Dark Lyrics


1. Strike Back

Hate, fury and rage inside
Something is breaking my heart again
Screams, cries come out from there
The beast is back one more time tonight

Sea of beats in the shadows
Between tears, screams and blood
Falling down into darkness
We have to fight, this must be stopped

Strong against the weak
Always the same naked truth
Strong against the weak
When is all of this going to end?
Strong against the weak
You just need to raise your head (and prove yourself)
Strong against the weak
Leave your fears behind, you can strike back

I see too many things that I don't like
Too many things that make me cry
Too many people that must disappear

2. Purity

She blinded my eyes as lightning shines away
But didn't stop at that pure light
As then the thunder shocked my heart, shocked my soul
Enlightening my life like fireflies light my desires
Heavenly voices keep on ringing in my head

Two pure stars dance in the sky
I need your fire, I need your passion
Shadows disappeared

The lady of the snow has shot an arrow straight into my
My soul replenishing pure energy
It must be an angel coming down to earth from time to time
My love, spread your wings, teach me to fly, show me the
Way to purity

The pleasure that comes over my soul
That's a new dimension for me
The shudder through my body feeling
To feel the sun of summer days
The snow falling out there in a cold winter night
Dancing in the rain

3. The Constant Of Chance

Aware this desperate escape, it will not last forever
I feel stronger every minute, stronger every hour
Just need a few things to imitate, I will start again
Keep my eyes wide open, and wait for the moment to become someone else

I'm getting lost like the trace of a line that moves in circles but can't be followed
A vision of a true belief slipping out of sight
I still can hear the music of chance
Searching for my eleven time thieves
And soon I will know what I want to believe

Yearning for myths to feed this fake, and self imposed this cruel hunger
Gather my strengths, paint over dirt, I have set myself a goal
Dead calm by the end of the night, drifting away from reality
No hope no fear no chance, I would have never gone away

4. Emotions Of Time

Standing, watching as the world keeps turning, never resting
Another winter meets an end, from dawn to dusk
The days pass by ticking forever away

Seeking a sanctuary, to hoard all emotions
A special place to survive
A fragile planet, time is everything
Must act to ignite my hopes

All thoughts and inspirations entwine with all my dreams
When darkness turns to shining light, another day
Beckons me
Time to create all those dreams, time to create reality
Establish tomorrow's life

The waves crashing to the shore
Echo loud.
Just for a moment silence falls
I catch my breath
Before again
The tide leaves shimmering sands

Sunshine warming up the room casts shadows
Spring and summer turn to autumn
Seasons changing constantly
As leaves fall to the ground
Trees stand haunting above, life carries on
Nature's peace will comfort me

5. Muse

When I thought love was not made for me
Like a sending angel you appeared in my life
When I thought that I would never find you
Destiny gave me the present of my life

So far and so near
Wishing to feel your body close to me
Wishing to say how I miss you and give you my heart

I hope I never wake up of this dream
Where you are the muse of inspiration
The star that shines my way
The angel of my best fantasies
Wherever you are, you will always be with me
You took my heart with you, you stole my soul forever
Wait for me in paradise

I can't believe how lucky I was to have you in my life
Sharing with you the deepest secrets of my soul
I never thought you would fill the emptiness of my heart
Making me feel alive again

I can't imagine a future without you
Without your passion, without your tenderness
Without hope to feel you everyday close to me
I won't let you go, you will live forever in me

6. Fatal Obsession

I never thought you would come to this point
I never imagined you would lose your head in this way
You never showed me what you really felt
I never knew who you really are
You never valued me enough
Now you're alone and lost, missing me
I just want you to know it
I don't wanna know anything else about you

Forget me now, let me breathe
You'll never control me again

I offered you all and you wanted more
Always was the same
Now it's too late
To make a change
I offered you all and you wanted more
Always inside of your mind
But now you have lost your chance
I won't give it to you again

Overcome, abandon, ask for help
Disappear from my life, leave my world
Close you eyes, giving up, this is finished
Set my spirit free

7. Road Of Hope And Death

Get in a boat
Looking for a chance
To get – some dignity
Get in a floating coffin
Looking for the way
To leave poverty behind
Take a risk
Looking for their dream
To get a better future
A new world of hope and death
It opens in front of them

Promised land, it's the end of their destiny
Promised land, it's the end of their pain and fear

A road of hope and death
Between lies and desperation
The price they have to pay
For a road of hope and death

A road of unknown direction
With tragic ending
Killers without compassion
Send them to hell
This is a homage to brave people
Who fight
To find freedom
This is a song for the people
Who died trying to find justice in life

8. Sweet Loneliness

Silence is surrounding me
Nothing disturbs my moment
I can breathe
I can breathe peace in here
I'm a castaway inside of me

Stay here with me
Keep my mind so clear
I've looked for you a long time
Don't leave me now

I've found the light that guides my life
I've seen the will that hides in me
At the end I feel it
I can reach my spirit
I can fix my flaws

Stay here, save me
From the chaos of my mind
I've looked for you a long time
I won't let you flee

Sweet loneliness that gives sense to soul
Sweet loneliness that keeps me out of lies
A wonderful silent and empty haven, great solitude
Sweet loneliness in perfect harmony
A magical place to achieve my dreams
A meditation to vanish my scars
A void that rewires time to my awakening

There is time for everything
There are moments to share
There are things to live together and forever
But you will be there when I need you, you will be there…

9. Heroes In The Dark

It's sad to feel my heroes in the dark

I need much more from you
You spoiled my dreams and fun
To enjoy your gift all my life
You made me feel as I could fly
While listening your amazing voice
Reaching my soul making me tremble

What a pity not to be able to enjoy your magic
What a pity not to be able to feel new sensations
What a pity not to be able to listen your voice again

Heroes of my youth and now
Why did you prive me of your art
I can't get your voice out of my head
Heroes in the darkest cave
Get out and show your best again
Don't reject this gift that nature gave to you

The fear of losing you
Your voice falling silent
I can't imagine the emptiness that would remain in me

10. Feel The Passion

Illusions that keep us alive
Dreams that make us feel free every night
Tears of rage, pain or happiness
Lasting memories that make us feel good

To love, to hate, to cry, to smile
Feel the passion of
To wish, to laugh, to fuck, to admire
Feel the passion of

Feelings that make us reach our paradise
Feelings that make us burn in bloody hells
The constant search between living or being alive
Feel as if there were no tomorrow

The pleasure to love, the pleasure to hate
This is the only way that make us feel free
The pleasure to touch, the pleasure to share
Don't lose the only chance that life brings to us

Love from the depths of your heart
The drug that will make you daydream
Live the passion every time you can
Feel the fire hitting the ice
Open your eyes, stepping forward
The world may be under your feet again

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