Dark Lyrics


1. Time Expanding

The space king dreams
Only in shades of blue

And the sapphire slaughter
Denounces the righteous
When all else fails
In deep nebulae
The heart must wander
Where the soul cannot
For only demons
Enjoy this realm

Deepest time expand and take me

Take me to where these beasts are mine
And there is nothing left but time...

Torment the stars
Rend the space from me

For at my down
My essence consumes
All foretold light

Universe of unknown
None shall hail my death
For it shall not be
As I expand
All of space and time...

2. Sorrowsong

For the days
Ends of time in thoughtless light

Satan take me
Fulfill the hollow
Paint the blighted land

Hear a call of birds
A sorrowsong at the ends of time

The apocalypse shadows of winged friends
Forest glory, a fire too long
Shine with a parched heat
Blaspheme upon the rocks
Vomit to the skies

A neck that cranes and swoops of raven's meals
Rise on the heat
Insane of the hellfire

Earth in flames
Sludge, god of spit and sperm enslave us all
Here is the dark, captured in light
Never foretold, always to be seen

Life of love and death
Sweetest fire, crush stones with your agony...

3. Dreaming Of Breath & Stars

Dreaming of breath and stars
In the eclipsed halo of eyelids
Beyond etherial boundaries of mankind's daylight
The subconscious aura coalesces inverse of my life

Flight becomes reality
As stars become brothers
And fatal failing moons
Become images of my own heart's wrenching

Pondering heavens in the loss of slumberous drift
Yet destroying truths in undetermined ill-will
Grey matter no longer submits
It only lives for itself

Thoughtless of its own harbinging
Raging toward self destruction

It yearns for nothing in our own meager atmosphere
But dreams of breath and stars

4. The Lurker

Empire Empire!
Perish for the destruction

Empire Empire!
Martyr for the control

"Religion is a falsehood
Know the ways of old
Polizia forever withhold!
The lurker is in all
Seek not to be for all
Seek the ways of old"

Sip of the eternal fear

Shake, for they are near

The void will not sicken you
Only they will sicken you
Rot in the degenerates of your brain
The mass thought will not survive
It kills the pure thought
It is religion in disguise

Fear the regime, fear the death throes"

Empire Empire!
Perish for the destruction

Empire Empire!
Martyr for the control

"I am disgust, and I am blasphemy
For I am the vile one, and I am decrepitude
But harken to me for the days of ill control are nigh
Apocalypse of heavens
Apocalypse of worlds
They do not fear death, but they shall know it
It is upon them
Rise with me, for the bleak and the sorrowful shall now prevail.
Hail destroy!
Hail destroy!
Hail destroy!"

"And the march of shadows begins
The deviled one leads
And the broken of the one brain mass together
No longer the harnessed thoughts
No longer the god of heaven

A march to the tides of space"

The polizia await
And no more shall the unaltered brain give the living dead unto their troops
No more shall the one brain give thoughts of hope in the netherworlds

Only now do the masses go forth as singularity amidst fools and tyrant gods

And the rally of crying hell unleashes

Auriga crashing
Auriga crying
Auriga writhing
Auriga deformed and diseased
The ritual cleansing begins

Empire Empire!
Perish for the destruction
Empire Empire!
Martyr for the control

No more the battle cry of the unaltered

The lurker, anti-martyr, the saint of unlight, leaveth the palace of gods...

Give the people what they want
There is no morality in the death of a universe
There is no hate in the calm of divinity
And there were no thoughts in palace of gods

Now the universe is riven of its shanks
The binds of god and the the tethers of holiness
Grind the unshriven polizia to bits with the madness of black suns.
Power of demons drive the unitech corp to its unnamed graven rest.

The march of shadows redeem
The thoughts of the unithought machine

The lurker prevail
The lurker prevail

And always
Destroy to hail!

5. Waiting For The Fall

He and his old gnarled hands,
Nobody knows what he actually thinks
Sitting on his throne of stars and contempt
Wondering about the quintessence between worlds

Staring at the hammer in his fist...
Here now is the culmination of all life and worlds
All voids meet at the old man's call
Drawn to be consumed in the eternal galactic fire

The divine ones shift in their waiting
Planets destroy planets as the ether extinguishes all
But the old one knows the fate of all
And smiles to himself as he raises the hammer

6. Soul Interrupt

7. Dust & Ether

Wake... wake... awaken you sleepers...
For the dawn has arrived and the henchmen have followed
The lights in the sky have aligned
And we must now move to seek our future

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