Dark Lyrics


1. A Call To Arms


2. The Curse

I can feel you dying,
A burning pain deep inside my heart
Silent cries heard in the distance,
A deafening silence is filling the skies

I can feel your heartbeat,
A weak pulse, a sudden tremor shaking up my world
Ever longing for the warmth of your embrace
Ever driven by the lust for your blood

The curse bestowed upon me
Deadly blessing, gift of life,
Nocturnal pull towards the black
Concentrating on my goal,
Desecrating human souls,
Bloody fangs retracted from the neck

After sunset I awake,
I won't leave without a taste
It is you for whom I long
Fear and pain despite
One passionate bite,
Is all you need to extend your life forever on

I promise you eternity,
If you give me what I need
I guarantee you that your spirit will be freed

In the night I am enslaved,
Thirst for blood must be obeyed
Drawn from the one I truly love
An angelic questioned face
A chaotic bloody rage,
Life force taken, saved from going up above

When the moon invokes the need
For the innocent to bleed,
Calling on heavenly delight
Bathing in a crimson flood,
Quenching thirst with thy pure blood
Reciting prayers to a Dark Moon in the night

Return of serenity,
She lost her essence deep within
Drained veins under pale white skin

Sunrise, awaken in a pool of blood,
Silence this frightful silence sounding in my head

The sunrise fills my eyes and now I see the result
Of my nightly escapades
To the twisted pact in nocturnal black
A greater love I could not find,
Now she's lying dead on the floor
With my symbol carved into her bloodred back

One last glimpse at whom I love most
Drawing power from Unholy Ghosts

I've played my part, my blackened heart
Set for you to finally arise
Feel the pull towards the black
The conversion starts, blackening hearts
Soon you will arise... arise!
Feel the pull towards the blood
We are the night..!

3. Set In Stone

I have come from a faraway land
To fight my enemies and claim what belongs to me
As I swear revenge, I shall have the head
Of the one that slew my love so brutally

Where the blood of the ones who died in vain
Slowly flows into the stream
Of memories, moments shared so lovingly
Shall remain eternally...

Songs of battles so grim and epic fights
Our warcries [proudly] sounding in the fading light
As the sun has set, and the night awakes
We shall march towards our fate

For now it's time for another war
One that rages more than all the ones before
Fighting like there will not be a morn'
If I die, I'd proudly fall...

I would proudly fall for you
Where the hammer strikes first
My rage shall shake the ground
Merciless into the fray

The northern wind blows coldest as the storm is raging on
Yet my heart tells me this is my only home
Though I have come from lands below,
My heart is bound to (these) hills and (their purest white) snow
This is where I belong...

And yet I stand alone at dawn,
A shadow of the man I've known in another life
The virgin snow falling from the morning sky
Covers the words carved on my stone

From the moment we were born
Our doom has been decreed
No glorious end to this lost battle
Our fate is set in stone

Time is stolen, not granted
In vain is all achieved in this life
To dust all this will crumble
In the end everything die

4. Rising Of The Storm

...a vast ever-growing world of wondrous beauty,
quietly humming with magic and majesty,
stretches out as far as I can see,
and even beyond the distant horizon
the splendour of this realm does neither know nor fear any boundaries.
And yet the setting sun calls for twilight,
and brooding shadows grow ever taller.
A distant thunder rolls over the land,
as a first and final warning of the rising storm:

There will be no dawn!

By the faint light of the night,
Brightened by the shining of a waning moon
Remote bolts of lightning fill the sky
The hour draws nigh, it will come soon

The distant thunder, the rising of the storm

Shrouds of mist and clouds of black
Obscure the howling wind's vortex

The winds are crying out your name
Heavens shall weep for you tonight

Sirens singing songs of sorrow
Ancient enchanting melodies,
Soothing songs of old,
Yet their words are ever so dark
No light shines, the night is cold
And so it will be like the prophet foretold

Gazing at this lightless realm
In which the sun once reigned
Skies turned to emerald green and darkest black
Primordial wrath sent forth
From death anxiously awaits
The merciless and brutal full attack!

The winds are singing in chorus
A song of melodies so sad

Sirens wailing for their sorrow
Tearful serenades of grief
Mournful songs of times
Forgotten and long gone
No dawn shall rise, farewell to light,
No dawn shall rise, farewell to light

And in the woods the lightning strikes
The thunder rolls and daylight dies
A frightful presence roaming through the night
The storm now reigns forevermore
Unparalleled, this nature's force
Eternally negates all light!

5. Sméagol

[I. Solitude]

Under the mountains, deep in the world's core
Hiding under ancient rock and stone
There I have dwelt for a dark timeless age
In a cruel world, cold, lost, alone

Within these caverns of grim shadows
The rock surrounding me
Hides me from the light, brings me comfort
Caught underneath and yet as free
As I could ever wish to be

Under the mountain I can
Hide myself, hide my sorrow,
Hide my deepest pain and grievances of old
All my days seem like endless nights
So dark, not a single star above

Within these caverns of grim shadows
The rock surrounding me
Hides me from the light, brings me comfort
Caught underneath and yet as free
As I could ever wish to be

I can feel it, I feel it, it's near
Now is the time to come to me...

[II. The Oath]

Watching the world through corrupted eyes,
Piercing the shadow with their cruel sight
Nothing escapes from the cunning hunter's gaze
Nothing escapes in White-Face light

And so I hunt down the thief - BAGGINS!!
The traitor - BAGGINS, SHIRE!!
The filthy liar that took away my One

I alone am the rightful owner of the One
The precious, my precious-s-s-s-s-s...

[III. A Twist Of Fate]

A bleak sun rises in the East,
Yet the night's reign is prolonged
Blackest of clouds cast from Orodruin
Darkness falls upon...

...the barren land I have to cross
To aid the master in his quest
Yet my goal remains unspoken,
(I swear that) I will find no rest

Until he holds his precious One
Safe and tight in longing hands
A baneful twist of fate spells chaos
For all of Arda's lands...

For all of Arda's lands shall tremble
And despair under my reign...
They will call me, call me The Great

[IV. Sorrow And The Dreamer]

My sorrow now ablaze,
The call from the Darkland
I shall not heed...
The eye of evil flames

One part of me, corrupted by greed,
One part still dreams of old forests of green
And the beauty of all that remains to be seen
Released from this curse, unbound and free

[V. Of Reason And Lost Ones]

In the Land of Shadows
Under barren rock and ash
The final change was made
That set the final fate

Yet somewhere locked inside

6. The Serpent Strikes At Sunstone Hill Pt. I

[Part I. Night Falls Upon The Golden Hill]

A thousand years ago, before the majestic kingdom of Karan was overthrown by the armies of Chaos, one fortress remained undefeated.
A bastion of hope, guided by strength and an iron will, and a symbol of perseverance of this once so glorious realm: Sunstone - the golden hill under the morning sun.
If Sunstone would fall, all the splendour of Karan would fall to ruin and be forgotten in all ages the would follow.

As the last day in the history of Karan slowly came to an end, the Serpent Army, Choas' elite forces, had finished preparations and was ready for an all out onslaught.
A storm that would vanquish all remains of the Sunstone Keep and the last of Karan's brave people.

[Prayers of war from the castle's keep]
"The light shall shine
We will arise
Take heart, now fight
Ride north this night"

[Cries of despair arise from the city]
"The Gods have forsaken us!
Karan will kneel to Chaos and death, as the Serpent has been unleashed.
Their horror bestowed upon our keep shall leave none alive.
What carnage unfolds when the city is breached?

Sunstone is lost, for our walls cannot hold.
They shall be taken down and will crumble to dust as our guards are crushed by endless waves of Chaos' legions rushing relentlessly into the city.
Of all of Karan's proud folk, we are the last ones to fall, vet fall we will...''

...and the storm that rises takes the heart of many, yet the bravest and the boldest unite, determined to see another dawn for the kingdom of Karan.

[The captain of the guard proudly rallies his men]
"Guards of Sunstone, here we stand.
A thousand men strong, awaiting the inevitable assault that will rock the foundations of the earth, watching over the woods below from our fortress proudly standing on top of this hill.
Not once has this castle been taken, though many wars have been waged upon her walls, and a tenfold of sieges she has seen.
The glory has always been in favour of us, our battles have brought naught but bitter defeat to our foes.
Yet knowing that the forest will not reveal what spawns under her cloak, nor reveal the plans of the Serpent Army that lurk behind every fir and root...
The foes of our keep, our glory and pride hidden well within, ready to strike.
A winter moon concealed, darkest of all nights
The serpent at our gates, we are abandoned from the light
We remain vigilant, with the eyes of a hawk to watch over us We are the last of Karan.
We will stand and fight, we will not yield to thy foe. To arms!"

7. Dryads And Trolls

[Lindalë, Elven minstrel of Athelorn]
...Oh hear ye! Fair folk! Gather around
And listen to my song
A fairytale of Sylvan Dreams
And Trolls, mighty and strong

An ancient story written
In the leaves of every tree
Of Dryadfolk and magic oaks
That set the forest free

And so the tale begins
In the snowy woods of Athelorn
On a cold and misty wintermorning

When the Dryads of the North
Heard a warning from the trees
And they started to sing...

[The Elder Oak]
Listen now, Dryad folk
This here is the Elder Oak
Something's prowling through
Our most beloved woods tonight

Trolls are coming, they are near
The trees they all tremble in fear
All my branches warn me
And tell me you must hide

Oh Mother of the Woods, there must be something we can do
Although we heed your warning, know that we are not alone
We shall sing for the aid of our allies, Pixies, Sylphs and Elves
And Nymphs will come and turn the Trolls to stone

Singing for the dawn in the forest of the Dryads
At the coming nightfall we shall dance along the trees
Messengers of green, sentinels of woodland,
Bound to our magical oaks eternally, but forever we're free

Bashing and ramming our way through the trees
Slaying and eating all creatures we see
Nothing can stop us from doing as we please
Masters of the wild, the Trollish way to be

Rage, hunger, bloodlust and hate
Must find food before it's too late
Frenzied berserkers, havoc we create
Rending your flesh apart, troll-bait!!

My sisters, oh, do not despair
The Sylvan League has come to aid
In the name of the Goddess of the Woods
The Dryad Grove will remain

What is this puny creature, this useless waste of space
Annoying little treefolk called the Dryad race
Listen tiny buggers, you shall be our food
And all your magic treasure will be ours to loot

Turn to stone!

Singing for the dawn in the forest of the Dryads
At the coming nightfall we shall dance along the trees
Messengers of green, sentinels of woodland,
Bound to our magical oaks eternally, but forever...

Singing for the dawn in the forest of the Dryads
At the coming nightfall we shall dance along the trees
Messengers of green, sentinels of woodland,
Bound to our magical oaks eternally, but forever we're free

8. The Serpent Strikes At Sunstone Hill Pt. II

[Part II. Crushing The Golden Gates]

[The Serpent Army prowls underneath the forest cloak]
"Gather, all ye warriors. Hearken! Our leaders call forth their troops!''

[The battalion leaders order their legions to war]
"Legions of Chaos, this campaign will be over soon.
One by one, the cities of Karan knelt to our furious blades and fell to our unparalleled might.
Sunstone is the last pathetic attempt of defense by this pitiful kingdom of worthless savages, yet crushed it will be.
Hear the screams of terror arise from behind the city's walls; hear the cries of despair fill the darkening sky.
There is swift defeat for our enemies, yet long and gruesome suffering, as a bloodthirsty flood of Serpents form ranks!
We will annihilate their last legions.
Leave none standing! To battle!"

[Sunstone soldiers awaiting the final battle]
"My lords, fires in the night light the castle wall.
They are here! The storm is drawing near and we are trapped like rats on a sinking ship.
We must keep fighting for our lives, fight until we fall, for there is no other way.
Sunstone must prevail!"

...and a darkness falls, the magnificent sight of a thousand sharpened spears and swords gleaming in the fading light marks the last sunset ever beheld by Karaner eyes.
Thunder boars in the distance and lightning fills the sky as torches are lit throughout the forest, and the Serpent Army sets out to the gates of the Golden Hill.

[Sulthus, Prime Serpent warrior]
"Torturing one's enemy is a principle of warfare
Greatly underestimated by the noble clans
In the name of honour we shall let them follow and their righteous codes
As we burn them all alive, let the Serpent take their lands. To War!!"

[Prayers of war from the castle's keep echo in the night]
"The light shall shine
We will arise
Take hearth, now fight
Ride north this night"

[Harsh voices sound the attack - Battlesong of the fearless Legions of Chaos]
"March to the Golden Gate
Set their precious nest ablaze
These men are weak, they won't escape
There's no place left to run

This city is the last to fall
Take it down! Destroy it all!
Their reign will be forgotten
Their kingdom gone

Cleave a path through Karan flesh
Split their skulls and break their backs
We will end it all this night
Never shall they see the light again!''

..And thus it began...

9. The Disciple Of The Night Under A Starless Sky

[Part I]

[Arlen, High Priest of the Crystal Palace]
...and suddenly...
The Sign of Lor, that warded the ancient tomb of the Adamantine Heart, Guardians of the Crystal Palace, shone heavily in the night.
There, where light and darkness fought their epic battles, shadows leaped into existence, dueling on either side.
But what many failed to see, was he who was darker than the shadows.
Fighting furiously, pounding like the Dragon'sheart, yet carefully considering every single move.
...it was...
The Disciple of the Night under a starless sky

Ancient graves were violated
Undead awoken by the light
Long gone forces recreated
Joining the Disciple in the fight

[The Army]
Lain to rest, ancient warriors
Revenge! Revenge!

[The Army of the Adamantine Heart]
Put to death by ancient swords
Aeons have passed on since we died
Rejoined honourbound for the Disciple

[The Legion of Steel]
For the glory of the Crystal Palace
And the pride of our beloved lands
We'll unite our forces,
The shadow army will fall by our hands

[The Army]
Lain to rest, ancient warriors
Through magic reborn, revenge! Revenge!

[The Legion of Steel]
For the honour of our king and country
The splendour of our beloved lands
The flame still burns underneath the ashes
We'll crush the enemy with our bare hands

[Part II]

...and so the Legion of Steel battled bravely against the storming hordes of the former Adamantine Heart, slaying the shadows by the hundreds.
But they kept on creeping into the dark halls.
Knowing they would never be able to win this battle by the might of their blades alone, one of the Legion's lieutenants, Jindereth, fought his way through the evil hordes, in order to reach the Sign of Lor.
Realizing that if he failed to close the seal, the Legion would be overrun, and the Crystal Palace would fall...

Follow me into the shadow horde
The path is leading to the Sign of Lor
If I have to sacrifice my life, then I will
With my death I will stop this war

Bring the dead their eternal rest
By closing the Adamantine's Tomb
And bring peace to the Crystal Palace once more

[The Army]
Men of ancient glory wield thy magic blades
Adamantine Heart Guards shadow sentinels
Stand together to avert our tragic fate
Stand together!

[The Disciple of the Night]
Or be damned back into Hell!

Follow me!!

[Part III]

...the battle was long and exhausting, but Jindereth and his strongest soldiers managed to get within reach of the Sign of Lor, using flares and torches to keep the shadows at bay.
But then...
Coming through line after line of shadow warriors, a tall dark figure stepped up towards the Legion of Steel, holding his cold Nightblade high above his head, loudly cursing at Jindereth...

[The Disciple of the Night and the Army of the Adamantine Heart]
Who are you to enter our sacred resting place?
The power of our immortal souls has opened up the seal
From the hour of our demise, since our deaths aeons ago
We have sought revenge and we will reveal our true face

[Jindereth and the Legion of Steel]
For the glory of the Crystal Palace
And the pride of our beloved lands
We'll unite our forces
The shadow army will fall by our hands

For the honour of our king and country
The splendour of our beloved lands
The flame still burns underneath the ashes
We'll crush the enemy with our bare hands

To battle and victory!!

[Part IV]

...the Legion of Steel, under Jindereth' s command, charged towards the seal.
Many brave soldiers found a painful death in that desperate run.
Those who survived could feel the magic pouring out of the tomb, and penetrating their bodies, when suddenly...
...Big flashes of lightning filled the sky, followed by deafening thunder, which numbed even the bravest souls.
But one man was left standing, high on top of the tomb, bathing in bright sunlight shining through the clouds.
It was him, he had done it!
Jindereth had managed to close the seal!
Yet. As he stepped down, he felt the Disciple's icy Nightblade thrusting into his back.
In his fall, he made one final swing with his sword, and slew the Disciple of the Night, sending him back into the fiery abyss that is now his final resting place

[The Legion of Steel]
For the glory of the Crystal Palace
And the pride of our beloved lands
He has slain the Disciple of the Night
While his life was slipping through his hands

For the honour of our king and country
He has accepted the fate he met
For the future he sacrificed his life
Thy name will be remembered brave Jindereth

Thy name will forever be remembered in these lands

10. Running With The Wolves Of War

We march!
For tonight we hail amongst the ranks of our scar-ridden, battle-tested pack, a great hunter.
A comrade. A soul mate. A brother we knew that always failed.
Our pack is completed, our blood flows thick, so full of power.
Stronger than ever, We ride into the fray.

Running with the Wolves of War
Never fear pain nor death
We are pack! We are as one
Reddening our fangs and claws
Sinking our teeth deep into the flesh

A silent oath
As we are one, so we shall roam
Bound, yet not shackled by our blood
True natures gift, this bond alone
Shall always last, our foes will not survive

We march!

Brothers and sisters, take heart
For battle draws nigh
Prepare for frenzied slaughter
And rush into the fight

Our enemies fall in vast numbers
Blood spewing forth from severed limbs
Our hordes shall remain unconquered
Forever crowned the Forest Kings

We march!
For tonight we shall prevail in savage battle once more, and lay ourselves to rest beside our enemies' ravaged flesh.
Our victory shall be heard and feared throughout these vast lands that are ours.
The world is in our hands, yet we care not.
Tonight we march for the reign of these woods.

We march!
We are the Wolves of War, haunting the woods as the guardians of old.
Woodland spirits awaken to our call.
Thus it has always been. Thus have we walked. Thus it shall ever be.
Thus shall we fall when the new pack arises and answers our call.
The Call of the Wolf - The Wolves of War.

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