Dark Lyrics


1. Truth Of Trinity

Closer to the wrath
Unbreakable inside
The threats which never fail
Are rising through the shades

The truth of trinity
Reminds our shields
Dead life, the truth of trinity
Hybrid hypnosis within our dead life
Hybrid hypnosis, inferno inside

Closer to the serpent
Our future is compromised
Severe threats relapsed with reasons
Are rising through the state

Underneath the soil
Incubate, forlorn
We'll shape the oath with all energies

Inferno inside, during my dead life
We'll shape the oath with your oblivion

2. Summon

Oh the spirits are pounding
Cause we were born in their own tragedy
Their power is growing up

Summon fragmental spirits
The disastrous respect
From violence to victory
Demons exhort mass murdering
Resurrection of forces

From violence to victory

3. Feeding Force

You dive into spheres to transform life
Escape your own oblivion
Towards a shapeless vision of fear

Force feeds
"Your own victory is mine"
Force feeds
Among annihilated thoughts
Force feeds
Your ethereal forms inverted
Beyond, the "I" can see

Worship dominion
Fellow contraries...to death
Incarnate a straight revolution
Worship dominion

4. Crushing Ignorance

Face damnation to deserve it
Hold this distance of life
We'll be king to crush this ignorance
No senses alive to destroy it

We'll crush your ignorance

The oath is lost, we restore the tales
Recognition, disaster increased
Inborn believes, a distress to dissect it
The clash of universes has begun

We are kings, we crush your ignorance
No senses alive to recreate it
We'll crush your ignorance

Beside those glances of ignorance
Those killing words were read forded
Reflecting, in fools an indent, hidden weakness

To be king to crush this ignorance

5. Forgotten

The symbolic of a consuming white fire
Exceed the will some have for exodus
The idea of a body remembered as a dream
Drowned in this cursed hollow

Obsessions melt in the heat of fevers
Sulphuric stench gets sunken afterwards
Within the agony like ripped flesh
An age to be cast down forevermore

Hollow deep
The forgotten ones, the ones I've been
In forbidden time, it's outgrown to stay

Now that you burn between astral systems
Exceed the will some have for exodus
The idea of a body remembered as a dream
Drowned in this cursed hollow

Hollow deep
The forgotten ones, the ones I've been
Unforgiving minds, it's outgrown to stay

Hollow deep
The forgotten ones in forbidden times!
In all the agony, but now and never
It's your turn to stay

6. Oblivion I

7. Beyond The Rites

Our promised land will rise...

Born to scratch entities and lies
Prone hatred for everything
Follow the codes
As centuries destroy them
Beyond the rites

Our promised land has come...

Eternity is our home
In this realm we have dominated
Because now they serve
Obviously extracted
Beyond the rites

8. Guilty To Exist

Guilty to exist:
A fucking none sense for weaks

From an internal war
And born on different strikes
We strike on the line
Wild-life is on our side

On your frost peace
A fucking none sense disease
Empty warriors slay the weak!

Be the one nihilist
Who's slaying the weak!
Onwards to slay the weak!

Straight one nihilist
We slay the weak
On your frost peace
Fucking none sense disease

Dominate your trinity
Switch on, dreams off
We are the rage, plague, evil, nihilism!

9. Exhausted Forms

Descent beyond this nothing
Defragmented pieces of the "I"
The source of outer worlds reveals
This space upside down

Outer limits, for all directions
Infinite mind creates the forms
Antibody vibes are fading away
The thousands ways you crossed
So much ways to be extinct

Leading oblivion to banish the known
Erase now your being
For a newborn maze of life

Hereafter limits
Infinite mind creates the function
Prevailed forces conceive existence
Among all systems
All the way, all shall be exhausted

10. Slave

Reborn from his ashes
A shapeless spirit's entity
This is what men preach!

Cursed for wars in worlds
This spirit's entity is where you've been

In the never: build your last way
Forget yourself, slave

Reborn shapeless a thousand times
Trapped in the way of rising down
Confess and the virtue will build
New structures of devotion

In the never...

Unknown forms of existence
Stand through lives and forbidden times
Face the empty fields
Live your fears, leave your mind

11. Oblivion II

12. L.E.A.D.

The entrance of purgatory:

Rising soul; mighty ritual of a dying flesh
Words of pain, pleasure in suffering
Now it's time for us, to celebrate the day of doom
We are born in an eternal chaos; prostrate yourself!

Triumph of hell, hail for victory!
Centuries of sorrow for your kingdom
Our trophy takes its life from human bleeding

A world upside down
Symbol of our entity
For eternity
Burn the gods of weakness

Inno ritual
Lead us Satanas
In this crusade for your suffering

Symbol of our entity
For eternity
Burn the gods of weakness

Just hold back all the tears of the weak
The cause how evil will all dry them out
Locked in this jailed conception now!
An inner form of predators hunting fools

Far beyond my flesh and blood
Wrapped by an armour of pain
The chosen one gives life to flames
They will take it as an offence
An offence to innocence
Blasphemy shall raise our soul to hell

Phorgath — Bass, Vocals (lead), Synthesizer
Twan — Drums
Phil P.S. — Guitars (rhythm)
Olve — Guitars (lead), Vocals, Synthesizer

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