standing here empty handed.
Nothing turned out just like the way I planned it.
I brought this down on to myself, burning every bridge on my way out.
The roads ahead are paved with fear and doubt, but there's a glimmer of hope; that happiness can be found

2. Weed Out The Weak

Most who were facing me have turned around.
There's not a day that I don't think about the choices made that lead us to this place, but you chose to take the easy way out, with no support when we needed you most.
Cut my losses cut you the fuck out.
I'm so fucking sick of Judas friends and sell out jokes.
You're the reason that I'm living void of faith and hope.
Just give it up pack it in the fucking hype is dead.
The hear you never had will bring you down in the end.
Weed out the weak.
Who had a choice to make.
True colors shining through

3. Such Great Depths

All along guardian you don't exist lack of faith is in again.
Fall alone is setting in.
She stayed cold and left me dead
Now it's driven in me head
That everything must end,
That every book must close.
But nobody forgets all forced sensations,
you know just won't last.
A flow relations, all seem to grow crass;
uninspired and far away from who I need to be.
All so disappointing.
Hear with nothing
I will leave, the same.
This path I'm on disrupts all function.
No discern no hope for calm.
Inner dysfunction.
I've never felt so alone,
never felt so disconnected from someone yet
helping in their the all
struggling to feel the things
that just cannot be forced.
Desperation takes its toll.
Surrenders to them all.
Start again so far from here,
knowing the truth, that all along
you were just holding me down,
pulling me down, keeping me down

4. Promises Wept

This Life sometimes positions you
out of place and out of you.
Its turns vision clear to clouded view.
The fast defines and shapes the new
with clenched fists I'm headstrong,
determined to "right and wrongs".
Well this is what happens when people five up;
to afraid to pursue what they love,
void of passion, promise and trust.
With conviction you crushed our dreams straight to dust.
Shake the dead weight right off of my shoulder
I have purpose I have promises.
This is the path to breathing again.
I have purpose I have promises.
You left us nothing.
Without a single care.
Pulled the plug on all our dreams.
Just left us hanging there.
There is no justice.
No great revenge.
No fucking salvation or deliverance.
This is letting go of the past in full.
We are moving on
With or without you

5. Mike Tyson

Loosen this noose around your neck.
'Give up now'
Let go of everything you have.
'Let me out'
Nobody has a perfect plan.
'Get out now'
No one will see a happy end and this is what it is.
Every step on sinking stones.
Every step taken alone.
Every step along the way
Has felt us doubting everything.
Throw my nerves out the window.
I've been shaking, but that's nothing new.
Honesty is a virtue.
I'm done hiding so here goes.
Take me away this place can never be nurturing of hopes and dreams and it is not a place for me.
So long it's done this hell is not for me.
Move on give up stop living on your knees.
'High hopes will only hurt you
nobody wins this race'
So let's go!
Back to where there is heart.
Back to where this all started.
Before it falls apart

6. The Bridge

My Conscience is littered
With mishaps and failures,
Fuck ups, what ifs, what should have been.
All in all, I'm down to my last breath,
my last attempt to put to rest all of this hurting and yearning,
cursing myself for being me.
I'm done cursing fate,
hating destiny
discard and fear.
Serenity is far from here.
These bonds I break will never mend.
Take it from me,
The more you need the less you get.
Every mistake that never ends.
Never again give all your best.
Go live your life with no regrets.
Give it up it's going down.
Everyone is getting out.
Stay too long and you will drown.
Everything is coming down,
and if my actions bring me closer to my death
and misfortune is behind me every step,
every question burning deeper in my chest,
every answer that I knew not to expect,
You know you've failed.
Every battle never fought.
Every battle never taught.
Filled with deception and remorse, you burned this bridge now swim across.
Pull me down and cross me out.
Horns and tail I will wear proud.
God, it seems, has shut me out

7. Avoidant: Ghost Will Haunt

Depression storming down on me.
Anxiety is reigning king.
Failures are spit back in my face.
I'm letting this life pass away.
These roads will lead me to my grave.
These are the roads and paths I chose to pave avoidant and withdrawn I'll stay.
Misanthropy the price I pay for following my dreams.
Disillusion break my wings and set me free.
Murphy's fucking law refers to me.
Sore throat, sore lungs, bad mood
bad luck, stay cold, locked up.
Every door has closed.
I'm disenchanted and alone
spirit expired in it's host
the damaging effects of loss.
There is no higher price or cost than losing everything you love.
I walk in limbo
my lease on life, revoked.
the things I passed up for this
are now my ghosts
ghost will haunt
abandon, disappear.
All you love is dying here.
Can't end up like them.
Damn the pessimist.
I'm enthralled in the absence of innocence.
Embrace despair.
Accept it as punishment

8. John Doe

Nothing to hide.
Nothing to lose.
The little things that sicken me and are eating at my youth.
I've held my ghosts at bay and smiled everyday
but heavens says won't shine on me again,
Just like they shined on me before.
I can't be like that boy in chains
that was once adored.
Apprehensive me.
Independence me.
I've spoiled every single thing
and running from the scene.
It's sad for me to say
at every show
on every stage
pride overlooked
and out of blown P.A.s
to people I will never meet.
I spill my guts.
Why can't these words free me.
Never will I find my way back home.
All the patience that I wasted. . .
Dreams I only got a taste of.
All I thought would be.
Everything I never should have done, I did.
This is acceptance of the greatest things that will never happen.
So here I stand,
unable to be saved.
I'm paying prices for the things that I didn't say and it depresses me.
I've backed integrity but I'm finding brand new ways to channel energy.
I've seem hell along the way,
In every devastating blow
handed down to me.
I've seen sufferers like me
still fighting for their dreams
through battles obsolete.
I have seen all despairs can bring
heaven is unreachable
and happiness is fake
so much patience that I wasted...
Every dream I barely tasted.
All I thought I'd see.
Everything I never should have done, I did.
Now I'm waiting for the end.
To take away all of these wretched memories.
I have given all of me.
I gave you every fucking thing.
Listless, unbound.
I've been set free.
Golgotha Falls

9. Whatever Distance

Stay down, stay low.
Stay where they cannot hurt you.
They will never break your fall.
They will only break your bones.
Cold nights low hopes. . .
My head filled with bitter thoughts.
Dream on and grow. . .don't let them ruin you.
Afraid I've lost my faith in you.
I fear I'm losing everyone.
Admit my grip is weak on every little thing that's close to me.
I'm waiting for the next time you forget to call.
I'm waiting for you to come down and me to fall.
There is so much more than artificial happiness and false euphoria.
Never knowing just how high I held you in my heart,
you're running from your problems but you can't outrun them all.
I will be standing here
until the sea dries up...
The sky could fall for all I care;
I will be here,
Until the flames wash over us.
I pray, please Armageddon come
and wash away my worldly fears
I'm losing everything I once held near.
Distance yourself and shut me out.
I would have given all of me
to keep you here but
I have been let down.
Denial and this delusion
finished chasing, still you run.
I've extinguished every option and trampled every path.
Would have offered you the world
but it's already in your hands.
This is consequence.
This is punishment.
This is over, again.
Never catching signals sent.
Never catching signals sent.
This cold embrace of loneliness.
The time I wasted leaves me broken.
Cold and so distant I will remain,
built up by fears.
Cold Indifference.
Locked up.
Stay low.
Apart we grow, remaining

10. Welcome Inferno

Wrathful and suffer.
Lamenting everything.
One by one antipathy.
Inner tension.
Turned outward hostility.
Did you let them in?
Did you let them inside of your fucked up head?
Plagued by things you'll never have again; all that could have been.
Oh to hell with it.
Chosen path that you must walk alone.
Grow thicker skin.
Faith is so far gone.
I let the world crash down on me.
I've felt so many things in who I used to be.
Me... I have no room for wings,
just compassion and sympathy
for those who still, hold on
to everything they've lost.
Life just takes away.
It all gets washed away

11. Glaciers: 10/21/03

Throes of fear and apathy.
Stale air that I cannot breath.
Melancholy empty dreams
where days of woe meet nights of grief.
Broken heart
dying light fades away.
Broken hope
striving for what you can't be,
and every move I never made;
and I'm looking for pieces.
Pieces I left in you.
Pieces of me in you.
Start over.
Fuck all the flashing lights
That blind us.
Fuck every sleepless night.
It's only us left in this fight.
Inspired through trails,
I'm giving up this time.
Our light will never shine.
All bets are off,
and day by day
I will refrain from regression
and concerning you,
with everything I said,
I'd never say and ill never say
the words that mean the most to you.
Sometimes happiness is just not an option.
what's done is done let this go

12. Rise And Fail

This sorrow somehow conforts me.
Solace is found within defeat.
Once a boy with dreams I held so high,
but those dreams will never see the light of day.
Life takes away.
No answers.
No sympathy.
I've called on every fucking deity and none of them will answer me.
I try to question all my suffering
Must be the price I pay for existing.
Extinguish me.
Give up on me.
Life takes away

13. Living Through Losses: 2/30/01

There moments trapped in time;
memories of things you lost
as left behind, all dreams go to hell.
I'm spitting honest words and honest cries,
I mourn an honest chance I left behind,
but the novelty of this is wearing of, long dead.
But if we give it one more round, one more try,
can we do it for ourselves this time?
Wheres the heart in giving all this up?
All opportunities we had?
Now any second chance to find
A way to fix this mess we made.
Another turns their back on me.
It's breaking me.
As far broken bonds and broken ties,
a bitter, broken man is all you'll find
when all of this is over said and done.
but it is wort the loss and worth the strife
I wouldn't trade it for a thing.
This fairy tale meant everything to me.
It makes me feel complete.
Let this be and walk away.
Find my peace in this defeat, clinging onto memories.
Sometimes the words that mean the most are ones I'll never say.
Sometimes dreams are nothing more than dreams.
Some things you cannot take you can only leave behind.
I've made mistakes and some I cannot shake,
destined to not fulfill my destiny,
so turn your back on me

14. As Low as a Life Can Get (Jumping The Shark)

You know I never had a bone to pick with you
Get fucked, goodbye.
You let your insecurities shine through your broken ties.
So honestly just tell me what I did.
To make you turn
your back on me time and time again.
I'm not wishing you the best,
and this is not the end.
She told me every word,
Everything you said and every fear you had
all the jealousy and bitterness.
This issue of respect
and how you came too quick.
You say this wont 'endwell',
but I promise you that this will never end.
You're out of place.
You're talk is cheap.
No message to convey.
No virtue or integrity.
you ran your mouth I stood in place.
You live your life in such bad taste.
Holding onto every grudge and every ounce of pain
you think that you're on top but this whole thing is crumbling.
The negativity you spit may help you through the day,
but when all is said and done and you look back you will regret the role you play.
Are you content with your legacy?
Longing for better company
you're hearts no good
are you content with your misery?
You're crying for sympathy you feel rejected?
and all you wanted was to be friends,
but your actions were unbecoming as can be.
Your worst intentions.
Wishing the world to fall on me.
I've had enough... you're act is up.
Wishing the world to fall on me
We've had enough... your act is up.
Bottom line
You're an awful fucking human being.
What's done is done
you will never get the best of me.
Nothing you say could effect or inspire me.
Your worst intentions.
There, will be consequences.
You're free to speak...
But nothings free
maybe your bleeding wrists
will bring us both some peace.
Karma has not come yet

15. Encounters At The End Of The World

Screaming out my lungs
I'm finished running myself down.
Just another end never to be tied up.
Hopeless and distraught,
so far from where I want.
If I identify the problem
Tell me what is next in line to get fucked up.
In time my words will become obsolete.
Lets make this whole thing worth the pain and grief
so we will never have to regret a thing
and so we suffered from choices we made
while learning lessons and counting the days.
With that behind us
we're back on top of our game.
Consider, this my call to arms.
So that I'll never be forgotten,
no fear of failing or falling down.
No care for tomorrow,
it's over, come down.
So throw your negativity, and let your hatred be our strength.
When you've already lost the race
there's nothing standing in your way
and all your ghosts will never go away.
We had the world to love

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