Dark Lyrics


1. Sick

2. Pitiless Paranormal Reek

I curse you in the name of the past,fucking humans
I curse you in the name of the ancient lust
I curse your god,I curse your lies
I curse the way you outlast

I curse the lifes you bring in torture
I curse the childs that eat your tail
Your pitiless paranormal reek
Your way to obscure the emptiness

In the painful world of misery
I find my wrath in everything
and everything feeds my wrath
These pigs enjoy their gasp

Proud scums of emptiness
The fictious reality disappears
In a peaceful moment of splendour
Parasites with no future
Your poor souls are bending
before Infinity

We scream...for chaos to come
Genocide we call our mighty visions
We scream...for chaos to come
The strike of darkness already licks the light
Hail the flames of war and madness!

3. Nails And Forests

Death appears through the black mist
The smell of the end seeds everywhere the holy mourning
It's one more fading night
But the last one in the sphere of our time

There's no longer a moon to wash the sun
There's no longer a sun to stain the darkness
It's just a withered place
A place forgotten, that no longer lives

I know that now I'll run inside the night
To find the throne of the livings
A path that travels through the old woods
Forgetting the illness of the dead

As a double blade surrounded by darkness
I stand alone, I touch the wind
A dead part of my soul is gone, the chains are broken
I surfaced my thoughts in the name of human blasphemy
And suddenly my body is veiled by nails
Thick as the forests that I stand forth
And old as the hills that give me strength

I call the powers of mother nature
As I see the pure side of domination
My soul is kissing the sickening race
With great irony and pleasure

I am out of the mire of a disorted heaven
Facing the grave of the human world
...the most amazing landscape
Between the edges of time

My blood is your only poison
And your poison is my true life
Helpless, hopeless, dreamless,

4. Humanitarianism

Hey...human slut!
I'm here again!
Do you still have your brain in your nuts?
Do you still have your eyes? Your grave-roots?

Come on big mouth
Eat again the little one
But don't forget that
You have the most common vision
Come on big mouth
Eat again the little one
But don't forget...
How much you are afraid!

Hey...human slut!
Listen to me! SLUT!
Your carnage stinks!
You stink deceit!

What a throne little human!
What a throne!
Do you really enjoy it?
To reign from a crapper?

5. Come Blackness Feed Me

My only black truth
Is still growing inside me
Between "heaven and hell"
My light lives in the dark

Inverted souls are fighting till the end
Even in the false dimensions
Blackness, hold me tight and feed me
So I can clean the truth inside me

The full moon and the mountains
The darkness of the skies
Can give the hope to my spirit
For the eternal life

The full moon and the mountains
A living flame in my heart
A beast that wakes inside me
And holds the horn of might

The black horse will ride away
Through the valley of eternity
To the withered lands of time
One day I'll find my throne

Blackness, hold me tight and feed me
So I can keep raising my faith eternally
And as your cruelty guides me
My target's growing more
The hatred, the love, I deny
My target is growing more and I wonder
When the pain of my revenge will be fey

6. Pessimism

What you expect comes nothing
Your dreams built your death
No hope
In a little rotten world

You are empty

Drakhon ‒ Vocals
Draenzarth ‒ Guitars, Bass
Grahelm ‒ Drums
Treemorg ‒ Keyboards on tracks 2 and 3

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