Dark Lyrics


1. Unhanded In Gloom

Axtar! How I speak with morbid words?
My hope! How I smile in the mourner world?
My love! How I endure my dreadful thought?
My moon! How I cry in these days of droll?

Uncage your slave from the snowy noughts.
Steer Emerna to your gloomy browns.

Embrace me and kiss me,
Appease me and kill me in your love.
Tear my heart and sing how I die.
My love! I can't stay in this world of white.
Please, create a full world for this void.

Unhand me in your gloom.

2. So Far Away in Me

The deep sacrosanct dejection,
In my dark majestic love.
A blackest sightless silence smites,
My so soft slothful screams.
Researching in nought-lands,
The gracious lost rays of moon.
And wending mourner,
The lightless endless aimless path.

With no truth and lie I think,
To my untruth and unreal exist.
With grief and tear and fear I sleep,
In a dreamlike bosom of who is away.
With wound and sword and blood I battle,
Inside of me against myself of dead.
With no and no and no and no and not,
I answer the life's uncaused questions.

Where is my lost ray?

Far away I know so far away in nought,
In void, in fiction, in delusion,
In portrait, in song, in poem, in mind.

Far away in me so far away in me.

3. Adrift In Nothingness

Resumption of life in an unreal day.
Revisioning the earth by colorless eyes.
Awaiting hopeless for desired life.
With beautiful purports of accidents.

Leaving the innocent love because of accidence and real.
Leaving the innocent moon because of remorseless darkness.

Captive in a trap between two simple answers.
Captive in traps of meanings captive in knowledge.

How I begin again and how I deceive myself?
How I believe in lies and how I accept non existence?

How I suffer the reality of existence?
And how I suffer my unreal purports?

How I believe in love and how I believe in hate?
Please someone tell me how I stay here?

How I stay in dreams? How I stay in whites?
How I live in death? How I die in lies?
How I see my truth? How I paint my look?
How I write my poem? How I sing my song?
How I feel my love? How I hate my foe?
How I stay with mind? How I stay with lie?

How I feel my love?

4. My Incoming Insanity

In nowhere of thought, where meanings are growing,
I have a lost meaning, I have a lost love.

Where is my mythic love?
And where is my moon, my idol?
Her res, her exist, her nature, her meaning,
Her all is so far in existence and non existence.

Axtar! I would not this destiny we wrote,
But I've not meanings in life.
Axtar! I would not this destiny we wrote,
But I did for your salvation.

I'm void and nought and dead and dark.
Your exist was outwearing by me.
Axtar! I would not this destiny we wrote,
But I can feel my incoming insanity.

I'm lover, I don't want your erosion.
I'm sick, I don't want your sickness.
I'm dead, I can't see your dying.
I'm dark, I hate your darkness.

I'll stay in oath until my falling.
I'll stay in wake until my sleeping.
I'll stay in troth until my death.
I'll stay in love until my insanity.

I'll stay in drunk.

5. As Sword Is Kissing Vein

Black symphonies of death, reflecting in my mind.
The time is time of leaving, the night is night of quiet.
In darkest shrouded time, I'm dancing with my death.
I kiss my blood-red sword, I embrace my frozen flesh.
Deliverance from life, releasing from pain.
Forever fading in dust, and in silence of this cage.
Destruction and demolition, reversing and subversion.
Disintegrate of breath, disintegrate of flesh.
And listening silence, discovering secrets,
Infirmity of thought, in the last breath in death.
And blindness of insight, as sword is kissing vein.
And silence in hearing, as mind remembers her.
I've lost my sacred love, I've lost my deepest purports.
I've lost my lunar hopes, I've lost my shining game.
Remembering her smile, remembering her face.
Remembering her hands, remembering her smell.

And remembering her voice when she was weeping dew.
And remembering her eyes when she was sleeping glad.
And remembering her life when life is ending quite.
And remembering her death when death excruciates.

This is the price of love I'll pay in its time.
This is the price of thought I paid in my life.
My love and my thought are fading in my polity.
My life and my death are fading in my insanity.

6. Unveiling The Universe

I saw the nature of cosmos.
I have belief in obsolescence.
No res can stay forever in a form.
No one can stay.

I'm living with a theorem I discovered.
I'm dying by a secret I expose.
Who can see my insanity and brain?
Who can see my positive destruction?

I hope to insanity for salvation.
I hope to mistaking in words.
I hope to oblivion, delirium.
I hope to psychosis, stupefaction.

Forgive me if I expose these secrets.
Forgive me if I expose my words.
Forgive me if I expunge humanity.
Forgive me if I unveil this universe.

7. For Your Gracious Rays

Remember my truth I never have.

I'm fallen and torn, captive in dream lands.
But with waiting for nothing.
I'm dead, surviving in this morbid air.
With no dream and wish and desire.
I'm playing is songs and poems and portraits.
With no hope to future of Darkart.
I'm tearing for my dearest one I left her alone.
With no will to return.

Because I have a contagious sickness in my existence.

Hails, my precious.
Listen the rain globs as remembrance of our tearful age.
Listen to my croon and smile.
How much the life is slight for your sacred love.
How much the existence is small for your spiritual exist.
Still can you feel my grief?
Still can you hear my heart?
I'm here to tell you once again,
I have exist for your existence.
I'm the nature of night for your gracious rays.
If I've merit.
But stay away from me.
I have a contagious sickness.
Forgive my eccentric love.
I worship you.
My god! My moon! Axtar!

8. Dance With Gray Flames

I'm dancing with gray flames of love, I'm crying.
I remember my thought and my sickness, I'm dancing.
I'm dying in my forgotten corner of insanity, I'm crying.
I'm destroying myself in an inner fight, and still I am dancing.

In lost night of love, in myth and dream,
In moon and grief, in dark and cruelty,
In lover's sickness, in grandeur of sweetheart,
In shame of insanity, in this disgrace of dark,
In dancing with flames, in dying in grief,
In corner of tears, in lost night of love,

In all meanings of lost, I can see my insanity.
I can see my sickness, and I can see just regret.

I'm dancing with gray flames of love, I'm crying.
I remember my thought and my sickness, I'm dancing.
I'm dying in my forgotten corner of insanity, I'm crying.
I'm destroying myself in an inner fight, and still I am dancing.

Blood, tear, grief, in my dancing.

9. The Silent Destruction

My hands are cold and my heart is sick.
I'm drunken of grief and wine is bitter.
For my pain I wish the wine of love.
That sweet poison of love, I desire, I pray, I need.

I know the silence of my solitude.
I feel my silent destruction.
I hallow the grief of love.
I cry in this silent gloom.
And the wind's croon is silent,
And ravens are silent,
And solitude is silent,
In my silent destruction.

My hands are cold, her hands are so far.
My heart is sick, I can't hear her heart.
I'm drunken of grief, she's mourning for love.
My wine is bitter, her inebriety is grim.
I wish the wine of love, she needs my love.
I need the sweet poison, she needs my heart.
I know the silence of my solitude, she's alone in day.
I feel my silent destruction, she is silent in her life.

10. The Beauties Of Nought

Obsolescence and erosion of breath,
Staring to the existence of a life.
Unresting by meaning of death,
Discovering dim purports of real.

Departing to a silence unheard,
And merging with a positive erosion.
Condemning all visions and dreams,
It's the time of exception of destruction.

It's the moment I ascribe that to death,
It's leaving perceptions of life.
It's stroll in disharmonic ingredient,
It's the time of departure to the void.

And expiring sixth sense and sensation,
And smiling to the universe operation.
And asking for reasons of essence,
And weeping for beauties of life.

Recollecting perceptions moribund,
Recollecting hate and grief and joy.
Recollecting sounds and words and hues,
Recollecting love and night and moon.

Believing mechanism subversion,
Elemental analysis transformer.
Beholding demising perceptions,
Unhanding obscuring definitions.

Perceptions are fading by exhaustion,
In this moment of swift as half-blink.
And how many a dead has poetries of death-time,
But no one will ever hear them.

And however this life has not beauty,
And however this century and history have not,
And however the existence and cosmos have not,
But I am generating my beauties in nought.

Because I am a homo and we have the brain.
We lived by words we devised for thousands of years.
We translated physical acts, by our figurative intellects.
And now we have a limited figurative world.

Death to the existence.
Death to me.

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