Dark Lyrics


1. Disgust


2. Masochist

The trap between her legs is her attention grabber.
Just an adaptation, not a reason to stab her.
But why does my mind consider this an evolutionary trait?
Why must she suffer from this fate?
I feel sedated in the frailness of her stature as I capture
the delicateness of her skin, her frailties - my sin.

Oh god she fucked me wild because I'm just a child.
I'm just a child playing a game.
I must be insane if I'm just fucking for the pain.
Why does she receive the blame if I'm just the same?
This is torture as we torch her.
As we torch her this is torture.
This is torture as we torch her.
Torture/Torch her.
How long will she put up with this?
When my kiss turns to piss?
Why do we get off to this?
This simple is not love!
Bitting, scratching, beating, choking, fucking.

A constant cycle, she takes out her aggressions
physically because she's sick of living her life
She bruised me when she sucked me and abused me
when she fucked me.
She bruised me when she sucked me and abused me
when she fucked me.
We all live as masochists!
We all live as sadists, it's madness.
In the midst of all of this sexual bliss affection is missed.

We all live constricted because we're addicted to
the mental pain that's inflicted.
Gratification through temptation and its sensation.
Incapable of relations, we create false elations.
Someone pays for this terrible.
The pain becomes unbearable hard.
We're all full of these scars.
I'll end the hurt with glass shards.
I'll bleed it dry as I gouge my eyes.
I'll bleed it dry as I gouge my eyes.
I'll cut away the pain I despise.
I'll cut away the pain I despise.

Never will I live for sex, pain and lies.
Never will I live for sex, pain and lies.
Never will I hurt from the plague of sex and lies.
Never will I live for pleasure and its lies.
Never will I live for disgust, filth, and lies.
Never will I hurt from you and your lies!

3. Filthy

for every child touched by her sacred tongue
for every orgasm that's reached my ears
for every night children lay to dream of her lust
fuck her to death
that fucking bitch is gonna pay
she's heartless - she's empty - she's hollow
I shuved a vacuum through her cunt but nothing came out
she can crawl into my bed but she can never crawl into my heart
I'll be the last thing she sees before she dies
using a gun to stimulate her clit
she's crying but I simply will not quit
I pulled the trigger as her moans grew bigger
I stared into her pretty eyes as I cut

as I tear at her flesh and rip that fucking slut

tear at her flesh, rip that fucking slut [x3]
rest in peace that fucking slut

bury her 6 feet closer to hell

fuck her to the grave

dig a ditch and bury the bitch

4. Malignancy

The human species would thrive better in isolation, retarded, and without the capability of annunciation.

How would we interact with one another? With joy and happiness.
Could it be that whats inferior is really superior?
A supreme being?
Socialization is a form of regression.
Therefore the measure is nonexistent for progression.
This world cant bring me to my knees when it's dead to me.
Our society's apathy will never get the best of me.

So I live in confinement because this is bullshit, I repent.
I look at a crowd of empty faces, kids who just don't give a shit.
Free thought is scorned upon.
If you're a victim you're a pawn.
Can't cut loose with no excuse.
Unaccountable, we're enslaved and can't be saved when we believe "everything happens for a reason."

To not accept our "fate" is moral treason.
We turn a blind eye to the problems of man because it's part of gods "master plan."
Centuries of religious archetypes is how this all began.
We must break free from the shackles of thought to fucking understand.
That our fear of death is what fucking kills us.
We're slaves to our gods and we can never be free.
We can never be free of the tyranny of bigotry within the bourgeoisie.
Where a system based on greed is fucking drowning me.

Just because you close your eyes doesn't mean the world disappears.
Just because you close your eyes doesn't mean the world disappears.
Just because you close your eyes doesn't mean the world disappears.

We're truly blind when our imaginations are filled with fears.
I believe in myself and my heart.
Not religious zealotry that is used to rule you and me,
Where god is made into a cheap fucking whore.
Our lord should deserve more.
So I broke free from the fallacies.
I don't need a savior because I saved myself.

5. Triumph

My thumbs are in your eyes and they keep fucking pushing

there's a leach on my neck
the fangs sink into my hips
I burnt alive and the flames were the only warmth you ever showed me.

well tonight I set your bed aflame
I live to watch you burn

face your punishment cause there is no forgiveness
I will watch your tortured existence

I live to watch you burn

your misery will take a blade to your skin
I'll be there to guide you through mutilation

from the ground I can touch the sky
despite this fight I will never die

I hope you get FUCKED DEAD

this is hell, your severed body's left to dwell
not a trick just a whore choking on a dick
your desires led to me building fires
in your home, you shouldn't sleep alone

I fucking triumph

6. Theocracy

We fucking worship our religion rather than our lord.
How long can this be ignored?
Blindly allowing persecution to be restored.
We can't afford to come to this accord.
How long will our nation allow the exploitation of their own lord for the murder and profit of those in charge?

How long will authority serve as our priests?
The deceased just increase
But we're too controlled by fear to
Detach from the evils of superstition,
Even though we have good intentions.
Degradation of those with dedication Because
"Most all those under creation will not see salvation."
This form of humanity has become fundamentalists and it's insanity.

Discrimination against anything opposing their nation "under god."
The location of Babylon must be this congregation.
We need to come to the realization
That our misinterpretation will lead to "revelations."
How many devastations must occur
Before we hold our beliefs accountable for eradication?

You pigs, I'll fucking slaughter you.
You pigs I'll fucking slaughter you.
Pressure us into this association.
Forced upon us with desperation through our own system of education,
Not providing us with enough information.
An organization of infestation.
Operation theocratic nation must face obliteration and it's desecration.

You've chained your own lord in shackles
To fight unjust wars for profit
In the name of false prophets.
Nothing of mankind is divine
& In time we will see that
We do not protect human life
Because of this hypocrisy.
There is no value for life
When we're stuck in this strife,
Fighting wars of gods instead of things
Like AIDS.

Just like how we allowed anti-Semitic raids because of religious crusades.
Please do some investigation,
Use your imagination,
To pick apart this infatuation with Manifestation.

7. Xenophobia

75 percent approve of this torment, a cement wall so aliens will stop their crawl, so tall they can't climb above.
Shove them back, there's no love here.
Because our fears endless years of tears will fall upon us.

Building a wall to keep them out?
I'm highly in doubt.
More like building a wall to keep us in because we're still judging by skin and so-called "moralists" are blind of the sin.

How can God justify this?
Created to exist not to be dismissed into an abyss of our ignorance.
The wickedness is knowing of their gratefulness.
Suppressing as this nation is regressing.
Stuck in reverse can we inverse this curse?

My family is not accepted in land that was once there's before they were redirected, disrespected, rejected, and infected, dissected to be contrived.
Manifest Destiny has survived and is being revived.
In a nation of all this evil I demand an upheaval!
If this wall was built before I was born I wouldn't even be alive to mourn.

8. Incinerate


In the end you will be laid to rest where you belong
Bathed in the flames
For your hatred, your ignorance
You're the symbol of masculinity, a true King Kong


I will stand up for those who have suffered
Been crucified by your insecurities [x2]

You cant say what love is
When you're castrated!



That I've been given
I will use to crush bigotry
And defeat intolerance!
With bodies ablaze, bodies ablaze
Sadly no ones,
There to push you in the flames
So throw another stick in...

And I swear
With every ounce of strength I have

In the sticks lays your worthless body
Keep fucking screaming

And with your eyeballs boiling...


9. Sadist

Today we have all become murderers.
Can you imagine paralysis through your own suffocation?
Choking to Death with no escape, as you're tortured even you will believe you're guilty of rape.

Unable to move to struggle from the pain. if only they believed you were insane.
Your eyes won't even open to let the tears out, as if your glands were ripped out or in a prolonged drought.

No one give a fuck, and no one gives a shit.
You deserve it, even through your innocence.
The truth doesn't matter because lies can shatter.
Wrongfully accused.
The prosecutors powers abused.
They can't keep their jobs if they fucking lose.

But we're all victims, succumbed to our primitive emotions, such a fucking disgrace.
If the system is flawed why must we still act a abroad and allow this fraud?
Why are we still so attached to the past?
The human mind is unsurpassed.

Hypocrites, we eat their bullshit.
We allow anyone to suck our dicks.
Fuck this old way of thinking, if this is all in the name of god why are you drinking?
Why are you getting fucked like a whore and still begging for more?

You crave your dick so thick, I long for a brick to this fucking trick.
You make the move down south.
Just to taste cock in your mouth.
The deepest question you will ever ask, shall we fuck fast or try and make it last?
All I can hear in my head is a shotgun blast.
All I can see in my head is blood splattered so vast.
Your claimed religion is stretched so thin.
Your morals are just drawn from a book.
You pick and choose which ones you want and never take a second look.

So through your eyes the lord in the skies justifies your veracious lies.
But does it even matter to you?
To worship the lord without religion is a fucking taboo.
You've become so askew asking forgiveness for everything you do.
I won't subdue, I won't miscontrue, our way of thinking is long overdue.
This is a blinding light.
This is an endless fight

10. Swine

(Flesh of a pig)

It's not fair that we will never see our share,
That our earnings are in the hands of those who don't care.
So planes can fly in the air,
dropping bombs & waging warfare.
Declare despair on the unaware to continue to spend like trillionaires.
While using prayer,
but the lord isn't there to be compared,
& to be used to scare anyone who even dares.

Bitches get stitches,
the world is fucked as it twitches.
Bitches get stitches,
our mother is fucked as she twitches.
Bitches get stitches,
she's fucked as she twitches.

The wrath of god is unleashed in the hands of man.
This is their plans, to infect the lands, to force everyone to meet their demands.
But god would not stand for this malice,
for government buildings to be his palace.
Suck the phallus dry because by 2007 your oil empire will slowly die.
Once it does we'll realize that this was just lies.
Until then we'll drink oil at communion.
We've convinced ourselves that excess is no sin
but can we begin to imagine tyranny with no end?

I detest this wickedness & I detest your wretchedness.
I detest this wickedness and I detest your wretchedness.
Our country is a weapon of mass destruction.
Religion is a weapon of mass destruction.
Greed is a weapon of mass destruction.
Fear is a weapon of mass destruction.
Hatred is a weapon of mass destruction.
Apathy is a weapon of mass destruction.
You are a weapon of mass destruction.
I am a weapon of mass destruction.

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Thanks to tehghostpoopy for correcting track #8 lyrics.

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