Dark Lyrics


1. Cop In A Cage

Swallow dead drink oblivion
The end resonate disastrous surrender
No one likes to be the bearer of bad news
But it's time to put this old girl down
Our frames are riddled with holes
No big loss by friendly fire
Sew your seeds in the coffin
Breed us foreign cuddle time dancers
Bottoms up to cruel examples
Here's to the times
Here's to an epic failure
Now take swift flight
Aboard chariots in the sky
We'll put the powder in our guns
And take aim while our faces go numb
The studious courtship of cold steel on flesh
Zealots on rooftops will always shoot you down
So light up the night
Traffic is at a standstill
We're laughing in the face of imminent death
Flaunting our riches to the destitute
The power lines hang too low around here
Hanging their corpses from the overpasses
We're dancing on the teeth of a bear trap
The power lines hang too low around here
Cup our hands against the murky window
Eyes as wide as the sea
In eager hopes of catching a glimpse
Watching the lord undress

2. Denim On Denim Hate Crime

Separate skin from bone
Flesh of my flesh
Would without a second thought disown
And I'll break everything in this room just to prove I still care
Well if that isn't love...
I'll be dead by the morning
Color me shitty for you
This craft surrenders to the black holes inside your eyes
The last thing that I see
An empty glassy gaze on a blank face
Staring back at me with no remorse
In a perfect world it wouldn't come to this
Send me off with a Judas kiss
Taste the poison from my lips
Seize the blade
Vanquish the flames that set our Eden ablaze
I'll bear the scar off your name
Color me shitty for you
We were scud missiles headed for the capital
And now we're driftwood rotting in the sea
Eradicate the memories and I will feel no longer
Bound and gagged
Ever I remain your captive

3. Intensity In Ten Cities

Tonight, we'll make moments because it's all that we've got
This is gutter bravado
This is our punk rock
I'm starting from scratch and there is no pretense
This is romance
This is called love for the workers in song
Keep us holding on
Heaven sent relief for those of us who still believe
In the therapy and the merit of screaming
Reckless anthems of youth until our throats give out
Burning down the highway in a broken down van
Seeing the world through said go nowhere dead end
We are famous
We are brave
And our words will change the world
Today we'll tear open the heartland
Our amps go to eleven and our hearts will beat forever
So here we are, three thousand miles from home
We're all in this together and I never feel alone
Songs are made for singing
Leave loose ends be
Looting super centers cooking in truck stop microwaves
Sleeping on bottles of piss and the floors of the gracious
This is our life and it's so glamorous
From here on out it's all disappointment
From here on out it's all compromise
We are ugly but we have the music

4. Trainwreck On The John Galt Line

Business is business
And who stands to gain?
Just follow the winding paper trail to the top
I can get away with anything
And let the blame fall where it may...upon the heads of my enemies
It does not affect me, it's not reality until there's bloodshed on our own soil
This is a new age
These are the last days
Put a soft light before our eyes
And a caked on pretty face spewing vomit, manipulations, and lies
Witness the triumph of freedom delivered
When objective news media is a notion just as absurd as towers to the heavens brought to the earth (sent to the ground) by two birds
Off with their heads and out with their secrets
May the private interest revealed provoke public digest
Snap a frame of groveling, faultering empire. On he last leg
With a crumbling foot made of clay
Oh, gratuitous honesty
Lay your burden on me
Suffer us this appalling blessing
Let the truth be set free
Fear is the catalyst
Wrap us up in blankets of misplaced trust, fear in itself is the catalyst
Unified by tragedy and acts of aggression on our homes, on our families
The land of the heathens is ours for the taking

5. Ride It Like You Stole It

Dust in my eyes, lead in my feet
No reprise no retreat
And I'm still not getting any younger
What does it mean to trust?
When it's all reduced to so many thinning lines
So many hard times just waiting for an end
In squalor we lie
Watching ruins rise and compassion die
While our better halves get fucked in the head
It's no wonder I can't sleep at night
Every streetlight is a gravestone
Ever road leads to the unknown
Broken bones and broken spokes but my wheels are still turning
My ears are ringing
The choice is not choice at all
When there's a gun to your head and a knife in your back
What is it that you take me for anyways?
Alone in the picket line
For this I'm forever mired to this we all bare witness
So where do we go from here?
Hey lonely heart it's the end of the line and I'm writing your name

6. Pity And The Road To Bimini

Only one ghost ship floats in this still deserted harbor
Only one way out loaded in the chamber
In the beds of fevered lovers
In the wake of all the others
Desolute and barren
Nothing will ever grow out of this dirt again

7. Overnighter

Please tell me you tuned in to last nights stunning episode
Young dashing Billy's true intentions were made known
And a projected sweet, presumed innocent, small town heart was torn
And we all felt for her
Well she better get used to the sting
All these hollow bitches are desperate housewives in training
In lieu of camera crew firing squad
Herd the lot of swine at the celebrity sneak preview
Through the gates of the slaughter house
We'll be waiting in the dark
Strap teenage heroines into electric chairs
Pucker up sunshine, and smile big for the bright lights
They'd all look better in red with bullet holes in their chest
Host a ceremony to celebrate short lived fame
Broadcast depravity
The season premier left us covered in tears
White knuckled, trembling, cursing college co-eds
Wishing we were sweet and sixteen
Divulging dirty deeds via video feed
Our ratings are down and next season is cancelled
Nothing in our days makes us feel alive
The drama we feed on doesn't light up our nights
So swear to me that this is real life
Apparently, you and me, we've been voted off the island
It's just as well... as time will tell, this crew and vessel are damned to hell

8. Sport The New Plague

Hopeless clouded eyes conceal
The faintest flicker of fear
Sporting the newest plague
A life enduring travesty
Up to your ears in shit
You were born in a cage
You will die in a cage
Tortured and imprisoned in the worse of conditions
Desecration of nature and logistic rape
Wrongly brought into this world
Never to see the light
A vermin's plight

9. Ley Lines

This year the harvest was washed away
Borne on the back of a black water water wave
Drown the eastern seaboard and lap at the southern plains
All in all it's a hell of a day to ride the high horse down the straight and narrow
To deliverance
I can harness the cosmos in the palm of my hand
Bring the earth to a grinding halt by single silent command
Lay the mountains asunder, turn oceans to dry land
I've found the key that unlocks the shackles of gravity
Stones are floating overhead suspended in perfect symmetry
And the stones they sing to me...whisper soaring melodies
Accept this offering. For the past to be buried. Sustained by longing
Breathe your life into me and cure my disease
Open the window. The center of your chest
Take an axe to the glass. Find a friend and hide
I've built a home for my sweet across the brooding sea
Every cut that I made, I thought of your face
And every stone that was laid made your image cease to fade
But alas I am scorned. Hereby sentenced henceforth to wander
In empty castles
Body is a device to calculate
Soul is the earth trodden under our feet
Mind is the beauty begging to be raped
God is a child tugging on the shirt tails of fate
The snake is charming us
Our voices will ring from skyscrapers down the ley lines
And carry out to sea
Accept this offering

10. The God Stitch

Sign says one way east, I cut west
They can't touch me
Turn the corner look behind still the voice that screams inside
And it seems to be that
No matter how high we set our sights, all that we are is a far cry
And out of our mouths come dying sighs
Although we look so good in the moonlight
Oh my God... the lives that people lead
And what a world... sordid, cruel, and wretched world
What a world we live in
Raise your hands to the skies
We're all just along for the ride
Reader: tear out another page, let's leave this chapter open for interpretation
We're all open books and we end up the same
And what kind of bastard author would right us in this way?
Exalt, exalt in every shortcoming
Stand up, stand up...there's a big train coming
Leave our baggage unattended at the station
Push away from the platform and don't look back
With no indulgent farewell, no Hollywood estranged lover goodbyes
Rejoice, rejoice... and get the fuck out of town
As far as I can get from here
Distance is a friend of mine and I have somewhere else to be
We're leaving naysayers by the wayside
Now who's holding the reigns to this death machine parade?
Slowly crawling down the tracks with the weight of the world on our backs
Everyone wins in this race to the death

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Thanks to chevchevelle for sending track #2 lyrics.

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