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1. Intro


2. Saratoga

How does it feel to know that your going to burn
Feel the flesh fall off on to the floor
There's a chance you can make it
There a chance you could die
Long before the time of never
Is your choice to wonder why

3. I Wish You Knew What It Was Like To Be Visually Impaired

This winters colder than before,
And my tears freeze on my face,
The ice turns my cheeks blue,
And tears my skin when removed
You dont see me
You dont see through these games we play
You dont see through these games that we play all day
You see my face, it stands alone, and these things we break,
Are set in stone
You dont see me or my self

4. A Glass Magnolia

Over the hills came a sudden roar,
And in place of my smile it left a sore
A sore so big it engulfed my lip
And no one came to ask a kiss
And no such kiss will ever come
In a pool we built to drown someone
Swim with your eyes open to see what things there are to save you and

Lord save our voices for a terminal fight
Lord, save our, our voices, terminal fight

Go your way i'll be fine
It's just like you to leave me behind

5. Cease To Dream

I'll make it rain down on me, the water makes me feel so free,
All you seem to be, is content wit your reality,
What you need is a place to stay, with out all those pictures and pictures
I wish i could make him pay, but hes bought with those singles the singles
And oh to live another day, with this grace that turns to gray,
So have mercy on my future now, your humor seems to me so low brow, your
voice is at a scream, but i Dont hear a thing.

Be careful what you leave by the wayside,
You will cease the need to dream,
And all of those you hold dear in life,
Will cut you up and make you bleed,
Bleed that blood of green
You will cease the need to dream

Cease to dream

6. Violet Garden

Its your last
So save your breath

Your words your lies
I'm sick to death

You're ugly ways
Have left me dry

>From my seat right here
I'll watch you die

I cant live this way,
My head is vexed
With all the things that you relay

Go your way
I'll be fine
It's just like you
To leave me behind

My better days
Put in a box
With the seal of you
Upon the lock

I see you now
Loud and clear

Your looks so sharp
I can hardly hear

In this violet garden of lust

Save on me, play on me
You are a fallacy

Now it's on my face
The look of your disgrace
I'll play that card of fear
My wounds i will to sear

7. Hold My Hand

Take me away from this place we call our own
And in its space will inhabit my own soul
You will come to be more than yourself
And all this world has seems to fade away

I'm just an average man reaching out my hand
Asking you to love me
So hold me if you can my one and only stand
Asking you to love me
My love it seems so pure but your not even sure
If you even love me
I'd fade away today just to hear you say
How much it is you love me
And when you feel this way your to close to take me from this place

See me, I'm a man, with my hand stretched out to you
Take me far away from this place
Ask why, why I'm here
This heart aches nothing new
And you'll leave, me with out a trace
And when your lead away your to close to feel me
Your to close to know what you need to see me

(I'm just an average man holding out my hand) [repeat]

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