Dark Lyrics


1. Write Your Epitaph

Sirens and flashes, sky painted red.
The titans clash and the bodies shred.
Ruthless and rude. No one have pride.
Borders, no one care. Missiles goin' high.

Broken bodies and wrecked lives.
Hit them in their sleep.
No chance for the fight,
Write your epitaph.

Gunpowder in air, feel in every breath.
Anyone have fair in the noise of death.
Behind the stories. Best lies ever told.
We are just pawns, born and die for crowns.

Fear of death and curious, about who wait us in next.
Nothing precious than now.
Never know, have you got second chance?

Where is your god now?
Creator of earth and sky.
Why do nothing when world fall with hunger and crimes?

How can forgive the deadly sins with only prays.
Bloody ethnic genocides, built the great wall for cry.

World is ruined darkness is rising when newborns die.
Who can believe now the god of justice, tell me the story.

A prophet shouting his name we the people get on our knees,
First rule never examine. Fist of ignorance in our minds.

How can forgive the deadly sins with only prays.

2. Chains Ain't Strong

Time is falling down the end is near.
Destroy the anxiety, no more fear.
All of in your, your little mind.
They're never hide, all of the same kind.

Distorted figures infected us.
Demented humanity hooked minds.
We the people just watching but,
No one save, when they execute us.

Nothing changed, until today, from past.
Holocausts and violence for democracy.
On the TVs and in the councils.
But soldiers are always merciless.

The darkest days coming faster.
Humans will dethrone the masters.
Homicidal laws and deviant rules,
Lady justice born again after disaster.

Main request for anarchy of souls.
Death is everywhere, take em' all.

They will retreat and search an escape.
Doomsday is soon, give em' hell.

Worshiping freedom,explode the panzers.
Redundant rulers, threaten em' all.

When the sun rising, see the demolition.
Chains ain't strong, break em' all.

Never come the final round.
Mothers'll just cry with proud of sons.
Searching for next,
Victim for blame and rest.

Spilled blood from the veins.
Cut with blade of USA.
Someone shot when someone pray.
Someone die and someone play.

3. Lies For Independence

Now the biggest gun is faith.
For take your last breath.
Merciless and stop for anyone.
Victims, just wait for death.

Prayers never believe justice.
The biggest lie is trust.
Their god and their Sheppard.
Lives devote for the lust.

A nation sank in lies.
Nobody cares mothers cries.
Nothing seems crystal clear,
But we will, we will rise.

Lies for independence

Thickest borders in the mind.
Divided people for the fate.
Always search but never find.
Live with the holy threat.

Sins darker than the night.
Just obey like a blind.
No acception never try.
They just care your kind.

Lies for independence

4. Eyes Of Crown

Wait for “never come” till die,
At the beginning of forsaken road.
See the million of filthy shade.
Scoffing, smiling in the shadows.

You know this but never see.
When in the bed hear the cry.
Like a child but wait to die.
Never and never stop.

Do if you dare, in the sky, chosen one.
See, on the throne, eyes of crown, never sleep.

Bullets warm, flame of passion to burn.
Corpses sleep in the field with the black wind.
Back of trench, always pray but never work.
You here only for god.

Close eyes fall into gap and fly.
No one care you dead or alive.
Want peace but think only win.
And you die for someones sin.

5. Wake In The Blackened

Unspoken truths in hooked mouths.
Press is sold. Watch the lies.
Never examine your ruler.
It’s a crime when killing not.

Dirty minds interfere us.
They only care our price.
Obey the law and the god.
There’s no justice, verdict a lot.

In the cold jails, the iron fists.
No one knows and no one cares.
Little men rewrite the laws.
Again and again, we're pawns.

Benefits more important than lives.
You'll have nothing when time is comes.
They think we're puppets they have the string.
Complete orders feel the sting.

Strike with all force, have no mercy.
Glorious day for us you'll fall with envy.
Flame of riot, burn all of them.
Oppressive system, break the chains.

Use the bullets for own nation.
Kill your people with the passion.
Here’s the endgame, the final war.
You'll die with your crows.

Puppets of the U. S. of A.
No one care your fuckin' pray.
Say the last words in judgement day.
And you will pay.

6. The Warfare

Another blackened night.
I hope to walk in dreams.
But ain't scared.
Be desperate.

Blades are turning,
In my tombs deep.
Can't forget the torment,
On my soul and my brain.

Keep clashing till you die.
Till your power is fall.
Kick the chair and shut your eyes.
See a dream for real time.

I'm still awake and,
Want more and more.
Poison spreading,
In my tired vein.

Can't see and feel.
My death is near.(I know)
He pounded the hook fastly,
But never can get me.

One day i will go to,
Walls of heaven.
Turn back and run when,
Darkness still in my heart.

I can hear the drums.
The hellhounders of god.
War is never stop,
In my relentless soul.

7. Load Another Bullet

The betrayal of craven,
Who try to stab my back.
Liar, smug, without any pride.
Born to die, just a wreck.

Always you oppose to me,
With your great disdain.
Pretender, your end is near.
We won't need you anymore.

Lost in many lives.
They're alive with lies.
I'll kill all of them.
Just load another bullet.

Bullets disintegrate flesh.
Lies disintegrate trust.
Forgotten even beyond death,
Every breathe feel my wrath.

Unrealized reckoning day,
I will take my revenge.
No doubt and no fear,
You will beg for death.

I will take what belongs to me.
Eye for eye.
Pay of the disrupted brotherhood.
Tooth for tooth.
Meaningless years passed, now.
Blood for blood.
No excuse or no acception.
Dead or dead.

8. Homeland Of Democracy

Built the walls and destroy the towers.
Walk in darkness. Strike merciless.
Red blue and white. Humanity turned dust.
Infected lungs. Diseased minds.

Smart weapons and nuclear menace
No one want learn. “Who is better?”
Burned bodies stuck in demolition.
No one’ll die for liars vengeance.

Soldiers here for the glory and freedom,
Learnt only terminate and destruction.
Born in the home land of the best,
Democracy money can buy.

Slay for petrol. Conquer all.
And exchange with freedom and tear.
Peace is everywhere. Crystal clear,
Beneath bullets, corpses, fire and fear.

Thousands of martyr they never die.
Sleep with pain when missiles high.
Melt all the metal for demolition
Of twenty first century.

Tolga Sert — Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Mert Demir — Drums
Oğuzhan Özkan — Guitars (lead)
Buğra Oğuzhan — Bass

Thanks to edgeflame for sending these lyrics.

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