Dark Lyrics


1. Follow The Dead

Set your life on fire
And leave without a trace
Whore of the angels won't save you now

The silence so intense
Blood thicken in rusted veins
No word of hope to keep you safe

Fuck you!

Look what has happened to us
We drown in despair
Time won't heal those wounds
Shattered and hollow we are
Follow the dead
Faster in suicide race

Lethal dose of hate
Shoot down the useless clowns
And feed the demon in my heart

Not scared to burn
Smell cold blade - violent game
Stabbing the victimized right now

That's right!


Sick will to suck you dry
And rape the dawn of perfect day
Straight down to hell is where we go

Self-made bullet hole
This is the final of the ends
Slaughter the innocence inside

2. Snake Legion

Suburban devils
The darkening skies
Damaged sanity disciples
The gathering of raging tribes
Believe in nothing
Drained youth brigade

The cruel deal is done

Street hate inferno
We are the cancer - all sins and vermin
This modern death
Create infection - twisted design
Men without eyes
Speak with the dead
Despise the norms - fuel fire for war
We are the blind leading the numb

Brand new sickness intoxicates
The poison convulse
Bury your hope and holy cross
We take you back to hell

System has failed
Black dawn disaster - blind race offering
The burning times
Blood superstition - rotten rituals
New killing season
Machine flesh crushing
Chaos extreme - shotgun messiah
This is the haunting - your favourite nightmare

3. Godfather Blues

I'll make you an offer
You're not gonna refuse
Stay loyal to true friends
And protect your family
Respect those fellow men
Don't ever let them down
We're building an empire
Upon this bloodbath mess

Wipe them out
Those well related bastards
Blackmail the opposite
Deny the evidence
Partners in crime supreme
Pride and honour inside

Feed the greed
Rattlesnake blues
We've come to reign
Country ain't your blood
Take care of your friends
Season of the dead
All men in black

Got stone in my shoes
Trouble in neighbourhood
I'd burn in hell to keep you safe
No compromise - knife in his back
Squeeze the trigger
Like a fucking dogs to me

Keep your friends close
But your enemies closer
See nothing, hear nothing
While keep your eyes wide open
Killing is only a business
Has really no special meaning
And never ever forget
Even the strongest needs friends

4. Bloodsuckers. Inc.

Kill the lights!
Just terminate it!
Take a look
Nothing worth to hold there

Alone and selfish
Once glamour
Enough is enough

Seconds explode
Bring down your world
Keep on rework
Wrong side of this life

No use to pretend
Too late to get respect

Close to the stamping ground
Feels like there's bomb in your head

Lose forces
Mute and slow the feelings
So fragile
Stuck in private downfall

No time left
Sick disconnection
Hurt deeper
And get what you deserve

Need to destroy
Last chance that you were given
Never again
Yeah I've said never again
Will you find the peace in yourself

Close to the hysteria

5. Shotgun Beast

6. Together As One

7. Seven Deadly Strikes

From the eastern sands
Comes the storm
Out of the desert slaves shall rise
Sectarian worms of old faith
Sneaking conspiracy crawl

Forgotten tongues of prophets sound clear
In catacombs of purity
Extinct race awakening
Beneath the surface of seeming prosperity

Suicidal command
Death to the west
War on the heavens
Darkness upon the Christ

Phantom dragon troops
Enlighten by the morning star
The second middle age
We will reap as we have sown

From the underground
Panic blast
Out of the pits fanatics arrive
Born of dirt, fire and fear
To reconstruct this brave new hell

Seven deadly strikes
White towns flood in blood

Silent shadow clan
Exiled religious pariah
Strike at the capitols
Sword in hand of god

8. Jane Doe

Won't you heal those scars
I want this to stop, I yearn to fade away
Please god, why aren't you listening?
In silence I taste this cruel degradation
My chastity torn to pieces
I beg to feel nothing, I want the world to burn

Silent scream for help
Now kiss the child goodbye
The dove has lost her delicate wings
Through waters of disgrace
Your heart won't cherish the end
Young mother closes her tired eyes

Left undressed to die as a whore
She justifies their sins, no mercy sent
Oh please god, why won't you hold her hand?

She cries without a tears
No way to ease this pain
Fallen from grace into this hell
Could you believe in things that you've been shown
I want you to feel, can it bring you down?
Stigmatize sweet little girl
Lust for life - but raped without a chance
She sleeps with the dead and now she's calling me
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one

She plays dead, this mistreat has to cease

9. Beggars Empire

Nothing new
Senses block - tied and indifferent
Negation plan
Fragile distortion
Sudden thoughts crash
Swallow the pill and deteriorate
Bet your ass
Won't get alive from here

Down with the logic
There's no love
Torn to a bitter pieces
Pride broken

One for bring our world down
The emptiness swallows dead hearts
Adrenaline - subzero point
The end of the road - everything's wrong

Time's up
Separation request
Edges blur
You tread my pure emotions
No choice to made
Double hell impact
No one wins
Taste loss and you'll see

Swear not to be the one
Knives sharpen
In sickness and health alone
Scars scratched

Partners in crime
Our friendship pierced
Struggle state
Body armour barricade
Shut your face
Zombie ego overdose
This all must end
Another ordinary massacre

10. Evangelist Murder

Welcome to my scorn
Where evil dares not to crawl
Praise god, praise the lord
Follow the way, the truth and the light
Who said you'd be saved?
So listen to words that I preach
Your wicked means I can wash away
The lie that you've always believed

You made me god today
Now in your hour of pain

A celebration divine
Communion of new faith
Media manipulate
The ignorant leads the blind
Purgatory awaits
In false you put your trust
Disobedience is blasphemy
The death comes and all will be lost

Send generous donations
For luxuries I need
To help you find the salvation
My pleasures fullfilled

You made me god today
Now in your hour of death

I am the word that answers your every doubt
The holy truth revealed
The serpent call

I am the silent tempter that crucifies
The perilous deceiver
The Antichrist

Selfish religious infest
Deceit of trust
I heal the sick and raise the dead
To betray your soul

You made me god today
Now in the hour of end

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