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EP: "Ex Umbra In Solem" (2019)

1. Ex Umbra in Solem

1. Ex Umbra in Solem

Inevitably besieged beyond the known ranks of worship; beyond every hope and perdition.
Beyond the stream of endless movement - in a distorted circle of all flexible senses.
As if this paradox was molded from within. Hovering was I, yet chained to what seemed to be its core:
Chained to a link of something beyond life.

All without motion, I kept staring at what was gleaming in this rayless chasm.
A core shining brighter than what the eye can outstare.
Yet, like a moth, I sought its brightness.
Insensible was I, so I dared to dispute the abominable silence with stuttering words.
As I articulated, the glaring responded in fierce pangs of agony.
And in my naivety, I took one step further:
As the raging mouth of the nucleus opened before me.

Sundering, darkening, thundering! Inwards, into a world within.
Into the vessel of the consumed fire. Here; the wild and deep muster unfolds.
In its complete solitude I heard voices of terror rumbling from the yonder;
And the words cut like scissors:
Cutting, piercing, thrusting! Mercilessly encircled:
In the swelling heat, I wallowed in an ephemeral solace.

Repentance is a consolation to the conscience, for I have sought a joy without pain.

And thus my will of immortality expanded, as the interval betwixt every inkling of aspiration diminished.
The dark changed, and bound every change with an adamant resolve.
Like an abysmal veil shrouding the glance ahead.
Irrevocably howling in horror, and in dismay:
A tragic conviction that confronted the misery in me.
An exclusionary gesture of refusing to see:
The burning globe, and its struggle to achieve significance.

A sensation of what has been defiled, like an eruption betwixt the willingly and the vocations, transpired within these stipulated and temporal limits.
Despite the experience of freedom, it is carried out in unalterable and binding absolutes.

Feelings are not necessarily the scheme to veracity:
The meaning has eluded, and self-proclaimed miracles have disavowed.
Still unaware of what was forthcoming.
The longing for the idea of deliverance heightened.
As I kept floating within the within...

Not yet been lost, the conflagration of formation.
Frictional heat caused by the materials sinking into the ocean of flames.
Power supplied by the decay of the elements:
A generator feeding off of the turmoil in the deep earth.
Hovering in awe on what seemed to have the same function as a shore.
Within the molten core.

No self-assessment could establish a solace in the vehemence.
No reassurance can reassure the significance of further purpose.

Yet again the voices rumbled across this expanse.
The exhale of the words initiated a wind of transcendence, and in reverence the veil was unveiled.
All my nerves of what used to be joy were granted through desire or indiscretion:
How can delight renew here, where bones of beasts are strewn?

Avidity was reached through the gain and growth.
Yet, depravity befell when the loss transpired.
Strong I repelled the devouring and fiery waves approaching me.
Strong I repelled.

With embers in my eyes I tremble in wildfire.
An inclusionary gesture of aspiring to see:
The ashen globe, and its absence of significance.

A core inevitably besieged.
Betwixt eternities, as a cloud of transgression.
As a self-closed, all-repelling mist of everything that was, and ever will be.
As an encompassing link betwixt necessity, and auxiliary.

No inconsequential adjustment will mend the plight of the yonder.
No mild compromise will abolish what comes onwards.

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