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1. Eleven

The eternal recurrence is
The spiral coil of ecstasy
Eternity is the infinite
Mystery to fools
Through eternal
Deaths could one be reborn
This orgasm of coming
Into being is perfect
I have become the knowledge
Culminating in my
Appearance I am perfect
Divide, add, multiply and
Understand my number is 11
As all their numbers who are of us
Smite these fools of
Men upon the earth
Trample down the many and the known
As all slaves they serve and
Cluster to exalt me
The blind lead the cripple
Through the burning embers
None shall stand before
Those who are as once were

2. Fallacy Of Reason

Determinating inceptions
Is beset by cognitive
Conditions that serve to
Diminish behavioural acts
Induce by motives of heredity
And environment
Experience reduced to the
Transcendent conception
The unconditioned is a mode
Of exalted cognition
Which requires conditions
Compelled to retrace
An evasive answer to the
Questions of reason
By alleging the inability and
Limitation of the mind
Withing an imitated
Artificially constructed illusion
All sensible intuitions are subject
To objects of experience
The challenge is to enter
This labyrinthine matrix
Of the sensible impressions
Without getting lost in
Dissipation equivalent to
Produced representations
The logical consequence of
The natural
Exposes the appearance of
Transcendental judgments
Restricting it's applications
In the sphere of experience

3. Karmic Impediment

Neurotic nature drives
To fulfill the karmic destiny
The greatest human weakness
Configurates the self-abuse
The immaculate discipline to
Influence destiny by proactively
Paint attractive pictures
Of a degenerative tendency
Which makes consciousness predominate
The irregularities
Afflicting affects are perfectly personal
And culminate in the unstructured will
Human beings manifest their nature
Through mutual devotion
Analyzing "revelations" and
Conceiving new "enlightenments"
Impede the development of being
And a state of "oneness with
The universal law" is prevalent
Consecrate the development of
Being and a state of
"Oneness with the universal law"
Is impotent self-realization is
A law not recognized
Afflicting affects are
Perfectly impersonal and
Eliminated in the restructured will
Ignorance obscures
The "I" lying dormant
In the mental continuum
The ability of subconsciousness
Processes untainted by karmic
Accretions to evolve and
Develop it's potential through
Experiences removes the veils of distortion
From the mode of being

4. Heteronomy Of The Will

Apathetic affection declared
Imminent secular behavior
Through an uninterrupted
Management of instinctual needs
An obligation to acknowledge
That the essence of enlightenment
Is a efficient subversion of the
Conditions of liberation
Effectuate the heteronomy
The superiority concept illustrious
Displays the adorated
Prostration and subjection
Transfigured and idealized
An absence as to be transcended
Designates its eradication
So that the "righteousness"
Might be fulfilled
Effectuate the heteronomy
Cast out thine eye and thou
Shalt come as sheep
Gather your thorns for by their
Fruits ye shall know them
Cast out thine eye and thou
Shalt come as sheep
Gather your thorns for by their
Fruits ye shall know them
Cast out thine eye and thou
Shalt come as feeble sheep

5. Concentric Diversions

The phenomena of self-deception
And deficiency are intransigent
Justified through the
Determination of existence
The prevalent metaphysical disposition
Of a self obstructs the explanation
Of consequences of
Decisions in retrospect
Unmotivated projections manipulate
The fundamental constants
And dissolve into complex
Evolutionary individual experiences
The reduction to a convergence
Of thought constructions
Is in contradiction with the
Presupposition of individuality
The esoteric is diverted into the
Exoteric defined by
Patterns of perception
Which are emblematic
Of the conception
The origin of enhancement
And the necessary condition
To comprehend the impermanence
Of existential elements
To amplify the idea of a
Complete non-existence
Becomes irrelevant to
Avoid confrontation

6. Predestined To Persevere

Predestination of being consolidates
The will in every fatalistic soul
The lack of reason and
Purpose transferred
Into instinctive fear and blind piety
Dialectic contradictions propagate the
Ominous dread and atavistic law
Leading condition conformity patterns
Which are realized in a
Predestined perspective
The inability to acknowledge and
Distinguish the manifestations of the flesh
Have nothing with the outcast and the
Unfit they feel not let
Them die in misery
Stamp down the wretched and the
Weak pity not the fallen
Compassion is the vice of kings
I console not for I never knew them
A derisive depiction of a deplorable
Philanthropy chosen according
To the foreknowledge
Of the sanctifying premonition in
An abstract axis mundi

7. Order From Chaos

Mutating archaic paradigms
Create a meaningless cosmos which is
An expression of the inability
Of the mind to correlate it's contents
Sequential experience
And behavioral principles
Are equivalent in their
Attainments of enlightenment
Question all affectional
Constructs while refusing
The comforting confines
Of the present suffering
Chaos manipulates
Discordance controls
Confusion restores
Synthesis reverts to chaos
The confronting polarities
Between realism and reason reflect a
Deconstruction which mirrors
A reconstruction of an
Abstract knowledge
From awareness of opposition
Towards resolution on
The origins of the present
Suffering from satisfaction

8. Synoptical Incoherence

Subjective sensations express the transcient
Relationship between the secure
Foundations of convention
And the non-visual patterns
Unavailable to the senses
The antagonistic dependency
Defines the perceptive
Limitations extending from
The absolute threshold
Which is the recurrent
Dominance of the basic urges
The objective perception of
The differences
Depends on the essence
Which advocates deception
The incoherent perception
Of the differences
Depends on the synopsis which
Advocates deception
The consciousness of the
Continuity of existence
Consolingly established the
Belief that it's relevance
Is unquestioned it's relevance
Is ever unquestioned
This biomechanical source
Accomplished the
Omnipresent illusion
The consciousness of the
Continuity of existence
Consolingly established
The belief that it's
Relevance is unquestioned
It's relevance is ever

9. Nescientia

Under the conceit of
Superior discernment the ignorant
Adores all conditioned things
The illiterated are always eager to
See the fundamental optical delusion
With origins in restricted karmic desires and
Impeded emotional affections
An immemorial pattern leading
Into lecherous sufferings
Their misery is manifold
And multiform and symbolizes
An embodiment of a truth
The wretchedness of mourning
Lies in the rapture of martyrdom
The wretchedness of martyrdom
Lies in the rapture of mourning
The design of the unbroken continuity
Lies hidden in the layers of the opulent
And potent manifestation from
Which the ultimate
Point of creation originates
And where the
Wretchedness of mourning
Lies in the rapture
Of it's material martyrdom
And the strength of
Martyrdom lies
In the rapture of it's
Ultimate mourning

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