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1. True Colours

I'm running, down a stream of crystal clear blue water - YOU WONT SUCCEED
In an attempt to reach the dreams which dwindle before my eyes - BLINDED

I ask myself, how is it possible to accomplish so much in life - YOU HAVE NO ONE
When I have so little to offer to the world, and to the ones that I care for, respect and love - WHATS THE POINT?

Now is the time I show my true colours

2. Landlocked (Until The End)

Look ahead to the years
Realise what you desire
Hold your visions close for
Constant memories of this past life
Defeat, Devolve, Repeat, Resolve

Distance, Fades away
And we become one - UNITE
To all, those who cant
Sleep or dream at night - UNITE

Who will take from our rights
Faded goals - death in sights
Stand your ground take the hit
He who cant be told
I who cannot see
You don't believe in me
Courage I will throw
Into this hole

Slivers of light
They shine through me
They shine through you

I destroy myself
To relive my past
Stuck in the beginning
The years disappear so fast

Like the heavy snow
Covering the ground
Layered by protection
That you never asked
I who cannot see
You don't believe in me
Will we see tomorrow
Into this hole I go

Constant Memories
Nothing will stand in my way
You wont stand in my way

3. The City At Night

Bridge the borders
Of this empty river
Untie the knots
And down we go

Crawling out the woods
Straight into the fire
I like the look
Of the city at night

Above the heavens
The angels look down on me
I know I cannot
run from my past

Pull yourself together
Travel back in time
Commit to your mistakes
which have become crimes

I'm stuck in a dream
Cornered by these walls
Trying to get back over
The darkest unknown

WHAT WILL - be becoming of you
IF I - stab you in the heart
I KNOW - what dwells inside of you
THIS TIME - I focus on whats right

Lets go to the city
Lets go to the city at night
Lured by the sounds

Drawn to the light
Leave all your enemies
Bring only memories
Attracted to the light
The city at night

The cries of my name
The hate, the anger again and again

It was long ago
Taken from me, I will never know
Story of the legends
The battle between heavens

I will climb the heights
An opportunity to switch the lights
A revelation in the sky
My name she cries

Constantly divided
By the hole in our hearts
Never to fill as one again
Proving the soul is hollow

Change your opacity
To the colour of my blood
Forgotten history
To rid my mind of you

What has become of me?
I am not the same person anymore?

4. A God Among Men

The stench in the air is as ruthless as your mind.
Facing your demons is facing the devil himself.
Commit to your fate, the impotent will not defy you.
The Countless times you have been betrayed by your own

Death, creeps upon you, as you stand, at his side.
Kneel, at my feet, and I might spare your life.

The innocent witness gazes as you hit the pavement.
Staring expressionless, your heart misses a beat.
Look to the masses but do not expect any answers
Disgraced and dismayed the face of the world is unveiled

Your skin, turns to white, as you feel, cold inside.
Be, not afraid, your soon to, depart - this life.

A god among men, yet still you cower,
Your people await your judgement
A god among men, yet still you cower,
Forsaken lies every word, you ever spoke

So pray, so beg, so plead for your life.
Its the last thing you own.
So pray, so beg, so plead that you may,
See the sun rise again, one last time

5. Ashes In The Wind

We've traveled this road together my friend,
Hand in hand together until the very end.
This master plan we re searching for.
Two souls embraced so sweet for ever more.

Don t look back little girl
This path you chose can only lead to your own demise
Don t look back little boy
That bridge you set alight is ashes in the wind

Now the road forks and divides,
Two souls embraced never to re-unite.

6. What Hell Is About

Wake me when tomorrow is over
I cant stand the thought of my life
Tell me when the night is sober
Walk me like the carpet I am

Dodge these bullets get hit and fall
All this light will build a wall
Rise again and step up the pace
Count those times through bitter end of days

My ears bleeding at the sound of your name
The criticism I get means I am to blame
Creeping out the cracks, everything has to change
I'm the dead one now, there is no energy

This is the time
This is the hour
We stand as one
Forever into the light
This is my hell

[Post Chorus:]
Blinded by my choices
Becoming what I hate
Clear the way so I can
Breathe again

In the name of those who call
I know I gave it my all
Go ahead and cry another tear
Hiding away from all your fears

It tastes like the last kiss goodbye
Feeding the current to her eyes
Creeping through like the endless night
Only the poison can save us now


This is what hell is about

7. The Prophecy

I wait slowly timing something that never will
I wait slowly fighting why does TIME STAND STILL
I keep all my hours inside you and me
I fight mighty power cant wait TILL I GET FREE

An explosion to the face make you realise
Destroyed in every single place nothing left to hide
End of our times are near means that we will die
Confide to all that's left time to say goodbye

You and I
We will fight
Blood drawn swords
We will not lose

Who will come and save me before I die
Who will see the truth reflecting behind my eyes
Who will come and save us before we die
Who will turn their back on every in life

Why I'm holding on oceans very strong
Cant get myself there drown in my own fear

Something to blow your mind make you see all the violence
Kept away from time waiting to see true colours
The path we made is there don't you dwell on the past
Forget what lies within don't you under estimate me

Free to roam
Curse these hands
Fight for truth
Stand up for myself

I turn out all my rage

8. The Demons Serenade


9. Beyond The Agony

Remember the days we shared together
Now its all gone because of you throwing it away

Burn burn burn
Its all gone to the sky
Changing your name
To hide all the lies

Repeating the thoughts
I cannot die
Look inside my heart
These ties that bind

Ek hou nie van die vel wat ek in is nie,
Maar ek dra dit met soveel trots as wat ek kan
Fear is its own
Kind of darkness
Your words don't mean
Anything here right now

Theres a gun
Pointed to my head
You have pulled
The trigger on me

Dead in the beginning
The killer has no face
Time to bury the hatchet
The mystery remains

Its time to pull yourself together
And understand that
You need to either
Focus on whats lost
Or fight for what is left
I don't understand how
You can just stand there
And not attempt to cry blood
I just want you to know that
That I can see inside your mind
Are you going to let me in
Are you going to let me in
Will you let me in
Or are you prepared to die

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