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1. Silence

2. Through The Eyes Of Regret

I have found myself lost
Walking down these familiar streets,
Those strange faces stare blindly
I withdraw into my mind
In this solitude, it is sadness I find

In lament, I live a lie
I long to live, yet hope to die…

Eyes window the pain
Contained in me
Face masks the torment
You will never, ever see

Enclosed within these walls
They've muted all my cries
Trapped alone in darkness
I never felt alive
Then I briefly saw the light
A fools paradise
I felt the sun's warm rays
When you gave me back my life

But now that dusk i near
Lost again, I find
I'm back in those dark woods,
Although now I've seen the light
Although it shone so brief
It cleansed through my mind
But as a fire soon burns out
All the hope I had has died

I walked through the shady graves
Buried beneath the mire
Not a single soul can be saved
In weariness, I tire
Oh, how I long to live!
Yet I hope… to die.

3. Oration Of Indifference

If peace exists,
We fight within minds
times that are placid
Compliment times when we cry
Such is the path
That you follow, but deny
Benevolence, the evil
Where what's natural is defied
Beware the malefactor
Who appears before your eyes
One who portrays an image
Is the one whose truths are lies
If peace exists
We will fight within our minds
Placid times we cherish
For we know one day we'll cry
For we know one day we'll die…

The undertow of misery
It grabbed my heels and pulled me under
I could not swim, I could not see,
The heavens wept with rain and thunder

All the pain I keep inside
You know it doesn't mean a thing
All the years of Silent Cries
If this is life, I'd rather die
Getting near to shed my tears
For my life, those wasted years
But if a chance to start again
I'd change it all, everything

This earth…
That I cried for…
I care no more…
Wasted time I've spent…
Now I'm indifferent

I see the white path before my eyes
I follow it and hear no lies
The objective essence is all I see
For there's no pain in apathy

Oh, I feel
The secrets in life have been revealed
Oh, now I see
To know the truth is to be free.

4. Thoughts

It makes me sigh
Watching life go by
I see the darkest night
Under the pale blue sky

To know what's real
I cannot see
Hidden beneath the mask,
Even when reality be
I have been blinded
Afraid to see
The darkness in the light
Elude the truth, the way it be.

On a Winter's morn
I see the Grey Dawn
The cold chills my spine
Like the hatred in my mind

I went to the forest
I went to the lake
Saw my own reflection
I saw two eyes, so full of hate
(Please help me…)

As I gaze into the sea
I wish there was no one here, but me
To be at one with this earth
Let all rest in peace, allow a rebirth
(Let your life go…)

5. Etiolation

I have no desire to see the light
Forever dwell in darkness
The many truths are the same to me
Cleanse my mind from their harness

6. A Rare Moment

Drunk with the scent of Daphne
Dizzied by the flight of the bee
Mesmerised in the surge of the ocean
Creation, it encompasses me

I feel there's a place for a soul,
But where would it go?
I know when there's fire within (peace from within)
Is it me, or could it be him?

Far beyond this moment in time
I sense a presence near
From beyond what entered my mind
Sweet voices of the night sky I hear

7. Pain And Elation

Those closest to death
Are those who feel most alive
One who lives is one who feels
And one who feels is one who dies… inside.

8. Depleted

When you look into my eyes
You will not see a thing alive
For what rests inside this head
Is what once lived, yet now is dead.

A man who always dreamt of life
Tried to live but died inside
A man who lives, yet chose to die
Is dead inside, yet still alive.

That man was killed by a thousand lies
Not a mortal death, but a death inside.

Those few who bear me no disguise
Show me truth behind the lies
Tell me of your wild desires
Your truth shall reignite my eyes.

9. For Eternity

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