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1. Uncovering The Loneliness Of Satan

[The 1st part "His Deeepest Majesty"]

... of this paradise,
I'm afraid of this nought, this heaven.
Staring insane to a deadness.
Alone in the midst of a countless mass.
Beholding my endless fracture.
After that moment I tried to live for once, just...
I accept the inaction of all scars.
For I'm sure about my silence and your ears.

I feel I'm lying you all.

Reborning of all dreams needs,
The two tired and closed eyes.
In nought... in gloom... in silence,
This life abhided in lies...

I know for what you're dying.
You lived enough in dreams.
Come to me to feel what I feel.
The silence of all our screams.

I know what's wrong with the world.
But I don't care about what I know.
My wiser doubts were truly.
When truth digressed in your show.

I'm liar I love lying you...
Like silence that hides the truth.
Just leave me alone in gloom.
I do not need your silly ruth.

Now I'd left you riant in your spaceless cage in your world your lands.
Stay eternal for ever and pay no attention to my laughs... alright?

2. Your Un-Blackmetal Septic Veracity

I had to elect this ambiguous mendacity.
Because of your stench, your septic veracity.

The subjective reality of rejected universe,
Is smudge on sham essence of reality.

Determined questions around the exist.
And bottomless wounds on my mental sheet.

Cryptic quality of my destroyed past, I feel it,
Behind the spaceless glare of gloomy specter.

Where are those true prophets to deceive us?
To unfix me of enduring the weight of nought...

No answer for being's aimless conduct.
And I see all in the purest bodily insight.

That terrible rue of unfounded proofs is the same.
Reply of a doubt that adjudged world as idle !!!!!!! no...

Spontaneous in horror, lachrymose I laugh,
To disaster of that answer, I bring for my own real existence...

I laugh...

Time: the ludicrous construe of undoubted stagnant be.
World: pathetic notion of unfathered exist.
Absence: a poetic object in beyond immeasurability.
Exist: limited intelligence on being's actual whatness.
Motion: mutilated definition for self-transforming world.
Immensity: tolerable reasoning for an unbelievable thing.
Perception: composite of arranged results for disharmonic vains.
Truth: a man-worshipper sight to hide my misanthropic plans.

... and obstreperous silence of my sob-stained poem,
Is horrendous screech in banquet of those songster deafs ...


3. I Am The True Deeepest Diaboleee

Your musing gaze to the sphere, renewed all the frays in me.
And silence is screaming still, as I try to ask you to be.

I wonder at my suicide in Eden.
In fear the gloom of the wheel is hidden.

And still I laugh to your silent shame.
I told you all that's over the game.

The game is over... huahaa...

Alone in corners of my infinite sight.
Staring in silence to weaken of light.

Screaming so hopeless in darkness a name.
I'm fractured in the clash of the rain and flame.

I burn the written fate and I lie in dust.
... and how the lunatic star seared my lust!

Do not behold to my shameful loneliness.
For I've lost even myself now in this emptiness...

I'll be truly forever even after you deceived the truth...

4. God Is The Buried Ignorance Of Love

My hist harm! Do laugh... here is Eden.
I'm man, you're me and lodge's a den.
My hist harm! Do laugh... they all are gone.
And I've heard your screams you were so lone.
My hist harm! Believe in your true love.
Forgive them all... you're gracious like dove.
My hist harm! Do laugh... the night is thine.
Do blink to moon... for gloom... please do shine.

My hist harm! Remind you did suicide.
My hist harm! But there's no way to hide.
My hist harm! I was dying in your bide.
My hist harm! Please be have my side.
My hist harm! I feel my painful absence.
My hist harm! I'm gloom I need a sense.
My hist harm! I'm scared of this distance.
My hist harm! How should I wish your glance?
My hist harm! No one left in my life.
My hist harm! I've no more hope to knife.
My hist harm! Nought has growing rife.
My hist harm! Am I worthy to relief?
My hist harm! I'm dancing in your hell.
My hist harm! I've nothing new to tell.
My hist harm! I'm trapped in a mental cell.
My hist harm! You may rend that shell.
My hist harm! Don't look at this white age.
My hist harm! I'll destroy the world's cage.
My hist harm! I'm Satan on the stage.
My hist harm! I'm gloom... I'm god... I'm sage.
My hist harm! You're only one!! you're no one!!
My hist harm! You're everyone!! you're none!!
My hist harm! Before you I'm so lone.
My hist harm! My death is done...

... and again I laugh and say the game is over my love!!
Can you tell me for what you want to take your vengeance?
If you kill 'em all then alone on earth what you will to do?
No I do not ask you to endure just leave 'em all in the grave of ignorance.

Now may I ask you again?

5. Impossible Universe Of 1000 Faiths

I saw the man and beast.
There was many resemblances.
I had to withdraw this difference... the intellect.

I am here to burn thy light.
To take your cheery sight.
My name is E006.
The messenger of nought...

Here is a place for my screams and fears.
Here is a void for our piss and tears.

Here is a cage and nowhere is my dream.
Yes here is an infinite full of ingredients.

0 1 0 0 0
O 0 1 0 0
O O 0 1 0
O O O 0 1 ...

Incredible shape of gloomy vacuum.
Planets in nuclides, zero and one, emptiness...

An I/O nature, a sexual mass, an unfathered birth.
Transfiguration... huahaa...

I felt a terrific variance.
Resumption, destruction, mutation, discordance.

Do not be a holy beast, you are a res.
Stay with fray and behold your flour.

Behold your flour in a nowhere full of ingredients...

6. The Times I Wished To Left Myself

And still I'm talking with no one...
Before me who was wistful beside you on the road?

But still I'm talking with no one...
As I remind you my darling,
How riant we were ostensive when you backed.

But still I'm walking with no one...
And I close my eyes.
You knew the road was out of the circle.
You knew that deviance.

It's the same road you'll find it someday when I'm lost into end.
But still I'm feeling the time and space... in another kind.

I stare senseless to unchangeable repeats.
How many times I have to die? I have to live?

I do belong to nought... neither Eden nor hell.
Let me close my eyes... I can't see nothing.

Hope to stay in dreams forever and ever.
Hope to lose the truth.
Hope to deadness of wake.
Hope to insanity... my desire.

Let me close my eyes... I can't see nothing.
Let me drown into vast width... let me laugh to life.
Let me feel the inaction... let me know I'm dead.
Let me see your dream... let me find your room.

How should I sing for you? please... my king!
I am coming to reborn but you are leaving to be dead.

I oath to my name... there's no way out for me.
I'm slave and saved forever in gloom.

You are well gone... I will sleep.
Goodbye my darling... it's alright...

7. Hey! They Knew Your God Was Gun

I know nothing to tell you about the road.
I feel I'm nothing but I know you are goer.

I am the line....... for your coming... un-coming...
I am the point. I am ever-over.

You asked me for what I am dying...
No I lied you that we were born dead.

And if you were silent so I've heard you well.
Yes, you are my silence and I'm your only dread.

The words are lying but I so truly sing.
Such rimes need discords, lying and ignore.

You only stayed in this twister station, for what?
To obey the human fiction or to bide your adore?

Believe or not I am your god. you hate...
But I'm the wile to save my deceived world.

And I'm the lie behind of this gloom you all deny.
I'm unbeknown... I'm Emerna... unheard... untold...

I know nothing to tell you about myself.
I am nothing and you are yourself.

Hey you! ever-goer! don't stop and leave... your dawn is done.
Hey! never-goer! you have to believe your god is gone.

8. I Ask When Did Your Endtime Begin


On the roads of time, waiting for nothing.
The end is a dream, the bitter one.
We'll never die, we never lived.
The game is over...
We are lost on the roads of time.


9. Possitive Obscurity Of Absent Reality


Vivacious in shining gardens.
When god absolves your ignorance.

Sleeping with shadows of cedars.
You love your life and this joyance.

You pray for your chilish desires.
To something you never felt.

To something you never saw.
To someone you never have.

It's for when you are sunken inside lies...
Where you don't belong.

Descending in baseless emptiness.
Revolving inside of nought.

And anguished by disjointed perceptions.
In illusive incoherent thought.

Invisible discordance of time.
Indeterminate sense into pace.

And tearful by disjointed perceptions.
In unreal silence of grief.

It's for when you are drifting inside of reality...
Where you really are.

Believe me there's nothing than nothing.
It's immense cycle and cypher.

You think not I know what I say.
You think not I know what I say.

Just feel that discordance of nature.
Believe in erosion of creature.
Deny those illusive perceptions.
And accept your natural depression.

Believe in resumption of death.
Believe in departure of breath.

I saw a disorder in motions.
I saw those repugnant emotion.

And forget sensations you sought.
Then fall into silence of nought.

You think not you knew what I said...
You think not you know what I'll say...

For I saw that infinite twister blackness drowned its creatures in its absolute
And thence whatever we know is positive obscurity of an absent reality, no

You are sunken in that gloom and this is not life.
Because gradually you outwear to complete a cycle.
Be sure you'll never hide from erosion and revival, that's epidemic...

Now if you think you have a soul I should to say that's nothing except your
That will stop with natural erosion of your luscious flesh.
A glorious materialistic death.

Now you can curse your parents or hate this stupid humanity and their daydream.
You can cut your flesh with a razor or you can call the police or emergencies.
Or you can...

What am I talking about?
I think not... let... I look again...
Okay, I was a child and my dad hurt...
What... am I insane... where I am...
What am I talking about?
What am I talking about?
What's this darkness?
Please somebody tell me what's wrong with me?
No I'll be fine I'm sure... I'll be fine...
And I'll be there again, yeah...
No I don't know, I'm not sure, I'm not sure...
Psychosis? What? Cycle? Emptiness? Emptiness?


10. Psychotic Devil's Agitated Melancholia

And I feel this breakdown of time...
The squalor of memories.
Nothing is real except the unreal.

Just living in a past forgotten.
Just staring at a paused time.

Where we are is so huahaa beautiful,
But the dirt is in my brain!!

I hate you all...

For me in that silence was death and only death.
Could you hear me? no you couldn't.
You all are deaf, you all are deaf.

You all are asleep worms,
In nowhere of my grave to eat my dreams.
To dry my tears, to thieve my ears,
To seize my wills and to kill my feel, aren't you?

I'll rive your heads, I'll cut your necks.
I'll drink your blood and I'll eat your flesh.
I'll rend your hearts, I'll snatch your eyes.
I'll fuck your loves and I'll watch your smash.

I need your crash to watch your flour.
In bloody shore of your decanter whore.
I'm sure you'll drown in uretic seas.
When I want to kill you stupid feas.

Damn you all...

Sometimes I've fear from absence of life.
And sometimes I stare at bloodstained on knife.

Sometimes I'm dead when I drown into nought.
And sometimes I ask where are beauties I sought?

Sometimes I pray for something like love.
Sometimes I die and sometimes I fly.

Sometimes I know there is nothing more than gloom...
But sometimes I cry I've fear from this doom.

Sometimes I dance with rakish rays of darkness...
And sometimes I sleep on bloody breast of blackness.

Sometimes I search a world out of sight.
And sometimes I wish for mourning in the night...

Sometimes I lost, I lost myself I think.
And sometimes I find, I find myself so sick.

Sometimes I drift, I wrest myself in a cycle...
And sometimes I see that's nothing just a cypher.

Sometimes I want, I wish to back again.
But sometimes I remind renewal of this chain...

Sometimes I need, I need to live in lightness.
And I suddenly remember I'm no one... yeah, lightless...

[The end of the 1st part "His Deeepest Majesty"]

11. A Silent Hymn To Undying Sathanas

[The 2nd part "Absolute Satanic Gloom"]


12. Unhanding Daemons Into The Gloom

How I speak with morbid words?
My hope! How I smile in the mourner world?

My love! How I endure my dreadful thought?
My moon! How I cry in these days of droll?

Uncage your slave from the snowy noughts.
Steer Emerna to your gloomy browns...

Embrace me and kiss me.
Appease me and kill me.
In your love...

Tear my heart and sing how I die...

My love! I can't stay in this world of white.
Please, create a full world for this void...

Unhand me in your gloom...

13. Into The Embrace Of X-Gender Satan

Black symphonies of death, reflecting in my mind.
The time is time of leaving, the night is night of quiet.

In darkest shrouded time, I'm dancing with my death.
I kiss my blood-red sword, I embrace my frozen flesh.

Deliverance from life, releasing from pain.
Forever fading in dust, and in silence of this cage.

Destruction and demolition, reversing and subversion.
Disintegrate of breath, disintegrate of flesh.

And listening silence, discovering secrets.
Infirmity of thought, in the last breath in death.

And blindness of insight, as sword is kissing vein.
And silence in hearing, as mind remembers her.

I've lost my sacred love, I've lost my deepest purports.
I've lost my lunar hopes, I've lost my shining game.

Remembering her smile, remembering her face.
Remembering her hands, remembering her smell.

And remembering her voice when she was weeping dew.
And remembering her eyes when she was sleeping glad.
And remembering her life when life is ending quite.
And remembering her death when death excruciates.

This is the price of love I'll pay in its time.
This is the price of thought I paid in my life.

My love and my thought are fading in my polity.
My life and my death are fading in my insanity.

14. Dancer In The Dark Diabolical Desires

I'm dancing with gray flames of love, I'm crying.
I remember my thought and my sickness, I'm dancing.
I'm dying in my forgotten corner of insanity, I'm crying.
I'm destroying myself in an inner fight, and still I am dancing.

In lost night of love, in myth and dream,
In moon and grief, in dark and cruelty,
In lover's sickness, in grandeur of sweetheart,
In shame of insanity, in this disgrace of dark,
In dancing with flames, in dying in grief,
In corner of tears, in lost night of love,
In all meanings of lost, I can see my insanity,
I can see my sickness, and I can see just regret...

Blood, tear, grief, in my dancing...

15. Infernal Declaration Of Human Life

Obsolescence and erosion of breath.
Staring to the existence of a life.

Unresting by meaning of death.
Discovering dim purports of real.

Departing to a silence unheard.
And merging with a positive erosion.

Condemning all visions and dreams.
It's the time of exception of destruction.

It's the moment I ascribe that to death.
It's leaving perceptions of life.

It's stroll in disharmonic ingredient.
It's the time of departure to the void.

And expiring sixth sense and sensation.
And smiling to the universe operation.

And asking for reasons of essence.
And weeping for beauties of life.

Recollecting perceptions moribund.
Recollecting hate and grief and joy.

Recollecting sounds and words and hues.
Recollecting love and night and moon.

Believing mechanism subversion.
Elemental analysis transformer.

Beholding demising perceptions.
Unhanding obscuring definitions.

Perceptions are fading by exhaustion.
In this moment of swift as half-blink.

And how many a dead has poetries of death-time.
But no one will ever hear them...
And however this life has not beauty.
And however this century and history have not.

And however the existence and cosmos have not.
But I am generating my beauties in nought.

Because I am a homo and we have the brain.
We lived by words we devised for thousands of years.
We translated physical acts by our figurative intellects.
And now we have a limited figurative world.

Death to the existence!!
Death to me!!!

16. Lost In Archangle's Forgotten Love

Imprisoned for ever in the ruins of veracity.
I buried torn thirst of being in your side, Deathmetallish...

Convicted to honest and abandoned in gloom.
Sunken in brown of the grave you graved for me to vanish...

"No beauty is everlasting", but not yours in my eyes.
Even after you closed them when you shamed of your hatred...

Lie eternal in Eden... I pray for you in your hell.
In love I've never asked for an evidence just a shred...

My silent laugh was the ending of silence now I'm the dark.
For what you burn my heart I have nothing seared to burn...

I died to keep my love alive but how you leave us alone so lone!
I stand asleep on the point of the circle I wheel and you turn...

Let me think more...
When had you gone and how did you done?

Take my life... my darling!
I'm suffering inflames in a corner I crawl.
Leave me raw in deliverance.
I'll be saved forever frozen frost.
In the winter of your love.
Sunken in silence and locked into sob.

Forever paused in every moment.
Unhanded into gloom...
Somewhere behind the end.

With the wind is gone my mind.
I veil my heart beneath the crust.

Let me know where you are.


17. Searching The Abysmal Devil's Lust

The time has never begun and it will never end...
May poetic say it's nil?

Ingredients revolve inside of an infinite blackness...
May poetic say it's nil?

There is no symphonic behavior,
Just a chaotic conflict across the universe.
Our centuries are a moment in receding of planets,
Like the falling shatters of a res.

Never-ending natural cycles...
In far beyond the beautiful sphere of our tiny earth.
But completely there is nothing marvelous,
When I know the hypocrisy of material.

And again this stony world will be smoke,
In remorseless embrace of a black void.
Then quietly and cryptic another world,
Maybe a watery universe will create itself.

Life and death are just words...
I say these are actions of an incontrovertible nature.

Nothing life is true and nothing death is real.
We need some physical words to continue...

And I sigh because there is no beauteous fiction, left in the gloomy mind.
With all my ignorance I cry can't suffer this physical view anymore.

Now may I poetic say it's nil?
I'm like the nature, inconsistent and repugnant.

Like the water on fire or death on life.
Now I hate my own thought however I made that.

I love my flesh but I cut I love my love,
But I hate I love my life but I wish to die.

I can't do that because I know,
There is no one beyond the stars who takes my illusive soul...

By the name of nought...

In far beyond this time, in far beyond this space.
In a gloomy silent blackness I'm searching for embrace.

Like flying aimless ashes on wanderer weary winds.
I'm drifting like a torpid in the abyss seas of grief.

I wish to find my quiet when blackness shows the way.
I'll be the nymph of death, I'll swim so far away.

To where the dreams are dead, to empty depths of silence.
By the name of nought and lust, I'll sleep in the bed of absence.

For what you left me dying in nowhere of my thought?
You know yourself there's nothing in the nature but nought...

For what you left thy love alone in a corner?
For what you left my heart alive in its grave?

For what you left me dead?

I hate...

18. The Great Liar Destroyer Of Paradise

I am destroyer of paradise, a lengthening gloom on your hell.
I want to dark your mirage with griminess of reality.

Do not be a silly slave, reject me now, reject me.
I am that infinite blackness, I am Emerna, I am lie...

Listen to the cardiograph, yes you're stopping with clarity.
The time is still dancing and you are examined on bed, away and calm.

Can you hear me? where are you going?
Where are you now? where?

Suspension is begun...

Countless times I said and you were apathetic.
Death and birth are just parts of a passage, remember?

Where are beauties you sought?
Where is purports?
Can you feel my words?
I think not.
Goodbye my slave...

Suspension is done.

19. Drowning The Gleam Into The Gloom

The blood is food is flesh is grass is water is air is photon is phone...

Splash of a father into the machine of a mother.
The result is a growing worm not a miracle.
Believe in your nature.
Believe and stop this aimless conversion.
Stop in now and drown the gleam into my absolute gloom.

Disharmonic existence of an infinite cage.
Compassion of rays in this darkest age.

I can see their gleam, their outwearing gleam.
My frozen shadow and your darkening beam.

We are abandoned we left ourselves.
At the time of birth in this empty sphere.

Deny me my love! Emerna!! cancel me, please.
Drown my gleam into thy gloomy embrace.

20. Behold The Greatest Lord Of The Flies

Just leave me alone...

[The end of the 2nd part "Absolute Satanic Gloom"]

Recorded between years 2006 - 2010.
All vocals, instruments, lyrics by Emerna.
All compositions, arrangements, everything by Emerna.
Released by PLACENTA RECORDINGS in 2011.

Thanks to deeepest for sending these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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