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1. Coronation


2. Say You See Why So

Did we settle this with riffs and words that meant the world to us?
See how we run?
Aren't we two blind mice?
Here's the words I never said since your teary dismay.
See how you run as you cry from my driveway.
"You've said what you've said now let me, let me go home.
And you've done what you've done now let me, let me move on.
Please let me go." Well, private school boys, we never gave a shit about anyone else.
Well, private school boys, will kiss to thrill then kick till there's nothing left.
I'll hold my breath, I will not speak of her again unless...
She speaks about me first, I guess, but girls like her set traps for boys like me.
Give me an inch, I'll take a mile.
And yeah you're right, you're always right but right or wrong you loved me either way.
Give me an inch, I'll take a mile.
We were the liars, manipulative to reveal who cared less, who cried least, we both know that was me.
We were the liars, manipulative to reveal who cared less, who cried least, we both know that was me.
Hats off to the arguments that end, "yeah you're right but so am I girl".
Then fade to black, that's all we ever said.
Hats off to the protocol of hug and kiss, fuck then sleep well.
And are you on the phone?
Because my signal's engaged.
With all cards down, well I'm nothing more than that.
A signal misread by your fucking ignorance.
Yeah go on and blame her, is this all you have to argue?
For her failure to see you as that fuck wit we all know.
This is all your mistake.
And are you electrified?
While the other is false and a lie.
I'm done with this modern morality, I failed to kick start my body alive, I'm fucking drained of anything more real than a bed to lie in and another day to merely exist.
I'm tired of being dependable.
You know this.
I'm sick of lost ability.
You know this.
Disguised in ignorance.
Broken mid symphony.
Blessed by the curse.
You know what I'll do to you?
You know this.
We are alive!
I'm never coming back.
Say you see why so!
So long to the home we built in our heads held high but down and out.
And so long to the family we were meant to raise your glass to the memories we'll never have again.
So long to the home we built.
So long to the family with this life changing call to arms.
I'm not an author who hides his true face on a learning curve that I needed to create.
It's not a comfort and nor a disguise as you turned bearing that gestalt "uh oh no".
So leave now, take your learning curve and take that last drive with "uh oh no".
Welcome to the male inconsistence, the kosher resistance with the girl bearing "uh oh no".
Well there you go, here's the song that I promised be it one sided and remote.
But at least I found a medium for it so I'll just say sorry it's not face to face so you can take it or leave it and I...
And I'll feel better when I'm vomiting and disgraced by the memories of guilt.
I'll feel better when the hangman says "we'll punish you for this crime".
I'll feel better when they bury me in a shallow grave that's unmarked.
And I'll feel better when the next girl says "fuck off and die alone".

3. Swarming

They're swarming, they're swarming like Valkyries on Valhalla.
They're swarming, they're swarming as your body lays there complete!
Oh we are!
The truest of the vile.
The sleeping swarm buried in the past.
Sex is fucking us.
And old resolve is buried in the past.
When all we know will carry love alone.
And old resolve is buried in the past.
When all we know will carry love alone be it beautiful or false.
Cut it out, cut it out.
Creating fictitious fantasies deemed as the right of passage by our father figures who bought too highly into reflections of the young adult.
We'll figure it out, we'll figure it out, we'll stay together, we'll stay together.
We'll work it out, we'll work it out, we'll sleep together, we'll sleep together.
And you think I'll never change?
Even though I sleep alone?
While your getting leveled on your back with the self serving touch of man.
We'll figure it out, we'll figure it out, we'll stay together, we'll stay together.
We'll work it out, we'll work it out, we'll stay together, we'll stay together.
And we're dead from the midnight success.
And we're dead from the bleakest carnal sin.
So turn the light out on the nightstand to make loveless men believe!
That vacant bodies through the next door will not hear the 'friction hips'!
You found the right man on the wrong bed, paralyzed by who was last!
Well here he is and full of confidence because I know I broke your heart!
Yeah get me back, it's only fair, by fucking the memory of me out.
Yeah that's a man, but where's the history?
In the end who really cares?
And that's my flag on the tallest mountain!
And that's my mark on the oldest friend.
Divide the divine (we are the Golden Sky Men).
You didn't see her blood because she bled on the inside.
Are you content?
Old resolve is dead!

4. What Would Don Juan Say?

As much as it hurts to taint this stereo with complaints but hear me out.
Although you've heard it all before, yeah you've heard this all before.
Oh shit, misdirection on a tangent played out I know.
Oh shit, misdirection.
And we'll keep doing it as much as it hurts.
Oh the symptoms are coming back on sad old me.
And the sisters keep coming back to sad old me.
Well here's a tale about a boy who's six foot four and far from a man.
He burdens himself with the retribution he never received.
So to make it up he fights on behalf of the girls who helped him believe that he's still alright to love.
They will say to him most casually, "we don't need your help".
Well of course you don't but I need someone to fight for as well.
We are walking on sunshine!
To be blessed with the fortunate trouble free existence we lead.
We are walking on sunshine!
But we'll kick that gift horse right in the mouth.
Well I've lied and cried to ask...
Do skeletons eat their bones?
Do we stop after emphatic defeat?
What would Don Juan say?
Then why are we killing ourselves to love?
We built a ship, a ship to sink.
Submerged in abyss of hopeless hearts.
We can't drown now, we can't drown now.
Elevate me!
Implode me!
So say farewell to the morning light that once shone brightly upon the romantics.
Good morning, good night to the good fight for harmony.
That impossible step to escape this infinity.
So say farewell to the morning light that once shone brightly upon the romantics.
Good morning, good night to the brilliant horizon.
A flicker in the flame, of the cruelest infinity.

5. Ruination


6. Chilson

Open that bottle, send the cork across the sky.
Through irrelevant celebrations like a friend leaving us behind.
To take our mind off the suffocating loss of dependence we relied on for 22 somber years.
I'm done with this girl with her mouth open wide like the clowns we pumped coins in to move side to side.
Are you on the edge of your seat for me?
I'm done with this boy who thinks he's all I have, but I'll kiss him tonight in case I'm still unsure.
Because that's true I guess... at least for tonight.
And there is love!
There is beauty!
They exist but removed from the boy with no heart.
That aside there is trust.
There's rapport and the oblation of being content.
The road is long and I'm afraid.
The moon is out on Saint Dwynwen.
Day, night, on false ways home.
Well it's too late for regrets and I'm afraid of heights but I'll ride that ferris wheel if it means we'll kiss.
The brightest full moon above the darkest planet.
A visual metaphor that screams to me.
Get back on track and stop being a coward.
Get back on track and stop being a failure.
Get back on track and stop being that bookmark of the person you told yourself to never become.
I miss my family and I miss my home.
I miss that kiss of my mother and her words "you'll be who you want".
I miss internally what everyone has.
I miss that publican's ghost, so proud of me, saying "just let go".

7. Long Grows The List Of The Live And Dead Pretenders

He needs help with his social conflictions made simple by the boy with no heart!
He needs a purpose so roll your eyes here comes the picture we drew.
He needs a part, he needs love.
He needs confidence, trust, grief and a home.
He wants tragedy, he wants the post cum epiphany.
Constrictors come join us in song!
Did I make entropy rife between lovers, family and home?
Well I, I, I've got confetti all over myself.
Did I drop the third person act to show you how real I can be?
Well I, I, I've never been real in my life.
Killed by lust and the call for better social conditions.
Oh bludgeoned Firefly, I could not save your life to illuminate the night and show the pathway home.
So with no guiding light I'll take refuge in this cold cityscape.
Then we'll throw a party but only orphans are welcome!
We'll drink a bottle of wine to get drunk then head back to the shelter!
And we'll need no one else, we'll raise these families of our own.
On our own!
On our own!
We'll raise that union flag alone.
Schooled in the private system.
Publicans are paid to listen.
So he sings in the loneliest hotel's hallways pretending they were his.
Break, bind, heal and separate.
One from romantics and two from idealists who signify all that I weigh.
All that I weigh in worth as a father, a sibling, a son.
By request of the old man that his body never lay out of ear shot of the town's bells.
And through his words passed on at his funeral, "if it does, dig me up and burn me".
Burn it all and together we'll torch this portside town alive.
Burn it down.
With those ashes we'll make testament to the orphans.
If they sing liberal chants and send you broke then nephew burn it down.
If they sing stockade songs along the dock then nephew dig me up.
We'll scream so loud you won't hear those fucking bells.
I'll dig you up myself and fill that empty space.
Long grows the list of the live and dead pretenders who could not see the world as a purpose without fate.
So that's us for now.
Thoroughly dead and buried neck deep in guilt with heads held high.
I did not say a word because it hurts to sleep.
Awake as the same disgrace you always were cause it hurts to feel.
And this dynasty of repeated verse will destroy us first.
Well that's where it ends.
The destruction of love, life and home on a recording I can't afford.
Learning to walk with one foot in front of the other.
Goodbye from the depths of my Fremantle heart.

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