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1. Go And Hope

I had always known him, and he trusted me
We didnt say things, we felt them...
Whole is sick, sick and void
Go and hope, boy...
Hope for worse, the worst is now...

Sometimes we forget the fragility of moments
To believe in this line right?
I don't know how to tell you
But a being has disappeared
You watched him grow, and you won't see him again

He's been deprived of a life
Deprived to touch those dear to him
You conceived him, you loved him
But the plan changed...

Silence even sounds like it's him
Please, forgive me for tearing you
I'd love to, like you, think I might awake
But it's so real...
Real like ourselves breathing
Breathing no more...
He is dead, rotting there
Soon forgotten...

2. Nothing But The Whole

She thrives on shadow, crawls under the city roofs
Penetrates colours and fragments the walls of regret
What am I? A bloody cursed snake?
No, the fault you moron...
She preys her own hand, a hand blessing your nights.
The one you don't fear but is scratching, itching your soul
So tell me what am I?

A strange animal is a man in front of a mirror
Even stranger is the man who observes that man
So where is the fault?
...And why must we drink and jump on the cycle
Why do questions cherish such answers?
Because...and here is the answer, for whole, life and death

I will not march in paradise, but you will sink with me
We will swim just as mermaids...will we?
We will sink and sink only, and you will sync with me
So tell me! Who am I?
I'm the question, the zero praised and forgotten
It's god that is truth, well we're still waiting for a sign

Zero praised and forgotten
The bloody cursed snake is now biting its own tail...
The whole joins the nothing for the course to be sick
Zero praised and forgotten

3. Behind The Curtain

A morbid curiosity seized a being...
It's a human who, not having lived enough
Wanted to feel himself living, feel like it's finally starting
It's not all to take care of your teeth...
You need to know what you're worth in front of the mirror
And this little creature decided to taste the fruit

He prepared a toxic expedition
Detailed it with passion
Leaving would be easy, but how to come back to motion?
I must call you, my faithful friend, you like men
And dream of beyond the curtain
And you will have to make my heart beat again
But leave me there for a little while...

The liquid is injected...the heart is going to cease

I don't find myself being, but of emotions I'm aware
My body breathed me in and seems to mock me, fair
The light is identic, no surprises there
I see myself, finally, my body, a glare
Is body relevant? Is it flesh the ending?

I'm not judged, nor even stuck
It's just all that is there
I see you, you are life
And seem to get ready to take me back to land
But why this big smile on your face such a grin?
Why are you coming naked against my skin?
Facing this life that steals from behind...

4. All Is Known

Nothing is good for long, all is used
A world is hiding another
Collapsing the wall, such is the pleasure
However there is nothing worse...
So imagine boredom
The liquid and the light, the start and the end
Between the two, being the flaccid stone
Breaking out of the egg, and getting fried by the future
Walking straight into the trap

Dripping, rolling with you
Leaving footprints after us
We always wanna see so far ahead
To end up in the same cage
Far off, that smoke, the noise from the movement

Behind is still there, to push me forward
You think you're free but there are rails
Rails, loops, but nothing vertical

I shake of excitement, I have at last found
Once again the unknown gives some sense
Am I the one?

Concrete and anti-life, the celebration of a stage
The chemical to open oneself, and control hazard
Corpses are alive for a while
They dance, love each other...
All is blurring 'cause all is known
Each step tightens the knot more

5. Tale Of A Burning Man

There's a man dressed in flames
That walks the land...
Barely there, and everywhere
Stuck in a fire, how does it feel?
The price to pay is no redemptive

A bright raw movement
The blaze against life
A piece of Sun he swallowed to take off the skin
Shines from his whole, shines from his death

Wrath spreads while a hell of fire breaks
A man disappears, smoke clears, nothing resists
Stuck in a fire, how does it feel?
The price to pay is no redemptive...

6. The Past Is Death

Think wise! Think catching your knowledge
But it's all around, it licks, and tastes
And denies itself by times
The spirit offended
The spirit that curves at the sight of the spirit
It all preys on, the pause offends
Still leftovers of a so-said cult legacy
Corrupted by the ancestors...
Feckless of being eternal...
The past is no more...
The past is death

Think having, think defending your turf
But once asleep, I will dance on your bones
The rhythm catches on, families loose their names
I balance, mashing the roots of the knowing
A laid-aside tale, a hero deserter
All waddling in the great feast of the error

Cuz the past is no more, the past is death

7. Lowland

I am the lowlands, and the ladder
The one that leads you down
Eyes rest on you, streets swarm of life
Our star is dripping its heat
Females seem ready to impregnate
Shadow is cast out, optimism speeds up the cycle
Blackout is planned, to make shadow a ghost
And make sure to never be one amongst you...

No one knows, the taste of the infinite
Licking death...
No one knows what is the taste of the void

We should be able to do it, give the sun back to its master
We need space, the path is open, and devious we move forward...
Forward on the sly
But, to where?
No one knows, what they're doing

You think of yourself unique and safe on earth
But you're already dead...now face it
You may charge ahead, but your turn around
Seasons are there to remind you're just a pawn
Everything unwrapped and will unwrap more
And then believe, again, that you endure

I am the lowlands, I am heaven
The one that will take us further, from the sky
Forget about the sun, forget about your home
What does really matter...
When there's nothing but the whole

Phorgath — Bass, Vocals
Jonas Sanders — Drums
Olve j.LW — Guitars, Vocals
Phil Pieters Smith — Guitars

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