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1. Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

Forever lost in the space between the mountains and the sea.
Never forgive, never forget,
God's grace will never comfort me again.
And I'm spent.
I've worn out my welcome in this place.
Now I've come to take the throne.

2. Omni: First Temple

My intention
Is to explore the realm of consciousness
And the human condition.
To make mention
Of my gratitude and procession
I speak without apprehension.

This constancy in unity
Is all that I know and all that I see.
Existence will consume us all
And what we will grow to be.

What confines you?
Who holds the strings?
And how does it define your purpose?
I want to know

I want to know your perception.

Give us everything you have.
Give us the truth,

And we'll give you consistency.
A place to reside in this complex design,
Where grandeur is fated and fear can resign.

Carve your path
(Manifest destiny)
Stake a claim
(Rewrite your history)
Do the math
(As flawless as entropy)
Make a name
(Disregard vanity)

Oh, brother,
Can you hear me speaking?
Oh, brother,
Can't you see you're still sleeping?

I'll be your redeemer from this world you created.

Will we know God?

3. The Comfort We Find In Our Vices

I went wandering around the devil's sea
Searching for the skeleton key

(I tried to drown my demons)
(But I taught them how to swim)
To unlock my patience
(I keep giving in)
(Cutting holes in my boat)
And understand my self-control
(They dance on the sails)
(And set fire to my hope)

To tame the lion that is will is a burden and a blessing
Most just let desire run its coarse
But I will not sit idly by
And let him devour my roots

All of my doubt
Does nothing but monopolize
I tell myself
"Let it go. Let it go."
When you realize
Your addictions keep you polarized
You will learn to let it go
Let it go

We detach and isolate
When we're just fractions of a whole
But in the ways we are connect
Lie the signal and the soul

I will not sit idly by and sell my confidence for timid ways

All of my doubt
Does nothing but monopolize
I tell myself
"Let it go. Let it go."
When you realize
Your addictions keep you polarized
You will learn to let it go
Let it go

I'll cut you out

Never to haunt me again

4. Humble Ledger (Gnostic States)

First we must prove we can work.
That we are deserving of the penance and the sacred dirt.
Because our constitution is buried int he soil,
While our ambition seeks to ascertain and toil in the high.

Do you really know what's real anymore?

Then we must move.
Invite ourselves as conduits
To congregate in lieu
Of all the disparity we hold in our hearts
And the unanswered questions that tear us apart.

I could show you everything I know,
But I was told that honest art is dead.
You could give me a bed when I've got nowhere to go,
But you were told that good nature is all in your head.

When will we lead ourselves to water
And drink ourselves clean in the well?
When will we see our sins as fodder,
Transcend the judgement and bid farewell?

When we are one,
We will discern a meaning.
When we are one,
We are consecrated.

5. The Great Deception Of Marquis Marchosias

I am a man of conviction
Good intentions and humility
You are a liar, with no remorse
A boy with no solidity

I dream bigger and brighter
Softer and louder
Broader and more in tune
To delve into the conscious space
That is my self indulgent swoon

Have I ever steered you wrong?
Have I ever done you harm?
All I wanted was the best for us,
But you're still sounding the alarm
Have I given you anything short,
Of everything essential
In showing you your potential?

You will take all you want from me
Oh, the innocence I lack
You will take all you want from me
But I will take it all back in the end

I'll never lay down and die
For I am all that is love
All that is light
I'll never compromise
For I was born of this world
To take back the night

Mortality is cyclical
We cringe at every yaw
But finality is infinite
And universal law

6. Traversing Through The House Of Delphi

Oh what it is to be
Selfless, formless and incomplete.
Limitless proliferation
Without the complications.

If you don't know where to go from here,
Then I suggest you listen well
And speak loud and clear.

Disassociate yourself from what you know.
Seek the truth and we will overflow.

I'm just a man in a world of God.
I bargain for my freedom,
But lately I've been coming up short,
So I wager for my innocence and try to cut the cord.

Oh how I try to cut the cord.

There's no going back,
We've sealed our fate here in this realm,
But I know that you can find a way out of this hell.
And I'll be waiting near the light for you.

I waited my whole life for that sacred moment, now I'm ready to cave in.

Transcend the end.

7. Contra: Second Temple

On the day you sold your faith for a chance to be heard,
You spoke so softly that no one could make out your word.
With all those thoughts on salvation you've yet to convey,
And the constant maintenance of yourself on display,

Are you okay?

I feel the weight of the world
Reshape, reform and progress.
I hear the dissonance of ignorance
Relive, retain and convalesce.

Am I cursed to walk the earth empty handed and afraid
Of every tangible outcome or every possible mistake?
My eyes burn brighter with each passing gaze, and I know
That in the end I have numbered their days.

So it goes.

Oh, contra,
We give you everything
To mean nothing at all.

You're just a stranger.

8. Divide

I've been treading water,
Tracing fire across the sky.
Killing all the daylight
In your un-dreaming eyes.

Would you hear a melody
If it didn't rhyme?
Could you feel a rhythm
Seal your place in time?

For centuries we've squandered
Everything that's sacred.
These centuries we've stuttered
To replicate the frequency.

I was born to remain,
You were born to resist.
All the lies you maintain,
All the ques that I missed.

We were the invulnerable everything with nothing left to feel.
As you and I divide, we'll compromise and learn to know what's real.

Your wanderlust
Never carried us,
Nor satisfied the need to be saved.
Your highness
Never pardoned us,
Now we wait in squalor as saints.

I am the tyrant,
You are the defeated.
I am the ocean
You are the depleted.
I am the beggar,
You are the wealthy.
I am the proud,
You are the one who made me.

Don't let go.
My arms are full and my burden heavy.
I need to know
That all of this is more than temporary.

We'll never know what's real.

9. Compromise

Oh, my friend,
Look at what we've built.
A hermetic sanctuary
From all our pain and guilt.

They say it comes in waves,
The swell and the receding.
As you and I both know
These weighted thoughts are never fleeting.

This great exchange
(Who will proceed us)
Our egos displaced
(When we fade away)
Life rearranged
(To prove it's not pointless)
Providence interlaced
(So that we can stay)

You claim to be a martyr but your hands are far too clean.

These post modern methods have done us all in.
We've lost sight of the function, now where to begin?

10. To Know What's Real

It's easy to get lost
Swimming through the currents
Of absolutes
Of "us" and "them"
Now a history of vanity
Is all that we have left

And it's time to clean up the mess

This can't be all there is
We were born for so much more than prescriptions and caving in
This can't be all there is
I've seen hope when love is fleeting
Broken men rebuilt in the image of what we will grow to be

As evolution marches on
The helix frays
A future birthed for all of man
But would you say the same?

Or hold rationale to circumvent blame?

This can't be all there is
We were born for so much more than prescriptions and caving in
This can't be all there is
I've seen hope when love is fleeting
Broken men rebuilt in the image of what we will grow to be

We hold our bones to the light
And pray that our fractures have earned us the right
To be saved
But in the gravity of our situation
We have learned
Man is simply undeserving, and impossible to mold

If at any point you find this burden too heavy to bear
And in turn feel yourself sinking in the almighty sea of despair
Then I promise you this. . .

"I will jump ship the first chance I get. . .

I will comfort you. . .

We can save each other"

11. The Purpose We Find In Our Voices


12. Omega: Third Temple

Dreamer, are you listening?
All of your children sit and wonder,
"Where have you been?"

We came here for the sound
To overcome the shaking ground beneath my feet.
Buried under the soil to expand.
Rebuild the monument lost in sand.
Restore the balance to the land.

"To those of you desperately searching for the end,
You'll search forever in the dark.
To those of you eager to begin again,
Your eager eyes won't tell life and death apart."

It's time to wake up.

Dreamer, you're not listening,
All of your children wane and wander.
Where have you been?

We want the cure to everything we can't afford.
This life is not enough for us. We want eternity and more.

To play God in a metaphor.

"Oh, you restless ungrateful,
When will you learn?
You manifest the construct.
You only borrow what you earn.

The temple that you seek, it isn't mine
(Then let it burn, we'll cast our stones aside)
I've given you the tools of grand design.
(Overgrown thoughts of our demise)
The nature of the gift is astringent.
(Trading faiths, empire's remorse)
The complex of ascent is contingent.
(Ends of time, redesign recourse)

But this world that you've created deals in murder and deceit.
Where profit margins far outweigh the death toll of defeat.
And your leaders have abandoned every shred of moral code,
The reflexatory impulse of a planet growing cold.
So if life is an illusion,
And death is just a door,
Then we must come to the conclusion
That we don't know what's in store.
And that answer begs the question
"Well, what is it you believe?"
But existence is subjective, you only know what you receive.
I will write this down on paper so that I can sound it out.
Document a conscious function we can't afford to go without.
If feeling is believing you cannot hold it with your fists.
But if you need to know the answers, then let me ask you this.

"When you pass away
Will you leave behind your mistakes?
Will you move onto unconscious bliss,
Or dissipate in the abyss,
Based on decisions that you made?"

Well I know you won't find me there.

We've shaped the earth., our brothers come to call.

Trace your roots, strengthen your resolve.

Where is our resolve?

13. De Coelesti Hierarchia

Eternal light in the space
Between the crown and matrices.
Never misgive, never regret.
Her grace will always find me in the end.
I've spent
Every ounce of faith I had to give.
Now I've come to build the throne.

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