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1. Lack Of Culture

American culture doesn't even exist at all
When what we read, watch, and listen to is controlled by corporations
Independent forms of art will never be accessible to those who don't question (why dullness is shoved down our throats and how we are unable to live free without the ability to expand our minds.)
Free from censorship and cultural design
Every aspect of our limited culture was designed to control and put our minds on patrol

Your magazines, books and CDs are worthless and were created by uninspired people to be unstimulating and bore you into submission
Where your only real stimulates serve to numb the pain of capitalist rule.

American culture, or lack thereof

2. Flood Of Kings

If god is all around us, i hate everything
if this is trust, I don't see anything
Can't feel, can't see, can't breathe in a land ruled by kings
How can I ever breathe if the flood of kings will never leave?

7 plagues
7 reasons not to worship a tyrant

3. Box Of Need(les)

Another's reality exhausted all your dreams
I'll scatter your ashes on television screens
Quit living on the edge of your seat when you can live soaring off your feet

Stress, take time to shake it off
Lethargic, gotta work it off.

(Are you dipping your hands in the box of needles)

Cause once you do, you can't take it back
Your hands will ache till you can't grasp the fact
That once you do, you can't take it back
Too numb to itch because your hope turned black

The scenes change but life stays the same
At the crown of t he flame you're still just a name
Quit living chained to your seat when you can break free and flourish on your feet.

Betrayer, turn it off
They wanna kill us off.

Are you dipping your hand in the box of needles?
Cause once you do, nothing stays gold
Strangers are dangers for you to extol
You sold your heart to the beast ablaze
There's no hope for better days.

No faith and no hope.


4. Crown Of Thorns

How long will our emperor wear the crown of thorns?
As long as he who sits upon the throne wears horns
How long will it be till we reclaim the throne?
As long as love remains cold like stone.

There is no escape from the chains of oppression
No hope of light outside the walls of depression
The highest peak was overcome by the flood of kings
The final grains of salt, stolen on vulture wings

To those adrift who can't find shore, no land is worth searching for
To those lost who can't find home, no shelter will make you feel less alone.

Heaven's sky will rain
Reign black
Heaven's sky will forever reign black as the notion it's not hours to take back
The power has always been ours!

When your mind is darkened with doubt, you can't find a way out
When your greatest sea droughts, there's no way out.

Defend the crown
the power belongs to free minds, not those who lead the blind
Defend the crown

But the problem is there's no way out
No way out

5. Plague Of Insects

No strength to carry on, carry me, carry me
I feel your hand slipping and it's scaring me
All my dreams have died
Push mountains and I'll sing into their valleys and subside

Difference is yet to hold hands
While we swim like fish and fly like birds, we are still yet to hold hands
Our greatness was gathered into an oasis
Which the plagues stirred t he sands and swarmed us in it's barren lands.

The sea of tears swallowed us in its tide
Facing death, no reason to go on
No one tried
You were my waking breath
you were my hope of those facing death

No strength to carry on, carry me, carry me
I feel your hand slipping and it's scaring me
All my dreams have died
Push mountains and I'll sink into their valleys and subside

I am withering life
Angel carry me through trauma and strife
For i am dying faith in love, hope, and life
Carry me in the comfort of angelic wings
I've spent seasons of no springs.

I hope you find new home in dead dreams
Where in fading heart, new light gleams
For when there i s no light, one can't live dreams
The plague of insects swallowed our last screams.

There's no savior in you
There's no savior in me
There's no savior in anything.

There's no savior.

6. Pride Of Lions

And all her beauty you have turned so vile
Oh daughter of Zion

Can love and hope ever conquer the power and pride of lions?

Unholy, desolate, and war torn
Her lands could steal no breath

If you swallowed your pride you would choke to death.

7. Curse Of God (Pt. 1)

Grim heart
No love, no life, no light
Dismal days fade
Angel take flight

Through the hurt she takes and her heartbreaks
She must realize, she is the power of a thousand earthquakes.

Extinguish t he torch of two thousand years oppression, which burns with her
Cast its remains to the void
Her chains are destroyed
Devour t he wretched in their own scorn
At last love is reborn
Strolling alone at night in fear, like her freedom disappeared
Devour the swine in their own scorn
At last love is reborn

I will always be there to comfort you, to understand you, and love you
At last love is reborn.

8. Fountain Of Life (Pt. 2)

As long as the fountain of life can't flow, no man will ever know what it's like to have to struggle through life in constant strife.

Where they feel superior and empowered, i feel humbled
And where they see failure and weakness, I see beauty and grace through the bleakness

I will fight for you when their power strikes you down
When on your back and no help's around
When your courage has been so degraded, no hope is found.

1 out of 3
Our sisters aren't free

9. Lions Of Judas

I once felt your embrace shroud me in bright days, I spent in ignorance, bathed in golden sunrays
But with every light comes a dark gloom, and i sensed cold under the silver glow of the moon
There's no second coming
No hope at all
God watches us crawl and will watch humanity fall.

There's no greater good or strength to gain from a diabetic son
So why has god given my family more than one?

You wouldn't seek answers from ghosts of shepherds
So why are we speaking to ghosts, speaking to clouds, and burying doubt into the conformity of crowds?
I'd rather be in this cold world, all alone than to feel the warmth of drones worshiping the throne.

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