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1. Aeoneurosis

the most wonderful
human creatures
are making a noise
like children having fun
in the playground
of the universe

the star fades away
every hour
the life lights up
words become the songs
the human ashes

pestis eram vivus
moriens tua mors ero
ex luna spiritum
ex sol corpus
circumdantis me

2. Contemplation

Thou, o my Grief, be wise and tranquil still
the eve is thine which even now drops down
to carry peace or care to human will
and in a misty veil enfolds the town

while the vile mortals of the multitude
by pleasure, cruel tormentor, goaded on
gather remorseful blossoms in light mood
Grief, place thy hand in mine, let us be gone

far from them. Lo, see how the vanished years
in robes outworn lean over heaven's rim
and from the water, smiling through her tears

remorse arises, and the sun grows dim
and in the east, her long shroud trailing light
list, o my Grief, the gentle steps of Night

3. Martyria

to submerge in the ocean without the bottom
and the surface
to sink in the sea without the beginning
and the end
where the shape and the sens
is only a fiction
to see blind colours
to hear the words in comparison to which
people's tongues are only a mumble
and the logic ends with other creations
of defective consciousness

you don't have to be a shade longing for light
you don't have to be an unmourned grave
a night's wilderness
a lonely river running a death's lane
a mournful song on lips of the mads
a scretched wound

hide for me the silver of the deepest mirrors
hide the jeveles which nobody found

4. Internal Whiteness

internal, transcendental stigmata the power of purity
more beautiful that whiteness
are you a part of me, like I'm yours?
all the thoughts have followed the choirs
this singing among the lions
we are dressed with whiteness
death comes like night after day
like winter after summer
its nakedness is dreadful

find this purity in yourself
and you'll be adamant
like the autumn wind
knocking all the leaves

internal dimensions of whiteness
are shreding darkness
forces are fighting, energies are pulsing
prophecies or limits of madness?
wounds begin to heal
tears stinging, burning

we are the shields of Gabriel
not the vermin on which he treads
an old man on the cross of life
newly born on the bed of death
exordium exodus
sorrow and happiness in the deepest suffering
in the rejection
I can feel I am the contradiction
of the nothingness' hierarchy
I'm still aiming at timeless
absolute spirituality

5. Towards Dismal Ecstasy

the night has come
the night of full moon
stars of your eyes are gold
my spirit perceived the gloom

my ears heard troublesome melody
strange voices in the fog
I feel your breath on my neck
I feel the warmth of your hands
frozen tears on your cheek
deny my swollen delusions

the time has come
the time of tragedy
diamonds of your mind are blind

my sensual eye embodied your shape
spherical flowers of your breasts

the day has come
the day of funeral
treasures of your womb are mine

6. Anxietranquillity.Error

flames have exploded above heads
spaces have opened
closed so far in the cocoon of hands
the streams have gushed out above the hearts
the depths have opened
hidden so far under the eyelids

neither flash nor thunder will reach me
neither will the rain of the morning dew
I won't reach the clouds
the shiver drizzles
and darkness overflows from the mouths
and the piercing bile spreads the net

silence, the great silence, and nothing
I merge anger and rebellion
into caldron, into fear
catch what was not
is not and cannot be
cram into being and non-being
into power and weakness
and into this unmeasured shiver

the eyes of all the oceans
the eyes of the unchanging lands
the eyes of all creatures
will be poked out
the hearts of all the people
the hearts of cold stones
the hearts of invincible atoms
will be torn out

autumn came, dressed in rags
and with her the wistful northern wind
it brought the cold flurries
of rotten leaves and a dishwater of thoughts
it blows through bones and remains
the barren stench of sand

I'll go. Yes, tomorrow morning
I'll tear all my veins on the serrated rock
and I'll make flower bunches of them
I'll bless all
with a still warm urine

7. Mediterranean Past

from immortal fairyland
from vineyards of blood
ventriloquist has come
his eyes were like pearls
like glamour of tawdry deed

eternal whisper on fiery lips
kiss of infectious betrayal

black wings of insane sage
journey through suffering

filthy touch of ravished body
he was an innocence of fluttering souls

black vision of allegiance
deceitful matrix of reality
altar of blind tradition
pernicious allegory of hypocrisy

eternal whisper on fiery lips
kiss of infectious betrayal
filthy touch of ravished body

sermons - vision in a shroud
blessed by the carnivorous gods
almighty illness which is a fate
destiny for betrayers and fools
affected pride in flames of glory
rituals closed in mediterranean circle
old ethical system, epos of sorrow
prelude to ambiguity, purple denial

burn the inheritance
burn the past

8. Psychotic Entrails

I gathered all the symbols
in the black pantheon
I'm spitting substances
created from them
hundreds of abstracts I'm signifying
with one language - scream
I curse all constellations
all my phantasmagories
I get growl out of depth
of my drunk thoughts

I inheritted deformity
I received it as a gift from humanity
fiery flower, thorny crown
take it - I gave plague out to you
not the promise of life
I gave out death, blessing
I gave out a dagger to you
equally for everyone
let everyone stop his heart
let it stop beating
silence, quiet and nothing
come, come to the chaotic dance

Dance rampant souls
till you fall in ecstasy
or you start vomit
new architecture of shades

9. Via Puritiva

bleeding colours poisoned my heart
I was the holy martyr
impassive voice ripped the dead silence
I was the great creator
scar on the face, crimson axe in hands
I was severe warrior
now I'm straying. I can't find my tongue
I'm an empty god

what have I become?
answers are too much tumultuous
new fire blossomed in the bosom of mine
my suicide is in the offing
path of debris - my curse
I'm holding flames in the palms of my hands

I can see the deepest despair
I can hear chaotic breath
what have I done?
cry, cry cruel world, for me
derisive laugh inside my mouth - my claws
the man I should have arose

there are no other words to express my suffering
there is no other way to understand my fears
touch the land of my spiritual darkness
taste the soil from my lonely grave
it's so cold

call me now
kiss me now

10. Impeccable Rain


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