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1. For Our Liberty

In the western forests, by the endless sea
Surrounded by forces of the enemy
Legions of the twilight had come to take their land
Yet all those tales of conquest were written in sand

Celtic warriors gather, watch the cauldron boil
Drink the magic potion, defend your native soil

Fight for your heartland side by side
Into darkness you will ride
Taunt the wrath of gods and set it free
Fists in the air we will resist
Legions lost in Gallic mist
Stand together for our liberty

Ancient mighty druid, wisest of the wise
Keep the secret safer than your own true eyes
Smallest of all warriors, take them on alone
Strongest of all warriors, carve our deeds in stone

Not a single one of the invaders shall withstand
Those who dare to march ashore will feel our iron hand

See the iron walls around their village
Yet they never would enter the realm of fear
Raise your standards, fly the Roman eagle
Hope is most likely born when the end is near

2. Into The Future

I live my dream, my guitar is a time machine
A magic journey to the land of the free
I start to play, Heavy Metal is the only way
To fly into the dream again

Run to the iron hills
Where the eagles fly free
Fly like the Icarus
From here to eternity

One - mighty bass from hell
Two - feel the drum machine
Three - guitars start to scream
Four - hear the voice of steel

I'm running free, I am back in the 70's
To see the birth of the iron priest
The rise of British steel, Metal god and scream machine
Purple smoke on the water I see

See the rainbow eyes
A light in the black behind
From the dark star came
The master of reality

The beast of steel brings me back to the 80's
The kings of Metal await me
In the mighty hall of the steel and mountain king
I hear the call of the Metal gods

Sign of the hammer soul
Hail and kill, man of war we call
Back into the future now
Follow the path of the elves

3. Guardians Of The Underground

Black is the night, black like never before
Death is pillaging the lands evermore
The time of truth and faith seems to be long gone
Long has our music been declared dead
Lies have been spoken, our fire’s what they dread
Don’t they know the guardians still do stand as one

Children of darkness, fire and faith
Daughters and sons of the gods
Tonight in our blood the oath is sworn
Never surrender, never we’ll kneel
Never we’ll lie to our hearts
Tonight we stand as one and raise the horns

Fires burn in the night
Hearts of steel are sworn to fight
Guardians of the underground
You’ve been lost, now you’re found
By the spirit we are bound
Guardians of the underground

They are the stage warriors without defeat
They write the chronicles for all to read
They will supply the world with the magic sound
They are the ones who will come to the show
They tend the fire the chosen few know
The heart of Metal is beating underground

Swordbrothers and Headbangers
Keep It True and real
Play It Loud and Up The Hammers high
Long Live Metal, feel the Metal Rage of British Steel
The Dragon’s Breath is rising to the sky

4. Moria

No light in the darkness, we’ve opened the gate
No chance to turn back, it’s far too late
Onward through blackness where eyes cannot see
The ancient realm of the dwarves entered we

Magic still lives where they carved for the gold
Caves long forgotten yet great to behold
The silence and dark fills our hearts full of gloom
Welcome to the ancient realm of Khazad-Dûm

Of these halls the bards still sing
Balin, dwarflord, mountain king
Once filled with life, now they’re all gone
Yet the spirits of Moria still live on

Moria – with fearful eyes behold its gates
Moria – behind the light the dark awaits
Moria – where Lugburz prepares for attack
Moria – on the bridge there’s no turning back

In the Chamber of Records we found Balin’s tomb
The mountain king stood brave until he met his doom
Then silence was broken by drums in the deep
And evil beyond measure awoke from its sleep

Hunted by the demons of fire and pain
We fled through the halls that gave darkness its name
Until there was no way out and Mithrandir fell
Beneath the great mountain just a taste of hell

In brightest light the sun burns red
We’d leave our dear friend there for dead
Escaped from the darkness, our hearts in despair
Our hope vanished in the fire demon’s lair

5. Enflaming Demands

What could there better be to do
Than live our lives in genial rooms
But don’t you rest - it’s time to realize
For everyone to live this life

Lights turned off, a quaking ground
I realize the fear around

Anywhere here in a ball of fire
Anyone brought a bleeding desire
Enflamed demands to have reasons to kill
Effecting thousands being thrilled

Religious paces
Reactionary ways

Idealists are writing scripts
But chances of one world get chained
Appointed - having the boldness to claim
Telling what people want

Anywhere in a ball of fire
They bring a bloody desire
Enflaming demands to have reasons to kill
Causing thousands being thrilled

Hundreds of years ago
They formed these three different worlds
Treated less of equality
Now a screaming need for welfare

Finally ending in balls of fire
Martyrs bring a bloody desire
Paying back years of thrilling
Have chosen now the way of killing

Religious paces
While working out chances (for everyone)
Reactionary ways
Won’t help to build up a free world (for all)

We need to realize global welfare
Let’s live freedom and a genial life

Bury the weapons ´cause their life means killing
Violence ain’t worth living
No one can tell me we need blood and tears
Politicians and groups stop the reign of fear

Religious paces
While working out chances for everyone
Reactionary deeds
Chain ways building one world

6. Cellars Of Doom

My heritage of wilderness, my legacy of god
Gathering rage and then it explodes
What shall be will be
What we’ll be you’ll see

Kept in the cellars of doom my friend
Tonight I will take revenge for myself
Kept in the cellars of doom my friend
Forever and ever and there’s no way turning back

The angel on my shoulder is gone
(And) the devil combines their powers in one
And he grins and he laughs because of your pain
It’s too late, all your prayers are now in vain

7. Metal Suite I

8. Metalwar

Glory, power, steel and war
Heavy Metal is the law
Fight with pride, hammer of steel
Before the gods of war we kneel
Steel forever on my side
Hammer, sword and Metalpride
Iron force of thunderbolt
We fight for honour, steel and gold

Let the horns resound for battle
All we need is pride and Metal


Metal soldiers, wild and strong
Valhalla is where we belong
Power force of glory steel
Metal is all that we feel
Metal fire, steel is king
Rhymes of wargods we will sing
Praise to glory, enemies’ blood
Dragonfire, Metal god

Thunder, black wind, fireforce
Steelhammer and Metalswords

9. Metal Suite II

10. War Of Steel

Atop the mountain of steel we stand
With our swords of steel in our hands
As we ride with our steel into battle
We will fight for the steel and the Metal

Dragonglory, mighty power
Hail the firelord
Pride of warriors, holy battle
Heavy Metal

Powerhails and thunderblood
We break the seventh seal
Eaglesword and Metalgod
We fight the war of steel

Let us fight with our steel for the king
Our voices of steel mighty battlehymns sing
The false ones will die, they don’t know about steel
A Metal secret we’ll never reveal

Powerthunder, glorious warriors
Swords of lords of steel
The posers die like cattle
Heavy Metal

On the last day when I die
I die with the warrior’s pride
But then I return from hell
Still clothed in my armour of steel
I will fight with my brothers and swords
Fight for the mighty Metalgods
We will not rest and this is no lie
Until the day when all the posers die

11. Metal Suite III

12. Metalsteel

Heavy Metal is our church and Judas is our priest
We love Heavy Metal and we live it like a beast
We wear Heavy Metal shirts and Heavy Metal trousers
We live Heavy Metal in our Heavy Metal houses
Heavy Metal life 24 Heavy Metal hours
Heavy Metal bathrooms with Heavy Metal showers
We live Heavy Metal every day till the sun sets
When night has fallen we sleep in our Heavy Metal beds


Here in Heavy Metal land we live for Heavy Metal
Eat steel and shit Metal like our Heavy Metal cattle
Heavy Metal valleys and Heavy Metal mountains
Molten Heavy Metal springs from Heavy Metal fountains
Heavy Metal armies and Heavy Metal forces
Heavy Metal cows and Heavy Metal horses
Heavy Metal is the truth and Heavy Metal’s real
Heavy Metal Metal and Heavy Metal steel

13. Metal Suite IV

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