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1. Silence

Through the dead glass
Stumbling in my room
Looking for solutions
Something to brighten up

Sunrise quietly kept
Inside the windowpane
Sunrise quietly stands

Silence awaits for my thoughts to ease
Silence keeps watching me die
Silence wants to calm me down

Through my veins I must feel
The answer I can't resist
As my eyes stop wandering
As my mind stop running

Sunrise quietly kept
Inside the windowpane
Sunrise quietly stands

Silence awaits for my hands to calm
Silence keeps watching me fall
Silence wants to calm me down

I want to see the only way
Fear to be lonely again
Eclipsed by confusion

Silence awaits from the windowpane;
Showing all I want to see;
Silence wants to be one again.

2. Kiss Of The Blade

You made your time, you made the harmony
For the symphony of Life
Dumped in drums, created cacophony
But you won't have a single clap

Don't Matter What you do

You caught the iron, made the steel
And made the sweet turn into sour
Kissed the blades, tasted your blood
But you won't make a single war

Don't Matter What you do

You made a run, You've made a fall
From the End that is getting near
You felt the razorblade, the freezing cage
But you won't make a single step

Oh, son, this life you live
[This joke, you trying to fit in ]
You've tasted indifference
[But don't cry, my son]
Oh, little son, you're gonna die
[Hush! hush! Don't cry]
Don't matter what you do

3. Over The Fire

My goal is to loose conscience.
The challenge is to wreck my soul.
I've ran out of alibis,
I've ran out of control.

The silvery moon invites me
to the funeral of my dreams.
My last hope, deep buried.
It's time to justify my means.

Sick and tired I come to rest.
Over fire, my other self staring
All around me, you all try to imprison me.
No force can bring me back to this world.

Phantoms, come to the fire,
let us celebrate the night.
Gentle lions, come to the rain,
let us have one last feast.

Dear serpents, come to me.
Smell the hot blood on my veins.
It'll all be yours, take me
to the loss of everything.

Every me in this fire
Is helping me to get where I want
At stake, my deared sanity
Carved within my very soul.

4. Deluge

Unspoken, freed from madness.
Noah, drowned by his false truth.
Death revoking the Silver Age.
Let us be molten into mud again.

Neptune, free us from death!
Oceans will be our graveyard
and rain will be our blood!

Free us from temptation fugue,
Leviathan, eternal nemesis.
Blood on water, drowned Earth.
Deluge will spare no one.

We're breathing demons to collapse,
the slayers of humanity.
Tied to ephemeral thoughts of mercy.
So, the end comes again.

El-Gabhel will not dry our sins.
Nor will he save himself,
unbeatable no more.

"(...)And then we see the ocean land.
The throne of men no longer is.
The sand of time won't reach our minds.
Deluge will spare no-one."

5. Invisible Man

Time to catch up with your concepts
Maybe set it even again
Let the everyday hang-on-pull-off over
Driven by the eternal, etherial

Chase it, the never standing glimpse of reality.
Broken glasses, empty gaps between your words.

Words thrown in the papers,
will you find yourself?
Lost between the lines
you're an invisible man.

Arguments, alliances,
Don't let the elephants talk.
Sometimes you feel like falling,
I know how clichè you try to be.

How can you love it?
This state of pain and grace?
Look behind you, look beside,
You're an invisible man.

6. Empty

Empty bottles, empty heads.
Feeling lonely, just the same
Another life, another world
could not made them saved.

Twisted Faces, twisted minds
that plan their own disgrace.
Wicked Ritual, wicked fall
Tragedy like no one ever saw

Empty minds, empty speeches.
Hours of illusions to make up cruelty

Precious treasure wasted down
like made of bones and papers,
Sacred relics of ages past
just broken deviously.

Precious souls that we're gifted
wasted on this giant race that we call life,
Feeling nothing, doing nothing
but to ruin their own kind

7. Metastasis


8. Chaos

Frightening laughter from nowhere
Eyes surpassing weak flesh
The thousand wounds death will take all
Fear, Anger, Hopelessness

Just try to survive, my son
Life is chaotic, misery's rule
Glide up your life, carve up your name
Forget whoever's on your side

Tear it down, Ram it up
Destroy the walls of the sanatorium
The Green House, the Black Guard
Disorder is everywhere

Save the murderer, escape from mutiny
the frigate's sailing on blood
the thousand wounds death will take them all
One by one we'll fall

9. In The Middle Of Everything

Liberty to think, freedom of pain.
You didn't even reach the start.
Do my words mean anything to you?
Or are you waiting my voice to fade away?

So self-assured, so full of pride.
I bet You'll never come as far.
This nightmare life you try to fit in.
There's a time to end all your complaints.

In the middle of everything
you may try to find me.
In the heart of the sunrise you'll see

Don't you try to ruin me,
I have not reach the end.
Left aside, Suicide.
Trace one line and follow it.

Don't you try to run with lies,
I know you're scared to death.
Cruelty is reflex of fear.
Lurk in shadows until you're ready.

When finally you're sick of yourself,
look behind to see your damage.
Was is worthy for you?
Or was it just a piece of the past?

10. The Butterfly Effect


11. Māyā

Another empty glass, a meaningless chapter in my life.
A hall of gray moments, wasted and gone.
I need something to save me from nothingness.
An unknown device of substance.

I need to run away from hiding in my shell,
Set my compass to the path of the divine.
Just let the morning light push up your mind,
come with me and meet ourselves.

Aren't you tired of running in circles?
An invisible man in the growing crowd?
Set yourself free from the cold kiss of the blade.
Let's write the prophecies of ages to come

Don't think your history has come to an end,
don't trust the witches of deluges of the past.
If you had the chance to be immortal,
would you hesitate?

In the final steps of your life,
You can always escape from the cycle of lies and decay
In this procedure you are one.

Gliding through your memories to eternity.
Breaking the invisible veil of Māyā.
Into this unknown device of conscience,
Would you hesitate?
If you had the chance to be immortal,
would you hesitate?

12. [Procedure]


Renata Decnop — Guitars, Guitars (acoustic) (track 3, 6, 8, 11)
Marcos Ceia — Keyboards, Synthetizers (additional), FX, Programming
Fernanda Decnop — Vocals
Luiz Freitag — Bass, Guitars (acoustic) (track 3, 6, 8, 11), Synthetizers (additional), FX, Programming
Iury Alonso — Guitars
Thiago Alves — Drums

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