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1. Nihilist Antiorem

Nihilist Antiorem
Suicide brachialis
The universe does not exist
Religion nihil.

Superior anti-system
Killervoid totalis
Emphasis on emptiness
Destruction supreme.

2. Nothing Is Not

3. Self-Destruct Intelligence

Self-destruct Intelligence
Desperate evidence.
They are screaming in confusion
Screening poisoned evolution.
Crying at the void
Dying, ending, wiping out.
No suicide is no solution
Anti learning - a growing conclusion.
Help us, help us nonexistence
No one there to cast a shout.
I refuse to see the truth
Kill me, shoot me, wipe me out.
Learning leads to devastation
Mindless efforts combination.
All the books they tell us lies
No one here to win the price.

4. Bows

Bows, Nihilism
Non-existent master.
You always never override
The Nothing ideology

Pseudo positive hopeful nothings
Shadow motivation trainer
Ghosts barking in Rome
My lord, they are no match.

Their greatest fear,
The constant Nothing
Let those zombies shiver.

Ave Nihilism
Morituri te salutant
Hope and faith is obsolete
Principal nihil.

5. Expanded Suicide

I can not see it suffer
I can not see it breathe
Staring at the Nothing
Emotionless disease
Death is silent
Death is clean
First my baby
And then me

Expanded Suicide
Total destruction
Cleaned infection
Ending the line
The void silenced
Her crime erased

Yeah, waves of depression
Cause of non-existence
Childbed depression

Not to be is general
Without solution

6. Kill Your Parents

Active Nihilism - Kill your parents
Make them pay - Hate and destroy
Silencing the void - Pleasure revenge
Wipe them out, Bastards get what they deserve!
Nihilist supreme - Erasing

It is no killing - Useless corpse
Out of the Nothing - No feedback from anyone
Change impossible - Ever the Never
Void completed - You are dead

Active Nihilism - Kill your parents
Make them pay - Hate and destroy
Silencing the void - Joyful revenge
Wipe them out - Give what they deserve
Nihilist supreme - Assassination

And you dare speak to me? You, my murderer!
I will answer properly. I will show you my response.
It is my deepest right. What you did to me,
All this phantom pain - I will end yours now!

Absolute Nihilism - Erase your parents
Torture and kill - Hate and destroy
Silencing the void - Joyful revenge
Wipe them out - Give what they deserve
Perfect Nihilism - Assassination

You never spoke to me - Never heard a single word
Barking at the Nothing - Your featureless domain
You have never been - Never watched the dead
Your phantom blood - Enjoys my blind eye

7. Generation N

8. Quantum Failure

Ten to the power ninety nine
The grid itself empty, no matter and time
Untouchable vectors connected loose
Quantum loops, they are close.
Physics, soon to find out about
No need to bark the central word!
The end of science draws nearer
Congratulations for discovering the

All a lie
Quantum emptiness

Quantum failure
Lie inside it all
Erased foundation
The empty of the area
Arsenal defect
Center superstring wreckage
Wordless conclusion
Lie inside it all
Quantum failure
Its end marked clear
Lie inside it all
Its end marked clear

Darkness without any structure

9. XtiNct

10. Antrahid

11. Hyaluron

The older i get the more i know why
Mass murder and serial killers are

All great art comes from suffering
Only death is real
Take us away from this rotten world
Heartache every moment
Don't talk to me, I don't believe a word
All of your fears are lies
Question the future
The Nothing is certain

Alle Kunst kommt vom Leid
Nur der Tod ist echt
Bring uns weg von dieser Welt
Permanenter Herzinfarkt
Sprich nicht mit mir ich glaub kein Wort
Alle Aengste sind Luegen
Stell die Zukunft in Frage
Das Spielzeug ist fuer immer tod

Tout l art vient de la peine
Seulement la mort est vraie
Nous prendre loin de ce monde putrefie
Chagrin d amour chaque moment
Ne pas me parler, je ne croient pas un Word
Toutes vos craintes sont des mensonges
Remettre en cause le futur
Je suis pour toujours mort

12. Forever Never

The Nothing is sufficiently described
End of science reached
The Nothing lasts forever
Forever never

...dalhar, dalhar de listor...

...vel drav Chath lueth Xar zith ssish ulu natha Akh
Vel drav Veldrin lueth Ssussun nat raeth
Zhahn satiiren udos vel bol udos satiiren
Tage udos duul sso tlu...

13. Aversion

14. Lanium

15. Childbed Depression

16. Void War II

17. Valse Mortuary

...usst Strea, zhal sila usst Quortek ulu natha Aglust nintan
Ssish ulu natha Akh, zhalen nind wund natha Isto,
A dBel dAeros emplaniilid ji luoh
Ol udosstan khal zhnaut...

18. Zeronin

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