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1. Children Of Cybertron

We are unstoppable
We are unbreakable

How much more proof
Do you want
You can't fuck with us!
You can't fuck with us!

We are unstoppable

How much more proof do you want? (Do you want!?)
How much more proof do you want? (Do you want!?)
How much more proof do you want? (Do you want!?)
How much more proof do you want? (Do you want!?)

We are unstoppable
We are unbreakable

2. Area 64-66

Star climber please don't abandon us
Star climber please take me away from here
I was only a child
But I will always remember the night I saw you
Four feet from the window
I was frozen cold but not in fear
Please come back and save me
I don't deserve to be left for dead and forgotten
Tell me are you listening?
I am one of you

3. Dogs Get Put Down

I heard you wanted to kill me
So why am I still alive?
Some come on why don't you try
They put a price on my head
I stay bangin'
I stay strapped
I know it's hard to believe but sometime's dead is better
I'm not afraid to die
Do me a fucking favor
Take my fucking life
I'm not afraid to die so take my fucking life

4. Demons With Ryu

Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku
I am no one
I am the fighter with no name
I am no one
I've been training everyday
I am no one
I am the walking vagabond
I am no one
This devil in me lives
This never ending conflict is all I have
(This never ending conflict)
I've been spending everyday Under waterfalls
And yet I still cannot become the person I've been dreaming of
I wonder if I've been wasting my time
This conflict never ends
And still I try
Shoryuken [x2]
This never ending conflict [x3]
This never ends
(And still I try)
"Round One, Fight!"

5. Solar Flare Homicide

I see a fire in the sky
Lights go out I'm gonna finish what I started
And now you better pray I don't know where you are
Do you remember just like I always do?
Ive been dying to remind you
There ain't gonna be a jail sentence
No more Fucking Consequence
No there will never be another sentence
Fire in sky
This is freedom
I see fire in the sky
Now you'll suffer

6. Eulogy Of Giants

We are the walking giants
Born against our mothers' will
Sons of fathers raised to kill
We were taught to protect
We were taught to build
Forty thousand strong and still we suffer
These days are coming to an end
Stand up
Get up
Don't let them do the same to you
Did you know the nephilim died alone?

7. Bohemian Grove

Now they wanna talk about coming clean
Give up the ghost give up the dream
I hear them screaming beyond the trees
They're screaming
"What have I done?"
Slow burns their lungs
"Father won't you save me?"
"What have I done?"
Burn down the bohemian grove
They got a secret they don't want you to know
I can hear them screaming
"Father, no"

8. 4 Poisons 3 Words

Now I'm walking away
I don't need This
I don't need You
I have no interest to please or appease you
I'm done wasting my fucking life
on cowards wasting my fucking time
And if I'm alone in this fight
Then I'm walking away tonight
Get fucked
I'm standing on my own two feet
I don't need you
I don't need this
I'm ready to die for my beliefs
I'm ready to kill for my beliefs
Are you with me in this fight?
If not I'm walking away tonight

9. Credo Cries

"Rape" he screams.
In tongues Ive never heard before.
A world full of deceivers but I believe in you.
Cries of Credo.
How dare they ignore you.
God where are you?

10. Last Words To Rose

I am Bison and you are Rose
Sent here to destroy me.
I am forced to leave you.
This is Shadaloo.

11. A Voice From Below

There is nothing you cant do.
Let my voice be the one that guides you.
Now is the time I need you all to listen and repeat.
This worlds a prison but I swear that it wont be the death of me.
When all hope is gone you'll hear my voice.
You will my hear my voice.

12. Drug Dealer Friend

I wanna watch you suck his dick.
I know you fucking love it bitch.
Do you see me now?
Look into my fucking eyes.

13. My Name Is Thanos

You don't fucking know me.
And you never will.
I'm not from this world.
I didn't ask to be here.
Look down at me you'll see a fool.
Look up at me you'll see your God.
Look straight at me and you'll see yourself.

14. Lights Bring Salvation

Wake up.
The nightmares over now.
There coming from the clouds.
To save us from ourselves.
Wake the fuck up.
Who the fuck you gonna call?
When morning star begins to fall.

15. Word Of Intulo

We're all gonna fucking die
We're all gonna fucking die
We're all gonna fucking die
"Intulo has spoken before you. Now all earthly creation, including men will die."

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