Dark Lyrics


1. Before That ... (Intro)


2. Invented Martyr

You are the god of darkness, you bring decay.
You build the future from ruin you have caused.
You sit on your throne as Ceasar and you turn towards the people,
Turning your thumb towards the ground.
The speech you prepared swings masses into the dreams that you will be the one,
Who brings a properus future, that you don't just promise things,
Do you everything for us and too make us free. For our release from misery.
You die as a martyr in front of thousands and thousands but this is only an appearence,
You will rule forever and give Death. But I will be your hangman once!
I will make the flame of embers to set the stake on fire under you!
Your bloody hands and black heart will be purified.
My deed is not guide by hate, but by common sense and hope.
Hope for being released from the misery.
This hope falls into dust because your successor comes to continue your tradition,
The greedy killing.

3. Blindness Towards The Light

Everyday you wake with doubt and fear.
You fall to your knees for a better day.
Your greed happy, preaching hippourites try to hold,
What you can't grasp.
For believe in a saviour who gave blindman light and nealed the crippled,
Crucified for our sins, but where's he now to help?!
You wait for a star to fall from the sky to bring forth a better change
But now that star has lost its light as falls towards the earth.
You think you understand eternal dream but you don't they do.
They live off you.
I say pride, I wait for forgiveness from the masses,
They say faith but I believe in myself and my life.
You who don't take look into yourself or say who you are.
You say you have values? You are just victims in this world of everlasting darkness.

4. Emotions That Slowly Die

Where is the point, when you say: ENOUGH?! The pride, the anger make you so cold.
There is a deep gulf between us, it's hard to overcome. To fear the first step.
The distance's getting longer. Real problems, silent people. Wounded pride,
Seeking the way out, offendness, fear. Emotions, that slowly die, become hate.
When were we sincere to each other? Lack of understanding pushes us so far.
Supposed or real insults burn inside of us. Our pride keeps us back to talk about them.
Growing distance between us. Can we look in each other's eyes? Can we talk sincere?
No, we'd rather choose a tragic way. What's redemption? What will it bring for us?
Disappointment, forgiveness. You hurt inside. Can you change what can't be changed?
Destroying everything we've built up. We'll pay a stiff price for our past mistakes.
Did we really want it?

5. The Birds Fly Again ....


6. The Wound In My Bleeding Soul

A memory from the past, I'm in its power, a feeling, that's in my soul.
I'd like to believe it all didn't happen but the past can't be wiped,
Can't be destroyed. Disappointment brees me out.
I'm wounded by your words like a bleed stabbed into my heart
That's painted red by my blood. Arguments and feelings fight inside me.
This fight can only be fought alone. All my power concentrated on victory.
The end just depends on me. (this fight pain me) I fear to lose.
Commited crime?
Forgiveness! Bleeding soul? Love! This is that keeps me alive,
Gives power to me to forgive. The bleeding wound heals up,
But the scar remains and makes me remember (forever)

7. After That ... (Outro)


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