Dark Lyrics


1. Circle Of Ascension


2. Vexed

3. The Energy

The swirling madness. chaos begins
Farther away from a galaxy
Twisting and churning the universe forms
Light years prevent us from ever knowing

To small and insignificant
Species born from the cosmic rainfall
Blue planet mystified
We are all stardust children

Our lives are vexed aware but alone
Can anyone hear us
Time has been spent this candle will fade
The will of the cosmos

Beyond our dreams nothing seems out of reach
Human beings cannot see our failed attempts
Technology hold us back not quite yet
Persistent minds create and define our planet

4. A Gesture From November

When nature's charm pulls me in
And winter's bite is close to the edge
Falls's rust keeps her at bay
A free wind clears a path for me

The morning sun breaks through the trees
Blinding warmth catches my eye
There isn't much to do today
My thoughts to keep me company

Getting lost for a day or two
Smoke dances around the morning dew
Leave my mind at peace and
Feel the Earth beneath my feet

The silent calm surrounds me
Embraced by a soothing voice
My fears soon leave my heart
Among them I am not alone

A sad man walks into the woods
To forget about the pain a while
Searching for nothing but harmony
Ten years gone and everyday a memory

Soon a blanket of stars surround
The cosmos spins and draws me in
I want to leave everything behind
And find a new way to begin

5. Everchanging

A maze in a game of perpetual shame,
Behind each wall own a fear you hide,
The labyrinth has you-there is no escape,
Intricate passages are all you will find

Surrounded by screams-flood a wave of
Despair, integral visions of infinite madness,
Under your skin the insects quake and
Regale, abandoned reason, a fragile mind collapses

Slipping away-you can't catch your breath,
Running in circles-there no way back,
A quest of the sense has been compromised,
Life hangs on a thread sanity is denied

6. Centipede

Venomous bastard vicious tiny beast
Stealth-like ninja stalks when sleep
Paralyzed victim flesh for the feast

Myriad of pins crawling on my skin
A wicked fever envelopes me
My vision clouded and I cannot breathe
Another fatality scribed for the centipede

Am I dead but awake? a host to digest
The throes of misery suffer in constraint
Edging off my face a slow labor continues pace
Object sustenance quite the eccentric taste

7. Into The Everdark

Enthralled to see. enthralled to see my fantasy
A seed is sown with soiled minds in tow
Journey with me close your eyes with believe
Tearing through this lie known as the truth
Shifting through the infinite distance of space
A majestic kingdom whose beauty and secrets await

From times that have passed and times yet to come
Visions of mystery beyond our own sun
Scaling the walls into unseen worlds
Where sleeping giants rest in a cosmic swirl

The coming tide of a fallen star
Tracends the vortex pulling apart
Light can't escape his violent grasp
Dimensions fold with all existence

Secrets dwell inside the darkness
Tempted by magic and sorcery
Mindful of the fate that awaits me
Master of my dreams
Weave illusions in my soul
Through the art of alchemy
The sun of shadows I conceive

Into the everdark!

8. Liquid Space Eyes


9. Dreaming Forever

I've travelled a thousand miles
To a land across the sea
These are the last days of my journey
And no tears shed as I leave
Fear and doubt slips from my thoughts
My past is only a memory
Wooden ships are sailing west
Long have I waited to be free

Close your eyes the time has come
Forever dreams in the arms of the sun forever

A voice welcomes my stay
Into her everlasting sleep I stray
Hold my hand as I drift through worlds beyond

Close your eyes
The time has come
Forever dream

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