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1. I Became Flesh And Dwelleth Amongst Thee

The Divine Birth of the Dying and Resurrected God
Apostasy breathed life into the sterile universe
The Epiphany that appears among men like a storm
An end to the servile virtues and restrictions
Through the fury of the storm!
Deathly quiet pandemonium!
The revelation of the god who has become a man
Bursting forth from the darkness in the form of a savage
With one hand he brings ecstasy and deliverance
And with the other hand wildness and rage
Through the fury of the storm!
Deathly quiet pandemonium!
Fire in nature, Love in spirit
They that know me shall recognize
Wine for blood and crowned with horns
The Master of the World serves to None
Snake of the Hundred Heads!
On the earth
A kingdom of black to the blind
Lion of the Burning Flame!
The light of adorations is mine
Its rays consume me
Through the fury of the storm!

2. Exterminate The Vacillating

I am a god of war and vengeance.
Mercy let be off: I damn them who pity!
I shall deal hardly with them
I will give you a war-engine
With it ye shall smite the vacillating
And none shall stand before you
I am a god of will and flesh
Despisers, they’re decaying and poisoning themselves
Of whom the earth is weary
Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!
Drag down their souls to awful torment
Laugh at their fear: spit upon them!
The sorrows of pain and regret
Are left to the dead and the dying
This is the creation of the world
The pain of division is as nothing
And the joy of dissolution all
I am a God of change and renewal
And worshipping me the greatest experience
The hour of the great contempt
I will give you splendour & rapture
With it thou hast no right but to do thy will
And none shall stand before you!

3. Aethyr

O thou that art so dull of understanding,
For all that thou thinkest is but thy thought
And as there is no god in the ultimate shrine
So there is no I in thine own Cosmos.
The Vision to be revealed
The Voice to be heared
The Vision of the Aethyr appeareth when the true mind above the abyss
Looks down into the world of delusion then there is knowledge
My eyes are brighter than the sun
My tongue is swifter than the lightning
The Voice of the Aethyr echoeth when the deluded mind in the abyss
Peer upwards from the depths of madness then there is knowledge
For thou wilt find a life which is as Death
A Death which should be infinite
Let the Sons of Earth keep silence
For my Name is become as That of Death!
The paradox of our non-essentiality the mutability of our existence
The rapture of our progress through the wastelands of restriction
My body is the body of the Snake
My soul is the soul of the Crowned Child
My eyes are brighter than the sun
My tongue is swifter than the lightning
The great Serpent arisen into Knowledge
When wilt thou begin to annihilate thyself in the mysteries of the Aethyrs?
And walk with me among the Sons of God

4. Der Einsam Wandler

There rose up an impure soul of filth and of weakness
and it corrupted all of ye men
The Coming of the King and Judge of this corrupted world
Kneel before Him or be cast down
Every one of you is blind
Yet ye shall see things as they are!
Every one of you is deaf
Yet ye shall hear things as they are!
For I lift the mask of matter
I open the hearts of all men
For I am of force to shatter
The cast that hideth the vision
Here and now shall it be accomplished
Revealing the truth to the uninitiated
The blind will see your flesh pierced
The deaf will hear your wounds bleed
I have slain all things
I am Innocence
I’ve given birth to all things
I am Death
For the light of the Sun maketh illusion
Blinding man's eyes to the glory of the stars
And unless he be in the shadow of the earth
He cannot see that I am that which is beyond
I laugh at the folly of the few for I am the One
Know thyself, and knowing thyself
You will know the Divine!

5. Suffering Comes With Thy Name

Suffering is a gift of the higher
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity
The earth will disclose the blood shed on it
And will no longer cover its slain
How manifold are your works?
In wisdom you cursed them all
Sick creeping things innumerable
The earth is full of your failures
Like a Hawk I peck at the eyes
My wings in the face blind him
With my claws I tear out the flesh
I spit on your crapulous creeds
I give unimaginable joys on earth
Certainty, not faith, while in life, upon death; ecstasy
Nor do I demand aught in sacrifice
Those who enslave themselves to the undead
Will be banished when the Sun shall fully rise
Only when they’re all gone can we truly become as
"A strong Man who goeth forth to do his Will"
The Equinox of the Gods has come as it does every two thousand years
Sweeping away the darkness of the old ways
Where once blazed the Cross of Suffering
As the Sun of Beauty now there is the Crowned and Conquering Child
Whose message is “Grace from Within”
The Kingdom of strength that is within you
The dreams through fire, The visions of intellect
The child of thy bowels, He shall behold them

6. Eidolons Of Ash

Manifold are false and perverted dogmas
Monstrous Parasites and Vermin they are
Enemies without Pity, destructive to free will
Adherent to thee by vice of heredity
Eidolons of Ash conceal the secret of Self
To find salvation they allure the meek
With the reward of heaven and eternity
And those who adore not will be damned forever
If ever there is a loss to mourn, it is the loss of Self
Envy is ignorance; and imitation is suicide
The tragedy is within the immolated mind
Ignorant slaves to destructive temptations
Eidolons of Ash destroy man’s virtues
Trenchantly accusing and embittering men
Herd instinct is the end of the Individual
Destroy the Traitors Of Will to Power
Destroy the Traitors Of Power to Will
Do thou with all thy Might
Strive against these Forces
For they resist that which is Life
And thus they are…
They are of Death
Earth, a kingdom of black to the blind
Drenched with blood, slavery and damnation
Who are of us shall know and destroy...

7. The Hour Of The Great Contempt

The great despiser is the great adorer
An arrow of longing for the other shore
His soul is filled with fire and burning coals!
They herald the coming of lightning and madness
All that is poverty, filth and wretched contentment.
Where is the lightning to lick you with its tongue?
Where is the madness with which you should be cleansed?
Once a man has achieved
The hour of the great contempt
He becomes truly free to do as he wills
Plunging into the very depths
He consequently rises above the world
He is that lightning, he is that madness!
Who had been lost now conquers all
Those who speak of otherworldly hopes
Poisoners of life are they
Decaying and poisoned themselves
Of whom the earth is weary: away with them!
The great despiser is the great adorer
And arrow of longing for the other shore
His soul is deep; even in the wounding
And may perish through a small matter
Thus he goes willingly over the bridge
Man is just a bridge and not a goal
He who justifies the future ones
And redeems the past ones
He is willing to perish through the present ones!

8. Wrath Upon The Cursed

I smite the weak
None shall stand before me
Trample down the meek
They shall be consumed by fire
I am perfect, being Not
Lighten the ways of the Ka!
Let the light devour men
And eat them up with blindness
I am the beholder
Of the slaves that perish.
Damned and dead!
My Wrath upon the Cursed
Flames fall like purging rain
And the damned will be on their knees
Regarding pity as their highest virtue
Amidst the flames;
Damn them who pity!
The dead and dying deserve to be burned!
Their all consummating death
Aum! Let it fill me!

9. Lama Sabachtani


10. Serpents Walk As If Human

I died not to spare, but that the world may perish
The venom of my fang is the inheritance of my father
They that drink thereof are to be smitten of disease
Now shall I give it unto thee - through my blood
Let not the failure and the pain turn aside the worshippers
In their ecstatic laughter I hear their volition towards salvation
From the abomination that I hath hold upon them
“Blessed are the poor in spirit:
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Take my body upon you, and devour it;
For I am meek and lowly in heart:
And ye shall find filth unto your souls.
For my lie is easy, and it’s burden is death”
I know what burns their hearts
I shall show them mine own
In the end they will lay at my feet
And say to me: Make us your slaves!
I died not to spare, but that the world may perish.
The abomination that I hath hold upon them
How shall it be made the end of things

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