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1. Human

I didn't provoke you for nothing
You did not wake up without a reason
We try to aim to heaven
one piece out of time
One says: "our purpose is to be"
when one is lost to it's call

What if you have no way out
what if you have no safe floor
What if you're caught
what if you're gone

You do your best to sell out
a first class maneuver without a doubt
containing the right amount of everything
And then the jump
a new deck of cards
but our hand only leads
A summit to another flaw
a summit to another fall

[music: Salo]

2. Challenger Of Gravity

Looks like a shadow
but a ray of light is what you'll get
seems like moment
a lifetime is what you'll deserve

What is what
and does it count that much?
of course it does

Yesterday I climbed
into a tree of knowledge
yesterday I saw it cut down
Today, planting
on a fresh ground

Remember the cutting edge
that day,
shoes tied firmly into the ground
Today o' today
we're walking
and indeed we bleed

[music: Salo]

3. The Escalator

The paths we choose
the edge we loose
The Eden we're living in
the Hell we're giving in
Persuade the opposition
to agree on the goals
they're here to stay
in their position

I have no time to explain
how I feel
I am too busy to see
how I feel

The fights we win
when battle is no sin
the times we pray
we hope they're here to stay
And when we finally have the time
a spit's what is next online
was it really a surprise?

To explain the explainable
to witness the bearable
to carry the rocks by ourselves
you are losing it, can not feel it
grasp it
until you can feel it

[music: Leinonen, Salo]

4. Of The Man Who Died

There used to be a grave
standing here
where now
and old forest grows
There used to be a voice
to stand up and shout:
"In the midst of life
we are in death!"

There used to be woods
around here
some ten thousand years ago
Now look at it
just a grave standing on it

There used to be a world here
now a cloud of dust
and a grave
standing on one of the rocks

[music: Räisänen, Salo]

5. Twelve

Is this the town you're looking for?
There are only dead
I've kept my eyes closed
but sometimes I peek

to get us through the night

I'd turn back if I could
you should
there are only dead

you'll lose interest
you wither
and one day
you're one of the dead

[music: Räisänen]

6. Caught In A Wheel

Deep within the mirror
you're trying to hide the snore
hate night after blows
you try but lost energy

Today is decided...
we are not alone

When caught in a wheel
you'll play a part
improvise say:
"I... am caught in a wheel"

Today our plan
is to taste real good
a constitution will be written

it's as we see it
did someone repeat
what I just said
it's like we're grasping it
re-initiate the repeat

[music: Salo]

7. Trail Of Beggars

Sideshows follow
not seen by the bright eyes
but the stench fills up the air
A trail full of beggars
leads into nausea
we would rather be elsewhere

Wise men try to speak up in the crowd

King's seat is always taken
and the brave want to be orbese
They've taken the liking
to be tugged in their beds
they're fast asleep

At some point
I'll start to laugh

[music: Leinonen, Räisänen, Salo]

8. Eyes Grow Colder

I could use a break
something for the pain
You could be happier
with someone not so
easily aroused
with someone else

As the night gets older
our lies get bolder
As the night gets older
our eyes grow colder
We feast on fire you and I
and your flames are mine

[music: Räisänen, Salo]

9. Velocity

Two times the failure
was the value of our triumph
This is it, the frontier
and we're about to take the leap

Who was that
had your heart bouncing
Curiously looked like me
but with other plans

Three times into the bull's eye
the price in a mistake
This is it, the familiar
and I'm bored

Everyone before me
everyone in your dreams
everyone is after me
everyone in your dreams

What kind of reasoning
fulfills us completely?
What kind of hammering
makes us stronger?
what kind of reasoning
what kind of hammering

[music: Salo]

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