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EP: "Mortal Lacuna" (2017)

1. Mortal Lacuna

1. Mortal Lacuna

Through another alignment of happenings,
Actions of cohesion made my turn.
A distorted vision - distracted by tears.
Lips moving - an abundance of frequencies.

For a mere moment I saw rays of the sun
Shining through this insulating landscape.
How can this make my flesh closer to the grave
Without any link or channel?

This is where everyone becomes an accomplice.
Traces of what used to be are placed as symbols;
As a reminder of the clock that is ticking
For its absolute consequence.

Something similar to so-called sparklers crack the sky.
Sand carried by the wind - twisting the stupendous;
As a constant conflict with shapes.
But despite the void,
There is a catalyst pulsating on the inside;
Fueled by hope to make the spark turn into the perfect flame.

Prominent fortune casts shadow over my intelligibility, where death was not.
This is where the greatest emotions blend into each other.
Where bonds divide, where the umbra guides.
Where pieces are torn apart, and with an entirety with a total lack of sense.

At the faintest whim, dusk revolved in silent activity.
An unseen passion of enormous labors -
A self-contemplating source of life.
The idea of virtue, an insatiable hunger.
As if my devotion struck me blind to the blaze ahead.

Such limits are crossed with monstrous naivety,
An aspiration in unquenchable lusts.
When standing on the brink between necessity and nonsense,
Nothing but one's perception can base an assessment on experience.

Benevolence is the key to the risk of favor
In the presence of shame and repentance.
With an abominable twinkle of a prospect poisoned with doubt.
Yet, repellency is the first step towards the downfall.
Into the fathomless. In an infatuation of a valued drift.
When hollow words become devouring mouths of imagination.

Howlings rolled wide apart, ample pangs through fierce madness.
Ranged in gloom array stretched out across.
Devoid of anticipation and memories fused with affection.
Mortal lacuna - a neglect to those who care?
As of swelling seas, leaving the ruinous resistance of the anchors:
The dread world, and the rolling of wheels.
Still the clock is ticking,
For its absolute consequence.

In anguish, dividing and dividing.
For pity divides the conscience.

Generated in this hungry beam, before tranquility prevails.
As a lengthening to an inextinguishable burning.
A fire of something inevitable;
It was sown in me like a seed.
Without any response nor absence, just defiance.

A glance that offered inconceivable clarity.
Yet another deed weary of all the instigation.
A way to acquit all the guilt and laughter
Through piercing liberty.

Overwhelmed by the chore of the dire sun;
An overture beyond the cries of woe.
Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis.
[The times are changing, and we change in them]
And no light was reflected, for the deep fled away;
On all sides, and left an unformed vacuity.

Pale is the heart of further purpose,
And the grant of hope corresponds to a sustained fatigue.
But of this, how could anyone have an inkling in advance?
As if apprehension unfolded beyond, but eternity had sprung.

As the void inhales a lifetime.
Undivided! For every cause has a consequence.
An interchange of joys; a process that tears everything apart.
On the contrary, new combinations contribute to new beginnings.
Surely, these happenings made me blind to the blaze,
The dread world, and the rolling of wheels.

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