Dark Lyrics


1. The Parallel Otherworld

Force of mind
Evil, Divine
Force of mind
Evil, Divine
Power force of mind
Rising stronger, so divine
To embrace the gate
And Be all your fate
Enter your fate
Enter your grace

So many years since I had my visions
Now they�re out of my control
So many years, broke my understanding deep
And embraced the essence of true life
Closer, closer, give it all back to me

Silence tell me and all the stories that I have
My past life fears had vanished
Lights appeared once again concentrated eyes

Eyes of time
Slowly reappearing

Force of mind
Evil Divine
Power force of mine
Only way to be set free
To embrace the grace

The right path had led me astray
Direct into the circle of life
Blackening shadows arise
All around my childhood memories
I gazed at the the sky
To see what was there for me
So we danced upon the starlit sky
And the stars fell from the sky

The force of mind
Evil Divine
A power force of the mind
I search the way
For Myself
Into the light I ride, escape

Orgy of silence
Conspiracy of peace
Only the sound
Of the cold northern breeze

Looking upon my past life
Evil behind
Termination of this I have
Facing all of the ghosts from
From my past
Suddenly I awake from the dead

Strong winds calling
Evil warning
Past life memories
Return to innocence

2. Arcturus 9

Traveling through a distance far
And protected by self-decision
Levitating in God�s creation
Sense the grace of it all

Save us from the terror that they bring
Arcturus no. 9
Sirens call, a warning chants in space
Arcturus no. 9

Ancient breed, universal creature
Drawing closer, infernal mind storm
Concentrate now, attack is approaching
Fast escape to my level


Dimensional flight
Between the eyes of
The existence, called The Unknown
The subliminal Gods, holders of
The original universal force
Powers to decide
Ancient fathers of
Dimensional flight
I see the change in me
Father, save me from this transformation

Tranquilized, set the world on fire
Power mindfield, superior armor
As I burn down their last final forces
See Arcturus arise


3. The Eternal Call

We are One, united as forces
Indestructive and chosen to stay
Hear the cries of the angels that guide us
Crying out tonight

Universal code, a cosmic error
Our quest so divine
Marching out, gather your forces
Under blood red skies

Hear the chanting storm, hear the cries
Under flag we sail � blood red skies
And our quest is hard - so divine
Silence with my anger, marching out

Since my birth my consciousness have been spinning around
Themes that are not of this world
Is there a possibility, my genetic code
Could differ from anyone else?
In my mind, I see pictures of a past
That never happened to me
Is my life a lie?
Magical, waiting for me

Visions came to me at night, in early stage
In fever and dreams they appeared
Behind a vast transparency
Floating images - a meaning so true hard to find
Like my birth had possessed me, and my goal
Was cracking an infinite code
Now I see it clear
Secrecy, of the chosen

In silent wonder, I fall
This is eternity, my call
In silent waiting, I fall
Onward we sail the seven seas


4. Ghost World

Silent Whisper, coldness
Freezing entity
Something from another world
Is in my room
�Where do you think all these shadows come from�

Coldness entering my room
Shadows from above

Waking up in a cold sweat
In the middle of the night
Tranquilized by the feeling
That someone is here
Paralyzed like stigmata
My only consciousness
I�m trapped inside

Approaching everlasting pain
Lost in endless wilderness
Caught between all worlds

Silently arise
Ghost world, spirits
Spirits paradise
Dawn is near, stay away
In the mirror see
Ghost World, spirits
There in Luna�s light
Beyond divine, they sacrifice

Messenger from the dark side
The presence is near
Temperature into minus
A freezing entity
So cold in haziness


See the reflections in the mirror
A peak into the world
That you may face one day
Insanity grows even stronger
Recalling images
Of all your hopes and dreams

Lost souls of these dimensions
Will never come to peace
Though by a ritual in silence
Divine interfere
Led into the graceness
To endless horizons
White sorcerer�s guidance


5. 1000 Winters Old

From all elements i hail
Born within the cold
Forged out from the fire

I was born out from an icy metropolis
From the core of fire my idea was clear - betray The Son
Betray the Son
All sins of mankind is mine

Onwards I must prevail
For my heart is thousand winters old
Pure ancient entity
mankind�s mind
Created all of me

Fallen out from the holy grace
Petrified and cast
To eternal fury

Terror ruled the land from that infernal moment
In all hearts the rule was my command so clear,
Despise the Ten Commandments
And so earth became my land


And my name is Belial
And my name is Lucifer
Heed the call, winters waiting
Into flames, evil prevailing


In the blood and flesh of mortal ones existed
For some thousand years before Christianity
I never was
I never was
Oh, mankind invented me


6. Spirit Sanctuary

A place where no one sees
A place for spirits where they
miscourage their deeds
Spewing from the mouth of hell
And they all belong to the light

Spirit Sanctuary
Spirit Sanctuary

Foretold in ancient times
Crystal stars in limbo
Entering your dreams
Axis point of no return
Only way to escape the void

Spirit Sanctuary
Spirit Sanctuary

A place where evil takes its toll
Where your mind is your eye
A freezing void that is your soul
To the ending of eternity

And they�re praying for grace
To be lifted and born again
Hear their endless screams
The creator was the one who fell

As One you might return
Gathering more forces
For the crimson void
Slave for darkness all you�ll ever be
Keeper of the Spirit Sanctuary

Spirit Sanctuary
Spirit Sanctuary
Spirit Sanctuary
Spirit Sanctuary

7. Order Of The White Light

I suffer black silence
I am your God
Searching for an answer
What do you want me to this time?
If your flowers are dying
And all is lost
Shout! Your plea to the heavens
Pray your God to fulfill your needs

Calling for the legions
Pray your God
Hammer from heavens
Silence times
Conceal a new horizon
Left to die
Army of the heavens

If your hate is eternal
Your Fiend�s reign
Drowning in confusion
No escape from revenge this time
When you�re drowning in sorrow
There�s no way out
Hark! Conjure all the shadows
Retribution for evil deeds

Calling for the legions
Army of the heavens

Conceal a new horizon
As the water confines
Pray to Thee, Avenger
Retribution time is here

Avenger close near
Avenger, how vengeance is sweet
The ones we hate fall

So it�s always been written
And always done
Mortal ones amongst us
Victimized for the sake of men
As the thirst for vengeance
Now slowly fade
Beware! Thus know your soul is
For Black Legions an open prey



Return To The Order Of the White Light

8. Astral Flight

�Ancient art revealed�

Seven ways to discover this universe
Realize all connections
Ancient art revealed
Cross the seven borders of this stage

Fly towards the sky
Reach the shores of heaven or to hell

�Ancient art revealed�

Prophet�s way of foreseeing
What will come
Into trance would approach the
Mystery concealed
Open up your mind you will be free

Fly towards the sky
Reach the shores of heaven or to hell
Fly high, Astral Flight
Let your mind go lead the way, go everywhere

�Ancient art revealed,
Fear not what you fear�

Silver line are connecting
Bonding soul and body
So you�re able to return one day
Celeste are protecting
Guardians of your aura
Watchers of the universal kind

Oh, sight is four-dimensional
Oh, calling for my god
Oh, dark deception closing in
Oh, fear not what you fear

Cross the seven paths and you will understand
All the magic you are capable to do
Mystic shadows they approach you,
Don�t go near
They are reflections of your darkest fear

Fly towards the sky
Reach the shores of heaven or to hell
Fly high, Astral Flight
Let your mind go lead the way, go everywhere

9. Shadowanderer (Ferdamannen)

Born again as one
Incarnated flesh I am
Cradle of my kind
Revelation set us free
Congregation once again

[Chorus 1:]
The Shadowanderer - approaching us with death
His blade - collecting souls - takes away our lives
The chanting messages of fate - drenched in blood
The Shadowanderer - approaching

Maelstrom of divine
Purified in holy grace
Into fire baptized again
As I rise from underneath
Those will follow as I chose

[Chorus 1]

Eg gjeng over mark og myr
(I walk across the lands and the fields)
til eg naermar meg det endelege maalet
(Until I finally make my final approach)

Share this light above
It�s the light of life
Clear as the winter snow
Purified through the sands of time
Into the light I ride
Now I know that my time has come

Onwards back in time
Some call me the messenger
Thus your fate it lies by me
Concentrate your life by live
Destiny is what you give

Shadowanderer � Approaching

10. The Oath

[Mercyful Fate cover]

By the symbols of the creator
I swear henceforth to be
A faithful servant of his most
Puissant archangel
The Prince Lucifer
Whom the creator designated as his regent
And Lord of this World
I deny Jesus Christ...the deceiver
And I abjure the Christian faith
Holding in contempt all of it's works


As a being now possessed of a human body
In this world I swear to give my full
Allegiance to it's lawful master,
To worship him our
Lord Satan and no other
In the name of Satan, the ruler of Earth
Open wide the gates of Hell
And come forth from the abyss
By these names: Satan, Leviathan,
Belial, Lucifer
I will kiss the goat


I swear to give my mind
My body and soul unreservedly
To the furtherance of our
Lord Satan designs
Do what thou wilt shall be the
Whole of the law
As it was at the beginning
Is now and ever shall be
World without end Amen

11. Millenniums

[Bonus Track for Japan]

12. A Sheltering Sky

[Bonus Track for Japan]

Nils K. Rue - Vocals
Glen Drover - Guitars, Keyboards
Adrian Robichaud - Bass
Shawn Drover - Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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