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1. Silent Like Lie

... of this paradise,
I'm afraid of this nought, this heaven.
Staring insane to a deadness.
Alone in the midst of a countless mass.
Beholding my endless fracture,
After that moment I tried to live for once, just.
I accept the inaction of all scars.
For I'm sure about my silence and your ears.
I feel I'm lying you all.

Reborning of all dreams needs,
The two tired and closed eyes...
In nought... in gloom... in silence,
This life abhided in lies...
I know for what you're dying.
You lived enough in dreams...
Come to me to feel what I feel.
The silence of all our screams...
I know what's wrong with the world.
But I don't care about what I know...
My wiser doubts were truly.
When truth digressed in your show...
I'm liar I love lying you.
Like silence that hides the truth...
Just leave me alone in gloom.
I do not need your silly ruth...

Now I'd left you riant in your spaceless cage in your world your lands...
Stay eternal for ever and pay no attention to my laughs... Alright?

2. Permanent Deceit

Your musing gaze to the sphere, renewed all the frays in me.
And silence is screaming still, as I try to ask you to be.

I wonder at my suicide in Eden.
In fear the gloom of the wheel is hidden.

And still I laugh to your silent shame.
I told you all that's over the game.

The game is over ... huahaa.

Alone in corners of my infinite sight.
Staring in silence to weaken of light.

Screaming so hopeless in darkness a name.
I'm fractured in the clash of the rain and flame.

I burn the written fate and I lie in dust.
... and how the lunatic star seared my lust!

Do not behold to my shameful loneliness...
For I've lost even myself now in this emptiness...

I'll be truly forever even after you deceived the truth.

3. Empty Hell

Imprisoned for ever in the ruins of veracity.
I buried torn thirst of being in your side, Deathmetallish...
Convicted to honest and abandoned in gloom.
Sunken in brown of the grave you graved for me to vanish...
"No beauty is everlasting"... but not yours in my eyes.
Even after you closed them when you shamed of your hatred...
Lie eternal in Eden... I pray for you in your hell.
In love I've never asked for an evidence just a shred...
My silent laugh was the ending of silence now I'm the dark.
For what you burn my heart I have nothing seared to burn...
I died to keep my love alive but how you leave us alone so lone!
I stand asleep on the point of the circle I wheel and you turn...

Let me think more...
When had you gone and how did you done?

Take my life... my darling!
I'm suffering inflames in a corner I crawl.
Leave me raw in deliverance.
I'll be saved forever frozen frost.
In the winter of your love.
Sunken in silence and locked into sob.

Forever paused in every moment.
Unhanded into gloom... somewhere behind the end.

With the wind is gone my mind.
I veil my heart beneath the crust.

Let me know where you are.

4. Unchangeable

And still I'm talking with no one...
Before me who was wistful beside you on the road?
But still I'm talking with no one... as I remind you my darling.
How riant we were ostensive when you backed.

But still I'm walking with no one and I close my eyes.
You knew the road was out of the circle. you knew that deviance.
It's the same road you'll find it someday when I'm lost into end.
But still I'm feeling the time and space... in another kind.
I stare senseless to unchangeable repeats...
How many times I have to die? I have to live?
I do belong to nought... neither Eden nor hell.
Let me close my eyes... I can't see nothing.

Hope to stay in dreams forever and ever. hope to lose the truth.
Hope to deadness of wake. hope to insanity... my desire.
Let me close my eyes... I can't see nothing.
Let me drown into vast width... let me laugh to life.
Let me feel the inaction... let me know I'm dead.
Let me see your dream... let me find your room...
How should I sing for you? please... my King!
I am coming to reborn but you are leaving to be dead.

I oath to my name... there's no way out for me.
I'm slave and saved forever in gloom.
You are well gone... I will sleep.
Goodbye my darling... it's alright...

5. nEvergoer

I know nothing to tell you about the road.
I feel I'm nothing but I know you are goer.

I am the line....... for your coming... un-coming...
I am the point. I am ever over.

You asked me for what I am dying...
No I lied you that we were born dead.

And if you were silent so I've heard you well.
Yes you are my silence and I'm your only dread.

The words are lying but I so truly sing.
Such rimes need discords, lying and ignore.

You only stayed in this twister station, for what?
To obey the human fiction or to bide your adore?

Believe or not I am your god. you hate...
But I'm the wile to save my deceived world.

And I'm the lie behind of this gloom you all deny.
I'm unbeknown... I'm Emerna... unheard... untold...

I know nothing to tell you about myself.
I am nothing and you are yourself.

Hey you! Evergoer! Don't stop and leave! your dawn is done.
Hey! nEvergoer! You have to believe your God is gone.

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