Dark Lyrics


1. A Dying Flame

As I slowly close my eyes
I can see what I once had
Screaming out loud but no one hears
Surrounded by emptiness
I clench my teeth to hold back the tears

The fire that burned is now dying down
I cannot hope no more
Do not dare to believe
Erased emotions, denial of lust
I fear the pain of being left alone

Lies to myself, just want to forget
Years of joy turns to despair
Tries to get through the mist of love
And I cry along the way

Thoughts goes around in my bitter mind
Confused, tries to understand
My soul is empty, Im dying inside
I want to find the path that leads back to life

2. The End... And Here We All Die

Guilty, guilty as sin
Guilty of putrefaction
Feels it tearing up the heart and soul
Of the world that I once knew

I blame you humanity
Now its gone
The world is crying
And here we all die

Leaving footprints filled with despair
Storming through what was so beautiful
All I see is ashes of life and beauty

You will never see another day

Marching like thousands of soldiers
Destroying everything
The sun turns black in front of my eyes
The moon is crying

A disease without vaccin
Spreads like wildfire
I call you guilty
But do you know what it is

I blame you
You are guilty
Guilty of putrefaction
This is the end

3. Nightfall

The night is falling over the darkest souls
Infinity is calling out
To everyone who knows the pain of hearts broken
The agony of one word spoken
A story told of suffering and pain
Of love and hate
A lullaby of lies and blame

A time of dreams we shared
The love we made on the darkest night
Shining through the shallow mind
Deceiving voices telling lies
The truth never spoken
An endless choir of sighs

Sun is rising on another day
Watching shadows disappear
Whispered secrets in the shallow mind
Screaming, crying, missing, fear

Night is falling over the darkest souls

4. Princess Of Twilight

My blood I gave to thee my love
So pale and beautiful
My creature of the night

Darkness calls you to me
Enchanting eyes cold as ice
Looking right through me

My soul you took away

Kisses filled me, emptying me of my being

My luscios vampire
You beauty of night
Take my hand and lead me
To the grave of light

Rivers of blood
Running from your eyes
Oh why, my love
Cant you take me
Oh why, my love
Wont you slay me

So pale and beautiful
My creature of the night
Take my soul and lead me into twilight

5. Into The Unknown

As I roam along the path
Between life and death
Shattered dreams
Seem to be all there is left

So please bring me forth
And show me the way
Be my guide and lead me right

Bursting out in tears
As the agony lays heavy on my shoulders
And misery burns like a fever inside me

Memories that should be buried and forgotten
Haunts me when I sleep
An emotionally devastating nightmare
That never seems to end

This tragedy in wich I live
Harvest the last pieces
That are left of my miserable soul
This endless sorrow of mine devours me slowly
So please bring me forth
And show me the way
Be my guide and lead me right

6. Memento Of Emotions

Oh beloved one
You have given me precious memories
Which I will always remember
You are and shall forever be in my dreams
My everything...
You seduced me and found the key to the portal
The portal that leads
To the very depth of my heart
With a sweet caress
You opened the gate of eternal lust
My everything...

In a divine spell I was held
Almost as in a fairytale
Embraced by your love, body and lust
My everything...

...Deeper and deeper I sink
Into the mist of melancholy
Fragments of precious moments we had
In memory forever
In dreams and imagination

An everyday growing emptiness
Hurts as if a piece of my life has vanished
Dismal thoughts of desolation
Grieves in my mind

I cry tears in solitude
I cry my tears for the loss of my everything

The pain inside from a broken heart
Tears my soul apart
The greatest passion of all
Fading away

Forever lost...
Emotions which now
Only seem to exist in my dreams
Emotions which now seems to be
Forever lost

7. The Beautiful Flow Of An Autumn Passion

The beautiful flow
Of an autumn passion
Silently embraces In its mistful darkness

The october moon
Spreads its pale dim light
Like a silken caress
Over the midnight landscape

The beautiful flow
Of an autumn passion
So pure and vast
Like the sky of an october night

In an almost mysterious tranquillity
A glorious moment of passion
Takes its shape
In the great season of tragedy

The beautiful flow
Of an autumn passion
Silently embraces
In its mistful darkness

The beautiful flow of an autumn passion

8. Dirge Of The Masquerade

A whisper of fantasies
Like choires in the wind
Graceful sweet poetry
In the ear of the lover

A poem of bloodstained roses
Shared in an oath
A serenade of desire
And celestial lust

Enchanting voices dying
Soon to be gone
Slowly sleeping away
Never to be heard again

Crimson love set ablaze
By the velvet words that are spoken
In a masquerade of deceitfull illusions

Tasting the nectars of passion
Given by the scarlett woman
Of the everlasting masquerade
Diabolic and seducing
As a spell of the passionate sirens

Promised eternal passion
Fallen in debris
Never to be forgotten
The end of lovers dream

A sombre portrait
Of a dreaming lover
Pledged to a bride
Of the masquerade

...and so the princess of twilight
disappeared into the unknown.
And then when nightfall came
the beautiful flow of an autumn passion
faded away like a dying flame.
The only memento of emotions
she left was the dirge of the masquerade

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