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1. Death Dealer

We are degeneration
The bastard breed
Arrogant race
Brutal and vulgar elite
Suck you dry with no remorse

Loaded with crack and booze
Love to see you crawlin'
This damage we enjoy
Blood hunger - evil dream team

Servin' your serpent idols
Sick intelligence syndrome
In fear you now corrode
Facin' our victims cold

Aggressive and intensive
Misanthropic commando
We re-locate in silence
Our souls - wicked and blind

We're gonna kick your ass
Your death is now for rent
Put under the gun
Welcome to the lucky losers' club

Join the electric hellfire crew
We are the death brigade

We are the undivine
Eradicate the future
Our work has to be done
The vicious and ungrateful

Invisible and cruel
On a highway leadin' straight to hell
Too scarred to face us now
Taste the end on your knees

2. Pandemonium Avenue

Welcome to the real life
Nobody told you it'd be fair
Still heading fast and backwards
Down the nihilist boulevard

The decadence entertainment
And dirty habits soundtrack
Not even close to breakpoint
Dog days are here to date

Add my name to your blacklist
I am harbinger of end
Swallow the bullet - right now!
With dust in your teeth

Friday the 13th again
Constant flashback episode
No safe warm hiding place
Mistaken anti- attitude

Hedon outrun eruption
Hard core passion replica
Divided and imperfect
Another real time failure

The demolition pack
Negative emotions strike
Skeletons in a closet
And low-class genocide

The dead end desperation
And infomercial disquiet
It's getting' stronger every hour
'till death will do us part

3. Inglorious Bastards

People like you deserve no sympathy
Gently takin' off while it's pretty nervous
Removin' responsibility from your shoulder
Selling good intentions to the discouraged
Support the indifference with grace
Stubborn and cynic - an instant form
Down, ugly and semi-automatic
Still tryin' to tell me who I want to be

And what if someone asked for a little help
Suddenly confused in your concrete cage

Any given excuse would be good enough
To lose all but interest in me

You live in a shallow world
Stealing from the ones that care
Hopin' for a bright new day
You're not so innocent

Repeat worst case scenario
As another issue fails
This talk brings no relief
Everybody knows - we are no angels inside
Hey Mr. goodwill - dismiss the faithful
Still close to nowhere - reset reality

It seems these days are gettin' harder and shorter
How come it's possible - it's not easy to breathe

Senseless chaotic efforts - a drowning man catches at straw
The hole you're stuck in - is just where you belong

Play it again and again
How far could this go?
Would you tell me so
Completely out of hand
I'm forced to be someone else

4. Deadline

Into the aeons of darkness
We shall go
The air is too thick too breathe
And our earth collides

Ethnic cleansing closure
Downhearted and dull mankind
Follow no leaders
New global suicide

Exclude humanity
Evolution is reversed
Combat resurrection
For we are the victory

Devoted to false messiah
Disposable crusaders
Dove of peace lies torn apart
The end is close at hand

New age legion
Full metal holocaust
The treason disciples
Snake bullet cruise

Collapse faith structure
Monster phoenix unrising
Venomous fire curtains
As above so below

5. Natural Predators

Such a beautiful swansong
A frantic grand pursuit
Care freelovers' trip
Natural overdrive

Prime time serial killers
In hit and run joyride
A shotgun masterplan
Loveless and bittersweet

Let our enemies bite the dust
On their trail of tears
Don't judge us with the eye of wrath
Fire walk with us!

Dreadful and profane beasts
Damn the corrupted
Ridden with soul disease
An infernal storm we bring

Pain is the right stuff
With finger on a trigger
Private demons' ecstasy
And black widow's choke

Death toll terror
Driven by degradation
Devoted to the thunder
Nothing can stop us now

With evil in our hearts
No happy endings here
Catchin' the missin' train
We're burning down in flames

6. Serene Neon Ocean

7. Riot Starter

Down there we stand
But we won't disintegrate
Once abstract and ugly mass
Regain what's pure

Scenery bleaks
With your shoulder to the wall
Hysteria escapade
We've come for you all!

Sharpen the scythe
Eager for mainstream fall
Let the killing now begin

Hostage hunter
Addicted to the blood
Bring justice for the infirm

Declare the war
Erase the corporate
Against the conformists

Industrial hell
Proud to be renegade
We are the TNT

Practice what you preach
And authorise the fall
Instead of bursting out
Press panic button now

The cruel charade
Inspire riot act
Civilisation crash

Fury context
Purgatory extreme
And power to the brave

Down where you stand
There's no turning back
Abridge final chapter
Unbalanced trial

Sores open wide
In your air-tight cabin
No peaceful dug-out
This is the end

Attack with hate
Wolves gather around you
Dedicated to the fight
Enslave severe
Obey power command
A cannon fodder's triumph

8. Quicksilver Shadow

Tired of being alive
One with shame tonight
Between mistrust and sadness
Simply can't tolerate this
Affected and impressed
Now tell me what is wrong
Provide the possibilities
But still I won't believe

Let me tell you of brand new trouble
Deconstruct logic foundations
Like a ghost in a sun
Tryin' to explain who I want to be

What if I leave undone
And what if hope was broken
All energy is gone

What if there's no choice
And what if time is not on our side
All love is drained

This is everchanging
Perfect fragile images crash
There' no comfort
In silent room of nothing

Think for a moment
Is there any magic between
What did those words mean
How could they hurt so deep

From a corner watching
There's a different scale
Standin' numb and naked
Failure challenger's choice

9. Download Damage

Enter this fantastic future
Surfin' down straight to inferno
Delete trust and understanding
This communication breakdown

Feedin' the digital demon
Save me as an ego breakdown
Download self-destruction
System scheme fatal update

Let me introduce myself
For I control the limitations
World wide watchdog - perfect godmachine
I analyze, I uncreate

Solution: revolution
For all the times that you were bleeding
Wish we could save the best for last
Tomorrow is no friend of ours

Scan suicide directory
And renounce the aspirations
Search only for hopeless results
Despair strike on a midnight drive

Alienation successfully
The gathering of enemies
Do yourself a favour now
Rearrange the unforeseen

We reach the point of no escape
New age fools anarchy
Please enter the serial murder number
Sinister slaughter overdose

10. How Do You Die

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